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Global Unity for Life

A plan.

1. Set up robust websites

These would be on the dark web and self-hosted sites on the regular web that are beyond Cabal censorship. Many people active on alt media sites are capable of doing this.

2. Establish a global panel of nationalist leaders

These would be people who:

  1. Share our values: (a) life and the prerequisite triumph over Cabal evil and (b) ethnic nationalism.
  2. Can quickly establish credibility and effective communication (via video on suitable video-hosting sites) with their people in the appropriate language, e.g. English, Afrikaans, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, major Black African languages, etc.
  3. Cherish the opportunity to guide their people, perhaps to the extent of an Adolf Hitler.
  4. Want the support of Global Unity for Life (GUL, example name) to maximize their effectiveness. Support would be (a) technical (e.g. robust hosting of a website in their language), (b) subject knowledge (the basics of Cabal evil as it affects that nation) and (c) strategy and tactics. This would include guidance on marketing / communication, group action (withdrawal of support for Cabal politicians, wars, goods and services; and support of leaders who promote ethnic nationalist interests) and transforming popularity into political power.

There are likely people on alt media sites who could help establish such a panel.

3. Promote the message

Promotion of the leaders’ message would involve effective marketing, e.g. high emotional appeal, simplicity, repetition, appeal to the herd instinct (“Growing numbers of people now realize . . .” etc). It is in human nature to try avoid being left out.

There will be nationalist marketing and web design experts who could attend to the creative and technical requirements of this aspect.

4. Project facilitators and managers

These would be people who are beyond reproach (e.g. the calibre of some people who publish and comment on the Occidental Observer) and are capable of inspiring cooperation on commonalities without any reference to religion (a highly divisive and self-defeating topic). These are commonalities:

  • Awareness of God — consciousness, a higher power, quantum vacuum, etc.
  • Desire for survival — of ourselves, loved ones, nation and race.
  • Desire for patriotic leadership.

People don’t have to agree on everything, e.g. it is fine if some people believe that “Jesus is our saviour” etc provided that everyone keeps their religion strictly private. Suitably talented leaders inspire cooperation on commonalities.

5. A note on effective management

This involves:

  • Keeping people onside. None of the divisiveness that characterizes the so-called nationalist ‘movement’. Anti-group elements would be managed / expelled as appropriate.
  • Serving the purpose rather than self. No big egos and others who primarily seek personal gain, e.g. financial.

Further to the above, many nationalist-type bloggers are unsuitable for the work of project facilitation / management or cooperation within the required organizational structure at any level.

6. Funding

Not necessary. The required experts already spend time on nationalist-type sites (publishing, commenting, reading) free of charge. This project is about optimal management of resources already available to us.

7. Distinguishing features of this approach

  • It is unified across cultures and nations. It therefore has the potential for a global positive effect.
  • The anti-Cabal strategy, adapted to local situations, would negate Cabal power in practically meaningful ways.
  • It employs expertise across all relevant fields: technical, leadership, subject knowledge, strategy /tactics.

Limitations of this post

Other minds will find holes in this plan, see alternatives / improvements and ideally work toward practical application of the most promising ideas.

Finally, as anyone who has being paying attention to the Cabal attack knows, the time for endless whining without solution is long gone. We are in do or die time. Doing does not mean waiting in the hope that someone else (mythical or real) will save us. It means taking personal responsibility for effective action, ideally collective action with like-minded people everywhere, for life.

The alternative


Will we recognize our leader?

We can assess future potential nationalist leaders by comparing their characteristics to those of previous great nationalist leaders. Will our next great nationalist leader be:

  1. A woman?
  2. British (perfidious Albion)?
  3. A jew or closely connected to jews, such as a jewish parent, jewish spouse, service to jews, e.g. ex-employee of Goldman Sachs, unprovoked military attack on innocent people, promotion of the World Economic Forum agenda?
  4. A puppet, e.g. following globalist scripts on open national borders, “man-made global warming / climate change,” “pandemic,” “vaccination,” “digital identities” and — coming soon — “Alien threat!” (yet another scam to try fool us into accepting brutal world government)? The Alien aspect is explained at the end of this post.
  5. Psychopathic? For example:
  • Ego-centrism — self-esteem derived from personal gain, power, or pleasure.
  • Lack of concern for feelings, needs, or suffering of others.
  • Lack of remorse after hurting or mistreating another.
  • Manipulativeness, e.g. frequent use of subterfuge to influence or control others.
  • Deceitfulness — dishonesty, fraudulence, misrepresentation of self, embellishment or fabrication when relating events.
  • Callousness — lack of guilt or remorse about the harmful effects of one’s actions on others, aggression, sadism.
  • Hostility — anger or irritability in response to minor slights and insults; mean, nasty, or vengeful behaviour.
  • Irresponsibility — disregard for and failure to honour financial and other obligations or commitments; lack of respect for and lack of follow-through on agreements and promises.

Conversely, will our next great nationalist leader be:

  1. Courageous? Will he publicly name our common enemy and speak blunt truth about him and his long list of crimes against humanity, including his lies (e.g. “Jesus,” Holoco$t, “space missions,” the real perpetrators of 9/11, “man-made global warming / climate change,” “pandemic,” “vaccination,” his real reasons for the current economic destruction), associated theft (impoverishment of hard-working citizens ) and associated mass murder?
  2. Of our best? For example, will he be highly intelligent, creative (a major advantage in problem-solving), knowledgeable (including real history, the arts and needs of our people) and a gifted orator?
  3. A proven candidate? Will he have a record of long service to our people in his occupation?
  4. God-conscious? There are many alternative names for “God” (e.g. consciousness, the Force, quantum vacuum). The point is, will the leader show awareness of this higher power in his words and deeds? Spiritual awareness is an invaluable coping resource. It is distinctly different to religion, does not require religion, and is impeded by the Abrahamic religions. For this reason and the anti-life nature of Christianity, a Christian leader would be a non-starter. For reference, in private Adolf Hitler was not Christian and he expressed dismay that the German people had been exposed to the destructive “mumbo jumbo” of this jewish religion. However Hitler was in awe of God as experienced through nature and he respected natural religion (paganism / Odinism).
  5. Standing for us? When our nationalist leader stands up, will we know that he stands for us?

Alien threat

  1. There is evidence of (a) an extraterrestrial being (ET) presence on Earth since before humans existed, (b) substantial collaboration between ETs and humans over the course of our history and (c) continued ET visits to Earth and collaboration with humans up until today.
  2. If ETs wanted to destroy us they would have done it by now. There is no evidence of an ET threat to humanity.
  3. In contrast, there is abundant evidence of a major threat to life on Earth from the gangsters in control of our societal levers. They are working the angles to try fool ‘n’ rule. Previous scams include “Jesus,” Holoco$t, “space missions,” the real perpetrators of 9/11, “man-made global warming / climate change,” “pandemic” and “vaccination” (jew-jab).
  4. The scams are failing ever faster. Consider these examples of diminishing failure times: “Jesus” (ages), Holoco$t (very long), Apollo “Moon landings” (long), real perpetrators of 9/11 (moderate), “man-made global warming / climate change” (short) and “pandemic” — people were publicly mocking the criminals’ CV-19 lies in real time and a substantial proportion of the world population had decided against the jew-jab even before it was offered. The criminals have lost all credibility with people capable of rational thinking.
  5. The criminals are now desperate. As ridiculous as their attempted deceptions have become, the criminals need to try pull off a successful fool ‘n’ rule scam if they are to escape justice for their crimes against humanity. They can be expected to play the Alien card in a last-ditch effort to unite the ‘goyim’ under their psychopathic rule against yet another fake external threat. The previous fake threats failed to work as expected and the Alien card will fall apart faster than paper in a washing machine. The reason for this is given below.
  6. The general public are widely aware of the ET subject. It is clear from comments under YouTube videos and articles across a wide range of websites that almost every man and his dog knows that the US military has (a) ET technology, including aircraft (e.g. TR-3B and similar) that can hover silently and travel at lightning speed; (b) directed energy weapons such as the criminals displayed in their mass destruction on 9/11; and (c) been flying ET-type craft over populated areas to gauge public reaction to the planned ET deception. The US military has been doing this since November 1989. The first display was in Belgium and subsequently these craft have been seen all over the world, increasingly so in recent years as the criminals prepare to make their move. For more information see the post Flying Triangles warn of grave danger.

How will the general public react when the criminals play the Alien card with full drama of military ET-type craft, illusion technology and directed energy weapon destruction? Will they say (a) “We must unite under the jew’s world government for protection” or (b) “We are sick to our back teeth of these liars, thieves and murderers”?

At this stage the criminals might as well come out with their hands in the air. They had a good run. We want leaders who stand for truth and life.

Leaders for Truth and Life

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

Further to the previous post on the value of unity across all factors on which our common enemy has tried to divide and conquer / divide and rule us:

  1. We see rising collective energy against our common enemy and his stooges, including Trump, Putin and the rest of the joo crew.
  2. Massive global victory against evil is there for the taking. Adolf Hitler-level gifted leaders could rapidly direct this energy toward victory for truth and life.
  3. Upon scrutiny, current “nationalist”-type leaders turn out to be joo crew — trying to misdirect the truth juggernaut bearing down on evil-doers.
  4. Genuine nationalist leaders are watching and waiting for the correct moment to stand up.
  5. If we want our leaders to stand up, we must show that we are ready to support them.

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

(All That is Gold Does Not Glitter by J. R. R. Tolkien, 1892 – 1973)

Unity is Strength

When the ‘goyim’ wake up

And realize:

  • Other races. We value other races (in their own countries) except when our common enemy stokes conflict between us.
  • Other nations. We value other nations except when our common enemy stokes conflict between us.
  • Opposite gender. We value the opposite gender except when our common enemy stokes conflict between us.
  • Other generations. We value people of all age groups, including the elderly, except when our common enemy stokes conflict between us.
  • Other social classes. We value the contributions of people from all walks of life, except when our common enemy stokes conflict between us.
  • Other sexual orientations. In particular, there are psychological advantages to homosexuality that are normally appreciated, except when our common enemy stokes conflict between us.
  • Other religions. Provided the religion is not anti-life like the Abrahamic religions, we value other religions, except when our common enemy stokes conflict between us.
  • Other politics. We cannot oppose our common enemy by opposing each other within his political system. Like religion, ultimately the only politics of value is that which favours life — of our people, other people and our planet. This is not an option within our enemy’s political system.
  • Identity of our common enemy. When we realize this and his age-old tactics of divide and rule, and we all (all of the above) unite to serve justice on these evil-doers in all the lands and organizations that they have infested . . .

Fun at fairs

Flesh will scrape concrete, nerve ends firing,
smearing and jeering, mission collapse.
Hangmen will hang, danse macabre,
musicians will play, fun at fairs.

(a poetic spider)

Nuclear weapons do not exist

Image credit. The criminals’ guide: Scary illusions for power and profit

The much-hyped threat of nukes is just another lie of the lying, thieving and murdering criminals in control of our societal levers. The murderers can certainly murder as they have done by means including directed energy weapons (9/11), conventional weapons (the military industrial complex can take our money and lives with all manner of hardware including big bombs) and the jew-jab. However they cannot harm anyone with a nuclear weapon. Nukes are no more real than “Jesus,” the Holoco$t, the Apollo “Moon landings,” man-made “global warming” / “climate change” and the CV-19 “pandemic.”

Two bright minds expose the nuke hoax

Anders Björkman: My Atomic Bomb Findings: The grand manipulation 1945-2022

Miles Mathis: The Nuclear Hoax

Is there anything genuine about the criminals? Yes. They really are a self-chosen gang of liars, thieves and murderers.

There’s a better way . . .

Why did intelligent people act stupid?

Reactions to timely warnings about pan-vax

On alternative media websites we see comments about why seemingly intelligent individuals dismissed information about the fake “pandemic” and harmful “vaccines” from experts in relevant fields, including virology, vaccines and jewish psychopathy. Informed individuals are understandably perplexed as to why some men and women acted stupid by lining up for jew-jabs.

I personally informed everyone in my social network about pan-vax since March 2020 and I also reported the genocide to local police and politicians. Most of these people reacted to the factual information that I presented with indifference or hostility. Nearly all the people in my social network (including all my relatives) chose the jew-jab, repeatedly. Some of these jew-jabbed people are now dead or injured, e.g. limb amputation, brain damage, cancer. Many of the survivors are belatedly waking up to the truth of this situation.

Why did so many people choose to sacrifice their health / lives and that of their children in support of an obvious fraud in service of the brutal world government agenda? This self-destructive behaviour can be considered at various levels, including that of the cause and effect spiritual principle in relation to our violation of Nature’s laws.

On a more readily observable level, as I noted in a post over one year ago, my impression is that the people who reacted positively vs those who reacted indifferently or negatively to the subjects raised (aspects of mass deception and mass murder, including White genocide) seemed predictable on these factors:

  • Knowledge (e.g. the cabal’s history of psychopathic conduct from ancient to modern times)
  • Fear of negative evaluation (high fear would inhibit opposition to the herd and herders)
  • Intellectual curiosity (e.g. learning the facts about pan-vax)
  • Value system (e.g. value of truth, justice, personal courage)
  • Age (learning ability is significantly reduced in later adulthood)
  • Mainstream media consumption (misinformation)
  • Trust in authority figures (politicians, educators, ‘experts’ etc)

Overall my experience of sharing information about the psychopathic lunatics’ attack on our societies served to emphasize what all competent psychological therapists know: Unless people see a problem (e.g. personal, religious, societal) and want to fix it, they can’t be helped.

Water under the bridge, body fluids off a slab, consciousness flowing through the living and dead.

There’s a better way . . .

Progress report on White lives groups

I’ve heard that some groups are off to a good start while other would-be facilitators are facing the problem of unsuitable members such as the creature shown above.

Nonetheless, we are progressing and will prevail over evil before the end of this solar cycle peak.

Also, my Aspects of Aliens research is progressing. The ‘tight five’ posts are writing themselves as I near completion of the research. This is a most fascinating and mind-expanding subject!


White lives stress management groups

Unity is Strength

Many White people are struggling to cope with the attack on us known as White genocide and the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. As a result of this onslaught, White people are suffering increased levels of depression, anxiety, substance misuse, interpersonal relationship difficulties and suicide. Fortunately there are ways to manage this stress more effectively. One of these ways is support groups of like-minded people. Support groups such as the stress management groups discussed below increase felt power — a key to effective coping.

Felt Power

  • Felt lack of personal power in the face of events that are — at least to some extent — under personal control leads to inappropriate passivity.
  • This negative mental state follows irrational beliefs about the nature of reality, ‘prophecy’, ‘fate’, teachings of Christianity, and it can lead to catastrophe.
  • Beliefs about personal control are targeted in psychological operations against individuals / groups in sport and war, including the psychopathic lunatics’ relentless attacks on us.
  • Personal control is also the focus of effective psychological therapy. A good therapist quickly identifies and challenges irrational beliefs about powerlessness and mobilizes the person’s anger for constructive action.
  • Anger can fuel dramatic psychological recovery when skilfully channelled, from the level of the individual and their therapist to the level of a gifted patriotic leader like Adolf Hitler.
  • We can develop a realistic sense of our power by using effective stress management methods, including the power of supportive groups.

Self-help stress management groups

Stress management involves (a) knowledge (about the problem and ways of dealing with it) and (b) dealing with the problem more effectively. Stress management groups (e.g. 8 to 10 members) can be highly effective in helping people cope more effectively with a wide range of stress-related problems. Further, such groups have unique advantages over individual therapy and can result in superior stress management outcomes.

The group facilitator

Groups are not inherently therapeutic and can psychologically harm members if the facilitator is not sufficiently skilled. Effective group facilitators have (a) insight into group dynamics, (b) knowledge of how groups develop over time and (c) therapeutic qualities (e.g. a non-judgmental and caring attitude toward all group members and the ability to keep anti-group elements on a tight rein). Trained psychological therapists do not necessarily possess these qualities while many people from other walks of life do. People who might be suited to facilitating stress management-type groups include teachers, trainers (e.g. group training at work), good parents and others who are skilled in managing structured groups for a wide range of purposes, including sport and recreation.

The group

The effectiveness of a therapeutic group depends on the group composition. Groups are more cohesive and effective to the extent that the members share commonalities, such as those of age range (e.g. adolescents would be seen in a group for adolescents), type and severity of coping difficulties (e.g. severely depressed and suicidal people would be most appropriately treated individually until they are well enough to function in a group) and psychological sophistication (e.g. communication skills). In general it is recommended that there is at least one other person in the group with whom a member can identify, e.g. similar age, problems, outlook on life.

Therapeutic groups can be closed or open to new members and they can meet on a limited or unlimited number of occasions.

White lives stress management groups


Nothing. However payment to nature is required as is explained in the post Blog Purpose and a routine element in every meeting involves each member reporting on what they have done to help nature since the previous meeting.


Meeting place

Natural environments are inherently therapeutic and available free of charge. Depending on circumstances, the group could meet somewhere in nature and include nature-oriented activities (e.g. feeding wild birds, removing litter, asking Nature / God / The Force / Universe for guidance) before and / or after the meeting. The post Essential Religion is relevant to this subject. Alternatively, people could meet in a community hall, café, pub or similar, provided that members do not drink any alcoholic beverages before or during the meeting.

If the meeting is not in nature, symbols of nature (e.g. pot plant) should be prominent at the meeting.

Group size

In order to give all group members enough speaking time within a one-hour meeting, about 10 people per group would be the maximum initial number. Dropouts will likely reduce the group size to a more practical number (e.g. 7 or 8 people).

Open vs closed groups

Depending on the group size after dropouts, after the group has become cohesive (this can take up to six or more meetings) the group could be opened to a certain number of new members provided that the group is in favour of accepting new members. Rather than risk upsetting the dynamics of an established group, it can be more appropriate to form additional groups with new-comers.

Open-ended groups

A well composed and facilitated self-help group that is meeting its members’ needs can continue indefinitely. That would be the aim of White lives stress management groups — to provide each other with ongoing support for as long as it is required.

Emphasis on action

In addition to emotional support (understanding and goodwill of the group) the emphasis would be on doing things (e.g. increased physical exercise, changing aspects of lifestyle, assertiveness toward those who are treating us disrespectfully) to improve the situation. Endless whining about problems (as we see on many alternative media sites) is dis-empowering. Constructive action is empowering.

Group autonomy

To prevent subversion and defeat of White lives groups, the groups should remain autonomous — no funding, no financial transactions, no affiliation with other groups, no membership of an umbrella organization, no influence by outsiders.

Group names

Possible names for this type of group include Whites Anonymous (WA), White Lives (WL) and Aryan Lives (AL).

Meeting duration and frequency

One hour per week is usually a good arrangement to start with. Once a group is established, and depending on group members’ preferences, this arrangement can be changed, e.g. a longer meeting of 1 1/2 hours every 2 weeks.

Meeting structure

Group meetings would be structured according to the knowledge and skills required for stress management by White people. Information about the problem (jewish psychopathy) is available on websites such as Occidental Observer (site of psychologist Prof. Kevin MacDonald). Identification of the problem is the first step in managing a problem. Other potentially helpful information on stress management includes posts in the Stress and Coping and Spiritual sections of this blog.

Meeting procedure

  1. At the start of a meeting, in a clockwise direction, each person gives an update about themselves, including (a) follow-through on action that they committed to at the previous meeting and (b) what they have done to help nature since then.
  2. The group facilitator introduces a topic (e.g. an article on Prof. MacDonald’s site or an aspect of stress and coping posted on this site) for discussion. Ideally the group would have been informed at the previous meeting about this topic and had time to learn about the subject.
  3. Each person is given a chance to present their views on the subject, including (a) how it relates to their personal situation and (b) what they could do to practically benefit from this information.
  4. Each person states what they intend doing before the next meeting in order to practically apply this information.
  5. Optional depending on the group’s preferences: Beat a shamanic drum to mark the start and end of meetings and feel the Power.

Limitations of this post

There are many other topics that could be discussed in relation to White lives groups. For example, we could talk about how to promote general public awareness of the groups, screening of potential members, and dealing with challenges in groups (e.g. firm but kind management of attention-seekers and dominant types, additional support for more vulnerable members) to ensure that the group is a positive experience for everyone present.

Encouragement of group facilitators

Many people would be suitable facilitators of White lives groups. If you think you might be one of them, consider giving it a go. An easy approach is to start by forming a group with a few friends.


  • White people are under attack.
  • There is a need for psychological support of White people.
  • White lives self-help groups are one way of providing this support.
  • Many people are potentially suitable facilitators of White lives groups.
  • It is not difficult for suitably skilled people to facilitate a self-help stress management group for White people according to a simple procedure.

Finally, in case this is not obvious, helping to promote the well-being of White people according to widely accepted psychological methods is not a crime. On the contrary, standing for truth and life is among the most noble of activities.

Feel the Power

11 September 2001

Would anyone but psychopaths plan, execute and celebrate the murder of three thousand innocent people?

The Dancing Israelis

According to published reports:

  1. A Mossad surveillance team of five Israeli jews had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the murder of about 3,000 people on Tuesday 11 September 2001.
  2. Witnesses saw them jumping for joy after the initial impact.
  3. Later on, other witnesses saw them celebrating with high fives.
  4. They made fun of the World Trade Center ruins and photographed themselves in front of this mass murder crime scene.
  5. This public spectacle led to angry New Jersey residents reporting these men to the Jersey City police and their detention by FBI agents at midday on 11 Sept.
  6. These jews were the subject of widespread news coverage but now who remembers that incident and appreciates its significance?

Jews celebrating their ‘achievement’.

Jews received back in Israel as heroes after the mass murder.

There’s a better way . . .