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Subject of this blog

The evolution of consciousness through experiences of pain, including attention to the individual, society and the natural environment. This subject itself might be painful for readers who were not aware of certain facts presented here. I hope this knowledge helps people cope more effectively with aspects of their lives. Included is information used in my work as a clinical psychologist for over 30 years.

My motives

I value truth, spiritual beauty and love for others. We all have unique abilities, knowledge and opportunities to either support / not support the evolution of consciousness. The blog is a tiny way in which I might help to support this process. This is an altruistic project (no money in it for me). Adverts that WordPress might show are beyond my control and not for my benefit.

Help Nature

If you find this blog helpful, I want you to ‘pay’ nature. People who pay for psychological help (a) value the help more highly and (b) derive more benefit from the help than people who receive the help free of charge. Following are some of the ways in which you can pay nature.

Do not collude in the “climate change” scam. Respected scientists have shown that human activity has almost no effect on climate. The climate change scam serves a financial / political agenda and NOT nature.

Address the real problem of our accelerating ecological collapse (Holocene extinction), expected to include the extinction of humans. Try to do less harm and more good in ways such as these:

1 Increase Awareness

a) Learn about nature. Learn to identify the wild plants and animals (birds, insects, mammals, etc) that share/shared your environment; learn about their required habitats, population changes (e.g. which species are extinct / near-extinct) and the reasons for these population changes; and learn why the fate of humans is linked to nature (we cannot live without the creatures we are killing in this mass extinction).

b) Reduce mental poison. You will increase your awareness and think more clearly about important subjects if your mind is not polluted by mainstream media, i.e. misinformation and manipulation to serve financial / political agendas that are incompatible with the best interests of ourselves and nature. Consider giving up television, radio, mainstream news, mainstream films, etc.

Note: I’m a long-standing nature lover and bird watcher who has not poisoned my mind in any of the above-mentioned ways for the past twenty years. This has benefited my life enormously. In particular, my level of mental clarity, well-being and useful achievements has increased to an extent that would have been impossible if I’d been taking the mental poison.

2 Do Less Harm

a) Direct destruction of nature. Reduce your destruction of natural habitat (from garden paving and lawn mowing to building ‘developments’), pollution (e.g. disposal of toxic waste into the soil, waterways and oceans) and killing nature directly (e.g. herbicides and pesticides, including slug/snail poison; wireless telecommunication — cell phones and wireless Internet, especially 5G; wind turbines).

b) Indirect destruction of nature. Reduce your destruction of nature by rethinking your value system and lifestyle. A consumerist lifestyle (too much attention to buying and owning things, often things that are not really necessary) requires excessive destruction of nature by others who destroy natural habitat, pollute, and kill vast amounts of creatures to feed our greedy, self-centred, and self-defeating existence. Examples of positive change include growing your own food (vegetables, rabbits, hens, geese, etc); making your own alcoholic beverages (excellent beer and wine can be made easily and cheaply without fancy shop-bought equipment, spirits can be distilled cheaply and safely outdoors with a simple homemade pot still); and ignoring fashion (mend and make do, recycled and homemade clothes).

Note: About twenty years ago I gave away my motor car (I travel by foot) and television (never watched TV again) and moved decisively toward a light (on nature) and enlightened lifestyle (almost pre-industrial). The further I moved away from consumerism, the more purposeful, meaningful and satisfying my life became.

3 Do More Good

a) Help raise awareness in others. This can range from education of people in your social network to enlightened (not the ill-informed “climate change” nonsense) eco activism. Ecological topics addressed by educators / activists cover a wide range, e.g. the real causes of this accelerating mass extinction (excessive human population and per capita consumption, not climate change); excessive commercial fishing; whaling; hunting / poaching; the destructive methods of intensive farming; and the biological toxicity of wireless telecommunication, especially 5G.

b) Help to try undo some of the damage. Again, there is a wide range of activities by enlightened people, e.g. removing litter from your local wildlife areas; planting indigenous trees and other plants; feeding local wild birds; and working with local nature conservation charities to remove invasive alien plant species and do bird population counts.

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