From ET to Enlightened Time

The image shows symbols of (a) enlightenment (Swastika), (b) creation (the zinc fireworks of human egg fertilization1,2 ) and (c) results of (a) + (b).

Outline of this post

  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of geometric shapes, numbers and colours. This section includes a test, Do you know your Mars from your elbow?
  3. What can ETs offer us?
  4. Summary and Conclusion
  5. References

1. Introduction

The aim of this post is to highlight evidence of extraterrestrial beings’ (ETs) enlightenment and the almost unimaginable benefits of a positive human – ET relationship. Although ETs do not seem to have made structures on Mars that look exactly like a Swastika, the shapes of some ET structures are similar in certain respects to the Solar Wheel / Swastika and their symbolism is similar to that of these human-made shapes. This subject is discussed below with the help of many pictures.

From Solar Wheel to dynamic Solar Wheel, i.e. Swastika.

The Swastika is a geometric symbol found in nearly all ancient societies, including those of Britain, Ireland, Mycenae and Gascony; among the Etruscans, the Hindus, the Celts and the Germanic peoples; in central Asia and in pre-Columbian America. The Swastika is a form of Solar Wheel. Like the Solar Wheel, it is (a) a type of cross, (b) a symbol of the supreme deity and (c) a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. In addition, the Swastika denotes rotation about an axis and swift movement, i.e. dynamism.3

2. Meaning of geometric shapes, numbers and colours

2.1 Meaning of Geometric Shapes

L to R. Top: a. circle/sphere, b. triangle/pyramid, c. square/cube, d. rectangle/cuboid. Bot: a. circle/torus, b. circle/triangle/cone, c. circle/rectangle/cylinder, d. sculpture (Pharaoh).

Since antiquity humans have used geometric diagrams to visually express universal truths. These symbols can be used to induce certain mental states and encourage the spirit to move forward along its path of evolution.3 Noted below are the meanings of basic shapes according to A Dictionary of Symbols,3 one of the best-known references of its kind. The Dictionary compiles information on hundreds of symbols and their meanings from a wide variety of sources. In brackets after the shape names below are the numerical values of the shapes.

Circle (1). Heaven, oneness, wholeness, cosmos, the All, eternal order, eternity, continuity, cyclic processes, stability, the sun. The wheel is a common symbol of this Centre and the cycle of transformations. The number one (the Creator, Centre, unity) never corresponds to the manifest world or spatial reality. As is explained below in Meaning of Numbers, the circle can also be associated with the number twelve.3

Triangle (3). Fire (agent of destruction and regeneration), communication between the material world and heaven. The number three denotes spirit and spiritual synthesis, e.g. in the cosmic tree of Odinism the nine worlds are on three basic levels of consciousness.3

Square (4). The earth, material world, longing for power and domination, things quaternary, e.g. the four elements, seasons, stages of Man’s life, points of the compass. The square, or where necessary the rectangle, is the shape most frequently used by man, e.g. for a house, room, table, bed. It corresponds to the cross formed by the four cardinal points (north, south, east, west).3

Cross (4). The cosmic tree (called Yggdrasil in Odinism), spiritual ascension, conjunction of opposites (positive – negative, superior – inferior, life – death). There are many different forms of cross, including those in a Y-shape or T-shape. A cross formed by the four cardinal points has the same quaternary meanings as a square.3

Shape combinations in a diagram

  • The superior (or principal) elements are always those nearest the centre of a geometric diagram.
  • A round empty space in the centre of a diagram represents unity, the realm that is beyond space and time.
  • A circle around a square denotes unity of the contradictions and irregularities (angles and sides) of the material world.
  • A triangle (with apex uppermost) between a square and a circle symbolizes the relationship (represented by the triangle) between earth and heaven.
  • Although the geometric symbol of the earth is a square (or cube) and the symbol of heaven is a circle (or sphere), sometimes an outer circle is used to denote the earth (outer world) while an inner circle represents heaven (inner world).
  • Further to the above, it follows that as One refers to the Creator, outer circles would refer to the multiplicity of material phenomena.3

Shapes with bulk

The meanings of two- and three-dimensional shapes overlap, e.g. the sphere (circle) is associated with heaven, the pyramid (triangles) with communication between the material world and heaven, and the cube (square) with earth. Beyond these shared meanings, three-dimensional shapes combine the meanings of their constituent shapes.3

Hemisphere and Mound

In Egyptian hieroglyphics the symbol for a hemisphere (a semicircle with the diameter as the base) refers to the sun’s orbit. It symbolizes the Origin counterbalanced by the End or birth counterbalanced by death. Similarly, in its combination of a semicircle with a circular base (cyclic processes, transformation), in Egyptian hieroglyphics the symbol for a mound of earth (a rectangle with two sides incomplete) represents the intermediate stages of matter.3


The pyramid is a profound architectural symbol that indicates totality (tending toward Oneness).3

It is a synthesis of different forms, each with its own significance. It combines the shape of its base (usually square, i.e. representing the earth) with triangles (representing communication between the material world and heaven). In a quadrangular pyramid, each face of the pyramid corresponds to one of the cardinal points and the summit (apex) represents the centre. The apex is the starting-point and finishing-point of all things —the mystic Centre.3

Cone, cylinder and other geometric shapes with bulk

As with the above-mentioned three-dimensional shapes, these shapes derive their meaning from the shapes of which they are made. For example, the cone signifies psychic Oneness by combining the meanings of the circle and triangle, and the cylinder (tower, pipe / tubular structures) indicates unity of the material and spiritual worlds by combining the meanings of the circle and square / rectangle.3


Chronology of sculpture on Earth:4

  • 230,000 BC. Primitive stone effigies.
  • 35,000 BC. Sculpture proper — carvings of animals, birds, and therianthropic figures.
  • 10,000 BC. Free-standing sculpture.
  • 4,000 BC. Free-standing sculpture and bronze statuettes.
  • 3,000 BC. Spectacular sculpture associated with Egyptian pyramid architecture (3,000 BC onward), e.g. divine statues, colossal figures guarding the pylons, and long avenues of sphinxes. The art and architecture of Ancient Egypt reflected Egyptians’ belief that life in this world is followed by eternal afterlife.

2.2 Meaning of Numbers

It is suggested that after the numbers three (triangle) and four (square), the next most important numbers are seven (their sum) and twelve (their multiplication).3

Matching formations on Mars (L) and Earth (R). Image credit: S. Onstott.5


Seven is shown graphically by joining the triangle and the square. The triangle is either superimposed upon or inscribed within the square. The significance of this number is shown by examples such as the seven colours of a rainbow, days of the week, notes of the diatonic musical scale, seas, planets, directions of space, deadly sins.

Further to the above image, the number seven also occurs in the beautiful correspondence between structures made by human/oids on Mars (Cydonia) and Earth (Avebury, England). These structures have the same shapes (circles, mounds, triangles), the same spatial relationships, and the same angles (19.47 degrees). This coincidence cannot have occurred by chance. It indicates that human/oids on Mars and Earth were involved with one another. Further, the ratio of the Cydonia : Avebury formation sizes is 7:1. Engineer and educator Andrew Johnson6 of CheckTheEvidence7 discusses this subject in detail.

Tholus (L) and Silbury Hill. Tholus image credit: A. Johnson6

The large mound that is part of the formation in Cydonia is called the Tholus. It is similar to Silbury Hill, which is part of the corresponding formation in England. On top of the Tholus are the outlines of a triangle joined to a square, similar to the diagram on top of Silbury Hill.

Note: (a) The triangle bases of the Tholus and Silbury Hill are implied; (b) There are other images of Silbury Hill online that show aspects of the square and triangle more clearly than this photo does; and (c) Silbury Hill is a prehistoric human/oid-made mound that was completed 4,300 years ago, its shape has deteriorated, we need to look carefully to see the triangle + square diagram.

The meaning of the Tholus and Silbury Hill diagrams is equivalent to that of the quadrangular pyramid as the pyramid also combines the square (base) and triangle (triangular sides). Specifically, the diagrams on the Tholus and Silbury Hill represent (a) the number 7 in their combinations of the triangle (no. 3, spirit) and square (no. 4, material world), (b) communication between the material world and heaven (this meaning is reinforced by the contact between the triangle apex and the circular mound), (c) Oneness (the diagrams occur within circular mounds), and (d) Universal Oneness in view of the correspondence between the Cydonia and Avebury formations. Universal Oneness would be further emphasized by the likely correspondence between these formations and similar formations built by the ETs on other planets in our universe.

Signs of the Zodiac


As the symbolism of a dodecagon (a polygon with 12 sides and 12 angles) is practically identical to that of a circle, the number twelve is associated with the circle (cosmic order). Therefore systems or patterns based upon the circle or the cycle tend to have twelve as the end-limit, e.g. the twelve signs of the zodiac, hours on the clock-face, months of the year, major gods of many mythologies (including Odinism, in which there are twelve principal gods). Such examples evidence an order founded upon patterns of twelve.3

On Mars we see examples of the circle (associated with the number twelve) and square (4) x triangle (3) combinations in ET structures. This is consistent with ETs’ science, which is based on twelve dimensions of reality (this is discussed below in relation to Wilbert Smith). And of course their spacecraft are circular.

Do you know your Mars from your elbow?

A test to help consolidate our knowledge of geometric shapes and numbers. In each pair of photos one is of Earth, the other is of Mars. The photos of Mars were taken from craft in orbit around that planet. Photos from the Rovers are excluded because there is evidence to suggest that those vehicles are really on Devon Island, Canada.8

In this test we can consider the meaning of individual shapes, combinations of shapes, and arrangement of shapes. We can also speculate about the meaning of ET sculpture. Look at each picture and decide upon (a) the location (Earth or Mars) and (b) the meaning of the ET/human-made shapes. Answers to the test and image credits are given below, immediately before the references.

1. Circles, inner and outer circle, mounds in circular shapes (suggesting the torus), narrow-based triangle (wedge).

2. Circles, inner and outer circles, a square.

3. Circular mounds with matching diagrams.

4. Channels in the shape of a T-cross.

5. Pyramids.

6. Pyramids and other objects including sculpture, outlines of square / rectangular shapes on the ground.

7. Pyramids.

8. Outlines and walls of square / rectangular structures.

9. Faces (one of these faces is a geological feature, i.e. not human/oid-made).

10. Open-cut mines showing the characteristic ‘benches’.

11. Tubular structures.

12. Aircraft (one is a genuine photo, the other an artist’s impression).

End of test.

A Reuleaux (L, C) and the D&M pyramids, Mars. Image credit: Haas et al.9

Analysis of two pyramids

As examples of ET pyramid symbolism, we can consider the Reuleaux and D&M pyramids (shown above).

Reuleaux pyramid

This Reuleaux pyramid is in the Candor Chasma region of Mars.9 As the illustration shows, the ETs incorporated three circles in the design of its base to create the most powerful symbol of the Divine — a Triunity (also called Trinity) of Triunities in the three lines of the Y-shaped cross, the three faces, and the three circles.

D&M pyramid

This five-sided pyramid is in the Cydonia region. At its apex there are two 90 degree angles and three 60 degree angles.9

Symbolism of the D&M pyramid

  • Odd numbers and their geometric forms (e.g. three, five, triangle or pentagon) indicate dynamism. In contrast, even numbers and their forms (e.g. four, six, eight, square, hexagon, octagon) indicate stability, firmness, definition.3
  • The number five corresponds to the five Elements (four material Elements + spirit or quintessence).3
  • The number five denotes love, health and humanity.3
  • The number five is analogous with the human figure (four extremities + head).3
  • The pyramid looks like a stick man with legs apart and raised arms.

My view: This pentagon (5 sides) pyramid symbolizes a dynamic (interactive, aware / active) relationship with our Creator (all pyramids are about material world – heaven communication) in all things (the five Elements) for the purposes of love, health and humanity.

2.3 Meaning of Colours

The Seven Colours of a Rainbow

Going clockwise on the above image, the colours of a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. As the blue and indigo can be seen as light and dark shades of blue, the number of colours in a rainbow can be viewed as six.3

In common usage, both violet and purple refer to a variety of colours between blue and red.10 However, historically violet has referred to bluer hues and and purple to redder hues.10 As the colour shown above as violet is more red than blue, it is within the range of reddish blues traditionally known as purple.

Symbolism of rainbow colours

Colour symbolism is one of the most universal of all types of symbolism.3 Beyond the superficial classification of colours suggested by optics and experimental psychology (e.g. warm ‘advancing’ colours vs cold ‘retreating’ colours) there are ancient and enduring meanings of colour. Following are some of these meanings for the rainbow colours according to A Dictionary of Symbols.3

  • Red. Blood, animal life, wounds, fire, passion, activity, suffering, purification, sublimation, love.
  • Orange. Fire, flames, ferocity, cruelty, egoism, desperation, pride, ambition.
  • Yellow. Sun, light, illumination.
  • Green. Vegetable life, fertility of the fields, nature, immediate natural life.
  • Blue. Rarefied atmosphere, clear sky, thinking, heaven, truth.
  • Blue (light). Sky and day, clear sky, calm sea.
  • Blue (dark, Indigo). Sky and night, stormy sea.
  • Purple (Violet). Power, spirituality, sublimation.
Other colours
  • Pink. Colour of flesh. Sensuality and emotions.
  • Gold. Glory, superiority, hidden or elusive treasure, mystic aspect of the sun.
  • Silver. Mystic aspect of the moon.
  • Brown and ochre. Earth.
  • Grey. Neutralization, depression, inertia, indifference (meanings derived from the colour of ashes).
  • Black. The profoundest meaning is occultation and germination in darkness. It also stands for passivity, fertilized land, prime matter, fermentation, putrefaction, penitence, all preliminary stages, mineral life.
  • White. Illumination, ascension, revelation, pardon, remission, innocence, purity, timelessness, ecstasy.
  • Black and White. As diametrically opposed symbols of the negative and positive, either in simultaneous, successive or alternating opposition, combinations of Black and White are very common, e.g. the binary symbol of the Chinese Yin-Yang. The combination of Black and White represents the ceaseless alternations of death/life, dark/light and disappearance/appearance that make possible the continued existence of phenomena.

Psychological development and colour preference

Children cannot relate to mixed or impure colours because they lack the required psychological maturity. Therefore children reject all mixed or impure colours.3 Conversely, art of the most advanced and refined cultures shows a preference for subtle tones such as yellowish mauve, near-violet pink and greenish ochres.3

Flag colours

In view of the relationship between colour preference and psychological maturity, I investigated the preference for purple in countries’ flag colours. As the most advanced symbolism of the rainbow colours is for violet / purple (power, spirituality, sublimation), one might expect to see a preference for purple in flags of the most psychologically advanced countries.

I looked at the current flag colours of all countries and found the following: Although the colour purple is not a major constituent of any current national flags, purple is a major constituent of other flags for two counties: Spain and Japan.

In Spain, purple is a major (at least 90% in most cases) constituent of the flags for Balearic Islands, Castile and León, Álava, Burgos, Córdoba, Guadalajara, Palencia, Soria and Mallorca. In Japan, purple is a major (at least 90% in most cases) constituent of the flags for the Standard of the Prime Minister of Japan, the Naval standard of the Prime Minister of Japan, Gunma, Kyoto, Okayama, Tokyo, Yamanashi and Kawasaki.11

Spain and Japan’s preference for the colour purple seems consistent with the above-mentioned association of psychological development and colour preference.

3. What can ETs offer us?

Wilbert B. Smith (1910-1962 )

Wilbert Smith (B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering) occupied a responsible position in the Canadian government, authored several technical papers, and undertook formal research into the subject of ETs. Smith benefited from his personal communication with ETs. He wrote a book, The New Science,12 based on what he learned from them. Although he was not able to complete the book before his death from cancer at only 52, the book is unique in its integration of material and spiritual aspects of reality according to Twelve Parameters of the Universe, in their Four Fabrics of Three Parameters each. This new science enables the study of the evolution of the basic building blocks of our universe from the Creator’s point of view.

Wilbert Smith also gave an important talk (the Ottawa Address13 ) on 31 March 1958.

Points from Smith’s talk and book

Wilbert Smith and others established channels of communication with the ETs. Initially the humans focused on trying to learn about ET science and technology. The ETs suggested certain crucial experiments to confirm the validity of their science. The humans carried out these experiments successfully. However beyond that initial practical success, the ET science was so different to human science that it was incomprehensible. Therefore the humans focused instead on ET philosophy and learned the following:

1. Oneness

  • There is a basic Oneness of the universe and all that’s in it.
  • Science, philosophy, religion, substance and energy are all facets of the same jewel.
  • Before any one facet can be appreciated the form of the jewel itself must be perceived.

2. Family

  • This planet has been colonized many times by people from elsewhere.
  • We are not alone. The human race in the form of man extends throughout the universe and it is incredibly ancient.
  • Our present human race are blood brothers and sisters of these people.

3. Help

  • ETs are interested in us. They stand by ready, able and willing to help us.
  • They cannot help us until we are ready for their help. To intervene before we are ready would be in violation of a universal law against interference in the affairs of others.
  • Violation of this universal law leads to suffering.

4. Science

  • ETs told Smith that science really is much more simple than we imagine and all the component parts fit together perfectly without any corrections.
  • We need to start again and reassemble our knowledge in accordance with new science such as Smith outlined in the above-mentioned book.
  • According to Smith’s book, this would involve seeing our universe from the Creator’s point of view in terms of Twelve Parameters in Four Fabrics of Three Parameters each.

Help from ETs

As in all help requiring cooperation of the recipient, we would need to (a) see the problem, (b) want to fix the problem and (c) want to collaborate with the helper.

There is evidently widespread awakening concerning (a) and (b). However, concerning (c), humans are still hostile toward ETs. Apparently this is with a view to further theft of ET technology by studying their craft. Normal people do not seek help from a doctor by entering the surgery with guns blazing in order to seize the medical equipment. This is effectively what humans have done in relation to ETs. As is documented in the research of Andrew Johnson,14 (i) the two ET spacecraft shot down in Roswell are among several ET craft that humans have shot down, (ii) humans have also behaved aggressively toward other ET craft (e.g. fired at them, damaged their craft without bringing it down), and (iii) consequently radar evidence indicates that ET craft in the vicinity of Earth now keep a safe distance from humans.

Examples of help with science and technology potentially available from these highly advanced ET beings:

1. Free-energy15 and anti-gravity16 technologies

  • No environmental pollution, clean manufacturing and transportation.
  • Easy travel on Earth and beyond to other places in our universe.

2. Improved communication17

  • Instantaneous communication by means such as gravity waves and telepathy.
  • No more biological harm of our existing wireless technology.

3. Medicine

  • Cures for diseases that afflict humans.
  • This could include genetic engineering to undo harm of the psychopaths’ “vaccination.”

Note: There is compelling evidence to suggest that ETs genetically engineered humans. These remarkable findings are discussed by Andrew Johnson of CheckTheEvidence7 as of page 246 in Acknowledged: A perspective on UFOs, Aliens and Crop Circles.14

If anyone can fix the genetic damage of the “vaccination” it will be our ET relatives. Such treatment is beyond the capabilities of human doctors but ETs are much more advanced than human doctors.

Falsely blaming ET

One of the many potential threats to us is more 9-11 type attacks by the psychopaths using Directed Energy Weapons. The evil-doers would then again try to blame innocent people for their crimes. This subject is discussed in a recent programme18 on RichPlanet TV. Apparently the criminals have exhausted the potential for using Nazis, Muslims, “climate change,” “pandemic” etc as cover for their evil deeds. Soon they might try to hide behind “ET did it,” like the equally absurd “Al-Qaida did it.”

4. Summary and Conclusion

  1. ETs are highly advanced, including their spirituality, science and technology.
  2. ETs’ emphasis on the Universe (including heaven), Universality (Oneness) and science indicates that — like the Egyptians who built pyramids and the Britons who built Silbury Hill — ET religion is natural, i.e. a form of paganism.
  3. Like Odinism (the European form of paganism), which involves a profound understanding of the laws of Nature and of our purpose in life,19 ET religion is based on the laws of Nature / the Universe, e.g. as symbolized by the D&M pyramid on Mars.
  4. Before our spiritual awareness (Nature / God-consciousness) decayed via Judaism / Christianity, humans were substantially involved with ETs.
  5. It seems likely that when we recover our Nature / God-consciousness (and cease all aggression toward ETs) we will again benefit from a relationship with ETs.
  6. The potential benefits of such contact include those of science, technology and the psychospiritual fulfilment of enlightened living.
  7. The Swastika flag in purple (shown below) symbolizes our way forward.

Our way forward . . . . .

Answers to the Test

All the images on the left are of Mars (except in the case of no. 12 as explained below). All the images on the right are of Earth, or visible from Earth in the case of no. 12.

L. Cliff and crater in Cydonia, Mars.6 (These structures feature above in Meaning of Numbers.)
R. The Neolithic henge monument (2,500 BC) of Arbor Low, Derbyshire, UK.11

The torus. A recent study20 suggests that the universe could be shaped like a torus (a donut, a car tyre tube) and not infinite. Perhaps ETs knew that and refer to the torus in their symbols.

L. Arrangement of stones in Nilosyrtis Mensae, Mars.21 The circle diameters are about 90 and 47 metres. The formation is comparable to Stonehenge (constructed from 3,000 to 2,000 BC), Wiltshire, UK.11
R. Stone circles on Earth (location unknown).

L. Tholus in Cydonia, Mars.6
R. Silbury Hill (constructed from 2,400–2,300 BC), Wiltshire, UK. It is the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe and similar in size to some of the smaller Egyptian pyramids of the Giza Necropolis.11

(These circular mounds with matching diagrams feature above in Meaning of Numbers.)

L. T-shaped (a form of cross) channel, south east of Olympus Mons, Mars.6
R. A Persian Qanat, an ancient water management system in the Arabian Peninsula.

L. Pyramids in the Cerebrus region, Mars.6
R. Pyramids of Egypt (dating from c. 2,630 BC).11

L. Pyramids and other objects in the Cydonia region, Mars.22
R. Pyramids of Egypt (dating from c. 2,630 BC).11

L. Pyramid in the Western Region of Candor Chasma, Mars.9 (This pyramid features above in Analysis of Two Pyramids.)
R. Ancient pyramid in China.9

L. Structures on Mars.6
R. Hibabiya, an early Islamic village in the Jordanian desert.

L. Face in the Cydonia region, Mars.6
R. “Sphinx” in the Bucegi Natural Park, Romania.

L. Open-cut mine on Mars — mountain in Juventae Chasma.6
R. Open-cut mine on Earth.

L. Tubular structures on Mars.6
R. Ribbed pipe on Earth.

L. An artist’s impression of a craft that could be from Mars (or elsewhere).
R. A flying triangle (the TR-3B) filmed using night vision in Longview, Texas on 27 Oct 2015.23 The destructive use of this secret military technology is highlighted in the previous post.

Symbolism of the aircraft shapes

  • Meanings of the circle include Oneness, eternal order, cosmos.3
  • Meanings of the triangle include fire (destruction and regeneration). As this triangular craft is on a horizontal (earthly) plane, without an apex toward heaven or a circle, its triangles relate to the material world. This meaning is reinforced by the three rectangles (one along each vertical side of the craft) that connect the upper and lower triangles. Squares / rectangles imply a longing for power.3 In other words, the “flying triangle” represents (a) an intense longing for Earthly / material power and (b) destruction.

5. References

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Family. Ready to help.

4 thoughts on “From ET to Enlightened Time

  1. Very well done! Thank you, too, for the citations! You have created a delightful rabbit hole, one likely to provide entrance to an entire warren!

    I would recommend approaching the subject of color (visual spectrum) differently and in greater detail and consider devoting a separate post to colors, their symbolic meaning and significance. Basic color theory would suggest not seven, rather three primary [red, yellow, blue] and three secondary colors [orange, green, purple]. Depicted as a disk, typical color wheels have twelve “slices”. Triangles and hexagonal figures appear to dominate relationships among the principal nodes.

    Advertly, I note in passing that the 64-pack of Crayola Crayons supplied two shades of infinite variations between each primary and each secondary color (e.g., red, orange-red, red-orange, orange), bringing the total colors of a crayon-colored rainbow to 18! I have a virgin pack awaiting my return to drawing and coloring, abandoned for “real” work about the time the manufacturer re-labelled the crayon “Flesh” to “Peach” (!). That should give your readers a hint about my age in years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Alan! I appreciate your compliment, additional information and recommendation!

      Yes, the subject of colour could be approached from a different perspective and discussed comprehensively in a separate post. That would give the opportunity to relate colour to geometric shapes (triangle, hexagon, dodecagon) and corresponding numbers (3, 6,12) as you indicated.

      Alan it sounds like you’re well prepared for a return to drawing. I didn’t know about the change from “Flesh” to “Peach.” That’s a curved ball to me just when I thought I’s getting the hang of colour. 🙂

      PS Your website and achievements are very impressive!


      1. Merci beaucoup, Maestro! Another maestro who has worked some on color theory and practice — Miles Mathis — has some thoughts relevant to the perception of color. As usual, he dives off the deep end and lands — well, let him tell the story!

        Click to access anticolor.pdf

        Click to access howell.pdf
        A LITTLE LIGHT READING, I’d say! 😉

        See what you’ve done? Good job, mate.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks very much Alan! The articles to which you link are fascinating! Miles Mathis has addressed this subject at a very advanced level. Some of what he wrote in Matter from Light seems similar to what Wilbert Smith wrote in The New Science (based on what he learned from ETs). I intend re-reading the publications of Miles Mathis and Wilbert Smith to try understand their work better.


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