From ET to End Time

The title might have been From ET to Enlightened Time if we had not allowed ourselves to be ruled by psychopaths.

Truth-seekers already know that alien spacecraft have visited Earth, that many Crop Formations (“Crop Circles”) were not natural phenomena or made by hoaxers, and that the evil cabal used advanced secret technology to murder about three thousand people on 9/11 — a tragedy that Israeli observers celebrated but which fooled naive ‘goyim’ into killing hundreds of thousands of people who were not our enemies and displacing many millions more in service of the psychopaths.

However, many people do not yet realize that (1) the advanced technology was developed with the benefit of knowledge gained from extraterrestrial beings, (2) this technology was evident in man-made Crop Formations and UFOs, (3) the devastating use of this technology on 9/11 is likely to be followed by much more destructive use of it in World War III, (4) this technology could have been used for constructive rather than destructive purposes, and (5) the destruction is a cumulative effect of all our personal choices, made according to our levels of consciousness (awareness), which were generally low, i.e. we were ignorant.

These five points are discussed below with the help of invaluable research published by engineer and educator Andrew Johnson of CheckTheEvidence1 and other important investigators.

1. Technology from extraterrestrials

It seems that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for a very long time. For example, the Starchild skull is a 900-year-old bone skull found in Mexico in the 1930s. Scientific analysis of the skull proves beyond any reasonable doubt that it is not human.2 The late Lloyd Pye discusses the Starchild skull in a video.3

Roswell alien spacecraft crashes

In Roswell (New Mexico) two alien spacecraft crashed in 1947. They seem to have been either shot down or brought down using high-powered RADAR to interfere with their guidance or propulsion systems. Many witnesses spoke of this incident and it was reported in the local newspaper. Alien bodies (living and dead) and debris were flown to Wright Field, Ohio. One of the aliens survived until 1954. After his experience of the aliens, their technology and his experiments, Wilbert Smith (B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering) wrote about what he had learned, including free-energy technology and anti-gravity technology.2

Subsequent technological advances

After the scientific foundations for Electro-gravitics were laid by researchers such as Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), advances in this field were via the work of scientists including Thomas Townsend Brown (1905-1985), who was involved in building an anti-gravity craft.2,4,5,6 Many people have said that the US now has advanced craft based on technology learned from extraterrestrials. For example, there is the information from Edgar Fouché (1948- 2017) who worked between 1987 and 1995 as an Engineering Programme Manager and Site Manager for US DoD contractors involved in classified development. According to Fouché:5,6,7

  1. Advanced aircraft now possessed by the US includes a triangular craft called TR-3B.
  2. TR-3B is propelled by means of Magnetic Field Disruption (MFD).
  3. The MFD was reverse engineered from the craft of extraterrestrials.
  4. TR-3B is 600 feet across.
  5. It can hover silently and travel at up to Mach 9 in any direction (due to reduced G-forces).
  6. At least three TR-3Bs were flying by 1994.

2. Technology in Crop Formations and UFOs

Crop Formations

“Crop Formation” is a more accurate term than “Crop Circle” as many of the formations are not circles. These formations became increasingly complex as the personal computer developed in the 1990s and 2000s. In contrast to the era of Crop Formations made using planks and rope, there is now evidence of their production using GPS technology and directed energy such as that of lasers, microwaves or high-frequency beams of gravitational radiation.2

Notable features of some formations include residual energy effects, changes in materials due to extremely localized heating, and some people levitating (physically lifting off the ground) after entering Crop Formations.2

The most significant Crop Formations were observed near major research facilities of the British defence establishment. Further, light phenomena/balls of light were often reported near and in crop formations (link to videos in references8) and military helicopters were regularly seen over formations (link to videos in references9).2

Drawing patterns on wheat fields would be ideal for testing and calibrating a beam weapon within the diameter of one stalk over an area spanning hundreds of feet. It is also notable that Crop Formation numbers rapidly increased in the 1990s but decreased in the 2000s after the World Trade Centre destruction and mass murder on 9/11.2


In addition to the above-mentioned light phenomena/balls of light, there have been numerous sightings of other (man-made?) UFOs, e.g. the mass sightings of the “Phoenix Lights” in Phoenix Arizona (1997) and the “Stephenville Lights” in Stephenville Texas (2008). A documentary on this subject is Out of the Blue (link to video in references10). A documentary featuring the UFO video recordings of Anthony Woods (Portsmouth, UK) is The Journey (link to video in references11).

Among the UFO reports are thousands of flying triangle (like the TR-3B) sightings.5,6

9/11 confirmed that the secret propulsion and energy technologies evident in Crop Formations and UFOs have been weaponized.2

Minutes after the 9/11 mass murder

3. Technology for mass murder

On Tuesday 11 September 2001 our self-declared enemy murdered about 3,000 people with secret technology. The “Al-Qaida did it” lie was soon exposed. Then the disinformation about bombs / thermite being placed in the WTC was dismissed and the “real Boeing planes hit the WTC towers” claim shown to be impossible.4 In September 2021 (two months ago) engineer Richard Hall (RichPlanet TV) published a helpful video12 to explain what is and is not known about the illusion of passenger jets impacting the WTC.

Dr. Judy Wood investigated the mass murder and proved beyond any reasonable doubt that “The WTC Towers did not burn up, nor did they slam/fall to the ground. They turned mostly to dust in mid-air.”13 Dr. Wood is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials. She is a member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM), co-founded SEM’s Biological Systems and Materials Division, and served on the SEM Composite Materials Technical Division.13 Dr. Wood published important information about 9/11 in her book Where Did the Towers Go?13 and also on her website.14

Key evidence

Dr. Wood13,14 and Andrew Johnson2,4,7 report the following on the 9/11 mass slaughter:

  1. Dustification of the towers.
  2. High heat adjacent to evidence of little or no heat.
  3. Levitation effects on various objects, including human First Responders.
  4. Changes in Earth’s magnetic field associated with 9/11.
  5. Specifically, magnetometers showed significant deviations from “background” or “normal” readings during 9/11.
  6. Behaviour of Hurricane Erin in the Atlantic ocean was associated with 9/11.

Implications of this evidence

  1. The psychopaths murdered using technology developed after contact with extraterrestrial beings and their spacecraft.2
  2. In particular, the dustification is consistent with what Wilbert Smith (referred to above) learned from the extraterrestrials about “binding forces,” the alteration of which can cause affected materials to fall apart.2
  3. The towers were destroyed using a Directed Energy Weapon.4
  4. Secret weaponized “free” energy and weather control technology exists.4
  5. Other advanced weather and large-scale environmental control technology may be in regular use.4
  6. The Directed Energy Weapon cannot be detected by the usual land-based systems.4

The Dancing Israelis

According to published reports:15

  1. A Mossad surveillance team of five Israeli jews had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the murder of about 3,000 people on Tuesday 11 September 2001.
  2. Witnesses saw them jumping for joy after the initial impact.
  3. Later on, other witnesses saw them celebrating with high fives.
  4. They made fun of the World Trade Center ruins and photographed themselves in front of this mass murder crime scene.
  5. This public spectacle led to angry New Jersey residents reporting these men to the Jersey City police and their detention by FBI agents at midday on 11 Sept.
  6. These jews were the subject of widespread news coverage but now who remembers that incident and appreciates its significance?

End Time

Here are a few objective facts to consider. The servants of ‘Satan’ (a) have repeatedly shown their lust for mass murder, with recent examples including 9/11, the slaughter of many more innocent people in the name of that murder, and the greatest genocide in history now underway; (b) possess the Directed Energy Weapon technology to devastate nations on a scale never seen before in global warfare; and (c) are stirring conflict between nations via the media and political puppets that they control, i.e. they are manipulating the ‘goyim’ toward another world war.

Would you bet against these psychopaths (i) following through yet again on their biblical commitment to mass murder (referred to in the Do or Die Test below)? (ii) using the most devastating weaponry (directed energy) at their disposal in WW3? and (iii) triggering WW3 at the peak of Solar Cycle 25 (the relevance of solar cycle peaks is discussed in the post Solar storm effects on humans)?

WW3: Imagine 9/11 on a much wider scale . . .

World War Three season, year and technology

WW3 in summer 2024 (at the peak of Solar Cycle 25) is suggested by careful analysis of Siener van Rensburg (1864-1926) and Alois Irlmaier (1894-1959) prophecy (links in the post Prophecy for our times) by prophecy students. From a different perspective, a man named Ajak92 (highly knowledgeable about history, politics, Judeo-Masonic elites, Kabbalism, gematria) reached a similar conclusion. He stated on this site that according to his analysis the evil-doers are likely to trigger WW3 by 2024.

Concerning WW3 technology, details of this war described by both Siener van Rensburg and Alois Irlmaier suggest the use of Directed Energy Weapons.

4. The cost of our energy

Biological harm of fossil fuels

Surface coal mines emit chemical toxins,16 heavy metals from coal mining cause cancer and organ damage,17 exposure to coal dust and particulates is linked to respiratory diseases and lung cancer,18 and workers in mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction are nearly four times more likely to suffer fatal and severe injuries than the average worker.19 Further, burning fossil fuels releases harmful pollutants, including particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and other hazardous air pollutants. The resulting health damage includes reduced lung function, asthma, cardiovascular disease, preterm birth, and premature death.20

The biological harm of fossil fuels includes harm to fish caused by ocean acidification (ongoing decrease in the pH of Earth’s oceans, caused by the uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide ,CO2, from the atmosphere), the associated deoxygenation of waters,21,22 and the endless damage to ecosystems caused by oil and gas drilling.23

Biological harm of “green” technologies

As was discussed in the post Climate change: Fake science serves evil agenda, the cost of the climate change fraud and “green” technologies to nature is enormous. The production of batteries and solar panels is extremely damaging to the environment, the giant spinning blades of wind turbines kill huge numbers of birds and bats, and “green” technologies are not even a realistic alternative to fossil fuels. This industry is one of gangster economics at the expense of nature and the free-energy technology already perfected.5

Technology to profoundly improve our world

Imagine a world not dominated by the psychopathic pestilence, where the free-energy and anti-gravity technologies are used to promote life. No environmental pollution, clean manufacturing and transportation, friendly relationships with our humanoid relatives from elsewhere in the universe (not shooting them down when they visit), trips to visit our relatives elsewhere in this galaxy and beyond. In other words, being pro-social residents of our shared universal home.

There is much knowledge already available to us and the potential to learn much more, e.g. how to communicate instantaneously by something like gravity waves and the development of telepathic communication (referred to in a 1968 Douglas private document5). Naturally this would be preferable to the endocrine disrupting and biologically harmful wireless technology referred to in the previous post.

Would the anti-social pestilence freely choose to share this advanced technology with us for for the benefit of all life? Of course not. As was indicated in the previous post, they are power-seeking, controlling and destructive, including the above-mentioned murderous behaviour. Our freedom will have to be seized. For an example of the almost supernatural power available to an inspired human, consider the achievements of Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951), a diminutive man who levitated stone blocks weighing up to 30 tons after learning how ancient builders in Egypt, Peru, Yucatan, and Asia altered magnetic fields in order to move stone blocks weighing many tons.5,24

5. When we point a finger . . .

Effective coping requires problem awareness, i.e. accurate finger-pointing. When we point a finger at others we have three fingers pointing back at us and a thumb toward our Creator in whom we are all One. Concerning external problems, intellectually curious people can easily learn who the main agents of evil are in modern times. Respected academics on sites such as Occidental Observer spell it out for us — the jewish ‘elite’ (not the regular jews whom we know as friends and colleagues). These are jews at the top of the pyramid depicted in the previous post. Their evil has been well documented for many generations. These psychopathic predators / parasites exercise their power and control via many structures including central banks, World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Health Organization, selected scientific ‘authorities’, and this involves the use of Freemasons and Opus Dei to help operate societal levers (government, education, media, banking / finance, judiciary, law enforcement, military, religion, etc) according to their anti-social agenda. For more information on this subject, follow links in the previous post, Are your parasites amusing?

However, we tolerated, encouraged (including the jew worship and “pray for Israel” of the Jesus cult) and enabled (via tax payments, spending on the evil-doers’ goods and services, consuming the evil-doers’ mainstream media mind poison, support for destructive government policies) this evil. Apart from destroying God’s non-human creations to the point of ecological catastrophe, since 9/11 alone we helped to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings (including many children) in wars for ‘Satan’. How stupid and shameful is all of that?

Blaming others for our problems while ignoring personal responsibility indicates emotional immaturity. Although our survival depends on accurately identifying external threats, psychologically mature people also take responsibility for their own behaviour — they follow those three fingers pointing back at them. Such individuals recognize their ignorance (synonymous with evil) and try to learn from their mistakes. Alternatively, we can continue behaving like potato people.

My experience of online political discussions can be summed up thus: Most of us (including me) have functioned at the awareness level of potatoes. Specifically, these discussions tend to show a lack of awareness in one or more areas of the stress and coping process: (a) the problem (stressors, threats), (b) coping resources (e.g. nature, spirituality, knowledge / skill), (c) symptoms (from individual to societal), and (d) effective coping, especially recognizing what we can change and changing it. If we were potato gardeners our discussion of potato disease might go like this:

  • Potato 1: The problem is blight, black leg and powdery scab. Also the beetle, moth and aphid. And don’t forget the worm. (Most of the discussion is stuck here.)
  • Potato 2: Poison sprays would kill them all, although that would eventually kill us. We could also pray for someone (a holy potato, a hero potato, a Hitler potato) to save us from the pests.
  • Potato 3: Yes, we need a saviour to encourage gardeners’ friends (e.g. hover flies, lacewings, ladybirds, spiders, various small birds) to eat the pests, someone to work with nature instead of against it, and who would promote a healthy ecosystem in which pests are kept under control.
  • Potato 4: Have you thought about organic gardening?
  • Potatoes outraged at the suggestion of personal responsibility: Moderator! We’ve been infiltrated by a worm.

Closing thoughts

Although we may not always realize it, the Force (consciousness, quantum vacuum, God, etc) is always with us. We ARE an expression of the Force. It’s impossible for the Force to not be with us. Further, whatever suffering may be required of us during our remaining time in this realm, it will soon pass. The best is yet to come. We can know this from our heavenly dreams. These dreams manifest from our spiritual Home (a deeper realm of consciousness from where everything in the universe appears). Whatever we might call that level of life, people who are resuscitated from there with memories of continued consciousness lose their fear of death. They report a sense of having returned home and yearn for that infinitely preferable life (see the Psychospiritual posts for research links).

As we know, knowledge / light / truth (closely associated with beauty, love) is the opposite of darkness (ignorance, fear, evil) and the development of consciousness involves stress / suffering (discussed in the post Meaning of Suffering). In other words, there is great potential for psychospiritual development during these traumatic times. Who in their right mind would not want to move closer to the Light? Naturally there’s a price to pay. However, if we speak again in the next realm, we’ll surely agree about the benefits.

Thank you

Thank you for spending time here. I hope you found the experience helpful.

As we know, pictures say a thousand words but music shows a thousand pictures. Possibly appropriate music links at this time in the long-anticipated catastrophic resolution of yin yang forces before the end of the Solar Cycle 25 peak are those in the post Grief. Three examples:

Wishing you and your loved ones a meaningful celebration of the 21 December solstice, a joyful Yule season and just outcomes of increasing dangers until after the WW3 aftermath.

See you in the New Year unless servants of ‘Satan’ delete you / me or this site before then.


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Do or Die Test

1. God

  • Is God real?
  • How do you know?
  • What are other names for God?

Answers: This post.

2. Heaven

  • Is Heaven real?
  • How do you know?
  • What are other names for Heaven?

Answers: This post.

3. Religion

  • Can religion accurately reflect the realities of God and Heaven?
  • Is religion (particularly Abrahamic religions) primarily about spiritual realities or is it about power and control?
  • What is the difference between natural religion (based on Nature and its laws) and “prophetic” or “revealed” religion (founded much later by individual “teachers”) such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

Answers: This post.

4. The Bible

  • Which religious group authored the Bible (Old and New Testaments)?
  • In which book of the Old Testament did this group state “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee [this religious group] shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted”?
  • Is there any historical evidence whatsoever to back up this religious group’s claims of superiority, chosenness and entitlement?

Answers: This post and this post.

5. Crucifixions and “Jesus”

  • Is there reliable historical evidence showing that (a) deities have suffered, been crucified as saviours and redeemers, and been resurrected since the ancient Egyptian era and (b) the tragedy of the crucifixion was acted in Athens 500 years before the Christian era?
  • Does historical evidence indicate that Esus (a powerful Celtic deity) became Jesus for the purposes of Christianity? Note: Both Esus and Jesus were carpenters, both were involved in human sacrifice on wood (Jesus was allegedly sacrificed on a wooden cross) and both were involved in stabbing (Jesus was supposedly stabbed while on the cross).
  • Is there any historical evidence whatsoever to show that the biblical Jesus existed as a real person?

Answers: This post and this post.

6. Followthrough on biblical commitment to mass murder

  • Which religious group committed the worst mass murder of the 20th century (over 60 million Russians murdered from 1917 to 1935)?
  • Which religious group declared war on Germany in 1933 (long before the Hitler government began restricting the rights of German Jews)?
  • Which religious group is currently perpetrating the worst mass murder of the 21st century?

Answers: This post and this post.

7. Psychopaths

  • Name some features of psychopathic behaviour.
  • Describe some of the similarities between psychopathic behaviour and the conduct of the religious group in question.
  • How do we deal effectively with dangerous psychopaths?

Answers: This post.

8. Standing for Truth

a) Which famous leader stated the following about this religious group?

  • Their endeavour is to secure mastery of the world.
  • We are openly controlled by them and intentionally driven to ruin.
  • The fate of a nation cannot be changed in kid gloves.

b) Who spoke this truth?

  • “Where Palestine goes, the rest of the world goes. If Palestine is not free, we are not going to be free. We free Palestine, this world will be free and there will be justice.”

c) Who did NOT stand for truth?

Note: All of us who paid tax (including consumption tax), served in the military and in other ways promoted the evil of this religious group are guilty of involvement in their crimes against humanity. We passively and actively colluded in their genocides. Inevitably they are now using our money and other resources to kill us in numbers that could greatly exceed their worst mass murder of the previous century.

Answers: This post and this post.

9. Are you standing for Truth now?

If so, explain with reference to concrete action that you are taking to stop the genocide.

Answer: This is between us and our Creator, including the life review and what happens thereafter according to our conduct in this realm.

Test scoring

There is no human scoring. Nature / God is scoring our fitness for life across all levels — individual, nation, race, species.

Resisting tyranny requires Courage to Not Conform.

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