Contact with ETs

I took the above photo after a short walk from my front door. There are places in that area suited to a private meeting with extraterrestrial beings (ETs). I shall try to arrange such a meeting there. If the meeting occurs, I intend taking clear photos of the ETs and their spacecraft for publication onContinue reading “Contact with ETs”

Highly advanced life on Mars now

The above photo shows a crater and dome in central Acidalia Planitia. The image was taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) on 10 February 2008 and posted on a University of Arizona Webpage. The picture is in Andrew Johnson’s book.1 ETs made this dome recently. Why and how they made it are discussed below. OutlineContinue reading “Highly advanced life on Mars now”

From ET to Enlightened Time

The image shows symbols of (a) enlightenment (Swastika), (b) creation (the zinc fireworks of human egg fertilization1,2 ) and (c) results of (a) + (b). Outline of this post Introduction Meaning of geometric shapes, numbers and colours. This section includes a test, Do you know your Mars from your elbow? What can ETs offer us?Continue reading “From ET to Enlightened Time”

From ET to End Time

The title might have been From ET to Enlightened Time if we had not allowed ourselves to be ruled by psychopaths. Truth-seekers already know that alien spacecraft have visited Earth, that many Crop Formations (“Crop Circles”) were not natural phenomena or made by hoaxers, and that the evil cabal used advanced secret technology to murderContinue reading “From ET to End Time”

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