Are your parasites amusing?

The title relates to the conclusion of this post, which could also be called Terminal awakening: Mass deception, murder, meaning.

Similar to terminal lucidity (the unexpected recovery of awareness in some people with severe psychiatric or neurological disorders shortly before death), an awakening to certain truths is happening during the accelerating ecological collapse that ecologists expect to include the extinction of humans (see the post Holocene extinction). Naturally the extent of this awakening varies across people. As was discussed in the post Stress and coping, our response to situations depends on our resources, e.g. knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs, emotional make-up, social support.

Reactions to facts: My personal experience

For many years (since long before the pan-vax control / cull op started) I shared the information discussed on this site with friends, relatives and acquaintances. Their reactions ranged from positive (e.g. constructive engagement with the subject) to indifferent (e.g. no expressed reaction) to aggressive (e.g. immediate and angry dismissal of the information, personal insults).

My impression is that the people who reacted positively vs those who reacted indifferently or negatively to the subjects raised (aspects of mass deception and mass murder, including White genocide) did not differ significantly on intelligence. However the positive vs negative reactions did seem predictable on these factors:

  • Knowledge (e.g. the cabal’s history of psychopathic conduct from ancient to modern times)
  • Fear of negative evaluation (high fear would inhibit opposition to the herd and herders)
  • Intellectual curiosity (e.g. learning the facts about pan-vax)
  • Value system (e.g. value of truth, justice, individual vs group interests, personal courage)
  • Age (learning ability is significantly decreased in later adulthood)
  • Mainstream media consumption (misinformation)
  • Trust in authority figures (politicians, educators, ‘experts’ etc)

Overall my experience of sharing information about the psychopathic cabal’s attack on our societies served to emphasize what all competent psychological therapists know: Unless people see a problem (e.g. personal, religious, societal) and want to fix it, they can’t be helped.

Among the many mass deceptions that I have not previously mentioned on this site is the Cosmonaut Con known as the Apollo moon landing hoax. If only for its entertainment value, especially the witty demolition of the hoax by David McGowan,1 I offer an Apollo appetizer before moving on to other aspects of mass deception / murder and meaning.

The Apollo moon landing hoax

NASA claims to have completed these crewed Apollo missions:3

Apollo 7 (11–22 Oct 1968, Earth-orbital flight to test the command and service module / CSM); Apollo 8 (21–27 Dec 1968, first crewed flight to Moon); Apollo 9 (3–13 Mar 1969, another Earth-orbital flight to test the CSM); Apollo 10 (18–26 May 1969, Apollo Lunar Module / LM flown down to 50,000 feet from lunar surface).

After alleging that humans traveled to the Moon (and safely returned to Earth) in the Apollo 8 and 10 missions, NASA then claims that twelve humans actually landed on the Moon (and safely returned to Earth) in six space flights. The Apollo missions, ‘moon walkers’ and dates of the alleged moon walks: Apollo 11 (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, 21 Jul 1969); Apollo 12 (Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, 19–20 Nov 1969); Apollo 14 (Edgar Mitchell, David Scott, 5–6 Feb 1971); Apollo 15 (David Scott, James Irwin, 31 Jul – 2 Aug 1971); Apollo 16 (John Young, Charles Duke, 21–23 Apr 1972); Apollo 17 (Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, 11–14 Dec 1972).

The solar cycle

The crewed Apollo missions started during a peak of the 11-year solar cycle (solar cycle 20) and ended after that peak.4 The dates of the first six crewed missions (Apollo 7 to 12) were all at the solar cycle peak, Apollo 14 and 15 took place as the cycle passed / had passed its peak, and Apollo 16 and 17 occurred when the cycle was mid-way between the peak and trough.

The start of these historic events during a solar cycle peak is unsurprising as there is a relationship between the 11-year solar cycle and human behaviour. For example, the dissemination of new doctrines (e.g. the principle of human travel to the moon — and potentially therefore to other objects in our solar system, possibly for colonization — seemed to have been established) is associated with solar cycle peaks. In other words, a successful mass deception of this nature is more likely to have occurred during a solar cycle peak than during a solar cycle trough. For further discussion of this subject and scientific references, see the post Solar storm effects on humans.

Exposure of the hoax

Among the many investigators of this hoax is engineer and educator Andrew Johnson. On Johnson’s website Check The Evidence are articles presenting detailed information (including photographs and videos) to show that NASA never succeeded in sending humans to the Moon. A sample of such findings from McGowan (2010) and Johnson (2019):1

Lack of space travel technology

Not a single human has been to the Moon since the alleged Apollo 17 landing on the Moon in 1972. No nation has even attempted to send a manned spacecraft to the Moon or anywhere beyond low-Earth orbit. Utilizing the most advanced technology of today, the U.S. cannot build a manned spaceship that reaches an altitude beyond 200 miles. NASA and its subcontractors claim that the original plans for the multi-sectioned Saturn V rockets, the lunar modules, and the lunar rovers are missing.1


Specific technology that was (and remains) unavailable is that required for human survival of the radiation that would be encountered during space flight beyond low-Earth orbit, including the Van Allen radiation belts. Space beyond low-Earth orbit is subject to intense radiation from the Sun and deep galactic sources such as supernovas. On this factor alone, the claimed human travel to the Moon could not have occurred.1

Moon rocks

The Moon rocks supposedly obtained from the Moon by astronauts are available on Earth in the form of lunar meteorites. They are abundant and easily found in Antarctica. In the summer of 1967, two years before the Apollo 11 mission, a team of Apollo scientists went to Antarctica. NASA has never given a detailed explanation for this expedition.1

Astronaut (Astroactor) behaviour on the ‘Moon’

The humans filmed on the ‘Moon’ never did anything to show that they were in a reduced gravity environment, e.g. they never jumped high, never threw anything over an impressive distance, never did the kind of acrobatics that could have been easily done if they were really on the Moon. All of what the ‘astronauts’ were shown doing on the ‘Moon’ could have been faked by simply changing the tape recording playback speed after being filmed in a studio on Earth. On that point, humans would not move in slow motion in the reduced gravity Moon environment — they would move more quickly than they do on Earth.1

Images taken by humans on the ‘Moon’

These still and moving images have been extensively analyzed in various ways. Conclusion of these studies: the images allegedly taken by humans on the Moon were actually taken in a studio, i.e. they were faked.1

Lack of independent images

Despite numerous claims that various satellites, unmanned space probes or space telescopes would capture images to definitively prove that man walked on the Moon, no conclusive images have been produced.1

For more information on the Apollo moon landing hoax see the publications listed in the references under Moon landing hoax.1

Fish swim, birds fly, psychopaths lie. Predators prey. Unsuspecting prey invite predation. Fit and alert individuals are not easy prey. We have mentally fit and alert people on our side. They are informing us about the psychopaths’ attempted deceptions, including possible NASA fakery in relation to vehicles that are supposedly on Mars but may really be on Devon Island, Canada. In the references are links concerning the possible Mars rover hoax.2

Micropenis and pollution

In his book Hormonageddon (2021)5 Sacha Dobler presents alarming scientific evidence of human reproductive problems due to pollution:

  1. Testosterone levels in men declined about 1% per year for over 50 years and more recently up to 2 % per year. 
  2. Measured by testosterone, an average man is now half the man his grandfather was and three quarters the man his father was.
  3. Women lack estrogen and are not the women their mothers were.
  4. Reproductive problems include infertility, miscarriages, cancer of the reproductive organs and genital malformation, including micropenis.
  5. At the current rate, humanity will be borderline infertile with a median sperm count of zero by 2045.
  6. After 2045 (24 years from now) humans would slowly go extinct.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals and wireless technology

These biological changes are associated with environmental pollution:

  • Chemicals — endocrine disrupting chemicals have multi-generational effects.
  • Wireless technology — electromagnetic fields are endocrine disrupting.5

The progressive decrease in sperm counts over multiple generations caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals is known as a “male fertility death spiral.”5 As there are hundreds of endocrine disrupting chemicals in food, drinking water and household goods, we cannot differentiate between the effects of these substances.5

An abundance of recent studies show that mobile phones and Wi-Fi radiation have endocrine disrupting effects, particularly on male testosterone.5 For scientific references to the biologically harmful effects of wireless communication technology more generally, see the post Dying for faster downloads.

Sample list of mass deceptions / murders

It is said that the out-group behind these antisocial acts does not have a history; they have a criminal record. Their mass deceptions include:

  1. Christ Con — God (true) + “Jesus” (lie).
  2. Cosmic Con — our partial lack of control over our destiny (true) is presented as a total lack of control (lie).
  3. Central Banking Con — human exploitation via debt and usury.
  4. Crying Killer Con — the notorious persecutors who feign victimhood.
  5. Choice Con — illusion of democracy.
  6. Cosmonaut Con — Apollo moon landing hoax.
  7. Clash of Civilizations Con — ruse for jew wars.
  8. Communication Con — supposed need for biologically harmful wireless technology, especially 5G.
  9. Climate Con — ecological catastrophe (true) + “Anthropogenic Global Warming” (lie).
  10. Corona Con — a virus that’s no more dangerous than seasonal flu (true) + “pandemic” (lie).

A full list of their mass deceptions would include specific mention of wars engineered by the evil cabal for strategic and financial benefit by the war-mongering victors – America and her European partner-puppets. For more information on the mass deception / murder covered on this site see the posts under Psychopathy. For insight into the psychopathic mind behind these antisocial acts, see the post Psychopaths. For comprehensive coverage of the mass deceptions / murders, I recommend the sites listed in the post Threat Awareness.

Motives for the mass deception / murder

Consistent with the post on psychopaths, these criminals are motivated by pathological desires for power and control. They are also driven by hatred. For example, in relation to the above-mentioned antisocial behaviour we can see how they gain:

  • Power — theft of (a) money (e.g. via taxation) by the frauds of war, fake space programmes, climate, corona, etc and (b) natural resources (via war) from other nations.
  • Control — manipulation of the masses via the mainstream media and politicians that they control to support their antisocial agenda. This is done by frightening naive people about fake threats, e.g. countries that are ‘preparing to attack us’, ‘global warming’, ‘pandemics’. Where there is scaremongering there is an agenda and we can be certain that it does not serve our best interests.
  • Satisfaction of their hatred — destruction of people and life more generally. For context we can consider (a) the written record of their hatred for us in their ‘holy books’ and their religious leaders’ speeches / writing; and (b) what they have done to those who opposed them across their history. For recent examples, consider the fate of individuals who opposed their ‘war on terror’ (based on lies and fake threats after the 9/11 false flag attack) and the suspicious deaths, attempted / actual assassinations of scientists / politicians who resisted the ‘pandemic’ + ‘vaccination’ control / cull operation. These topics are covered on sites listed in the post Threat Awareness. As is indicated in the post Psychopaths, these individuals are utterly ruthless in the pursuit of their objectives.

Meaning of the negative events

Possible ways of thinking about these events are presented below.

Predator and prey

Effective predation involves stealth and in advanced forms it is systematic — a group of interrelated elements (e.g. lions) form a complex whole, as the People of the Book (see the post Killer religions) do in their preying on other humans. The cabal’s exploitive system of power and control is represented above. For a more detailed and up to date illustration of their power structure, see the diagram The Global Public Private Partnership in Pseudopandemic: New Normal Technocracy, a book by Iain Davis. Alternatively, the diagram can be seen in this video on RichPlanet TV featuring Iain Davis. The diagram is visible as of 8:44 minutes.

The necessity and benefit of suffering

Consistent with Odinism (e.g. Odin sacrificed his eye in order to gain wisdom), stress / suffering is a necessary part of the evolutionary process. For a discussion of this subject see the post Meaning of Suffering.

Cause and effect

This principle is also known as örlög, wyrd, karma, Divine law, God’s immune system. For proof of this principle observe what happens when you maltreat God’s creations, e.g. your body, your friends, the natural environment (including plants and non-human animals). As we’ve shown contempt for God’s creations (we’ve destroyed plants and non-human animals to the extent of ecological catastrophe) we are feeling the force of God’s immune system.

If the process of destroying / rejuvenating our world known as Ragnarok has started, God’s immune system will continue neutralizing ‘pathogenic’ humans beyond the vax kill-shot, economic collapse, global warfare, famine and disease. There would also be an apocalyptic battle involving the giants of frost and fire (presumably the inevitable / imminent next glacial period and associated volcanic eruptions) vs the gods. Whether this devastation starts in 10, 100 or 1,000 years from now, due to the margin of error in dating such events, a future geologist (perhaps from a new form of advanced intelligence on Earth) might not know from fossil records whether in the year 2021 humans were already extinct or not. In other words, on a geological time-scale humans could now be in the death zone, walking dead, as good as gone.

As the ancient Greek tragedian Euripides (480-406 BC) said, “things do not look the same when viewed from far or near.” We can view this subject from far to near on a time-scale since the formation of Earth, the appearance and development of human life, and we can do this in the context of climate data.

Earth’s Timeline

Further to the above discussion, there are reasons to suspect that humans’ brief appearance on Earth’s timeline is almost over.

Human history until the founding of Rome

Of particular significance in the above diagram is the end of the Paleolithic (aka the Old Stone Age) about 11,650 years ago. This is when the last glacial retreat started, global temperatures rose and the current geological epoch (the Holocene) started. That fundamental and life-changing climatic shift is shown in the following chart, Ice Age Temperature Changes.

Ice Age Temperature Changes

The increasingly warmer climate allowed humans to transition from small bands that gathered plants, fished and hunted (Old Stone Age) to a broader hunter-gatherer way of life that included pottery, textiles and agriculture (Mesolithic) to a culture that involved domestication of plants for agriculture, settlement and increasingly large populations (Neolithic).6 In due course humans started to use bronze (Bronze Age), then iron (Iron Age) and Rome was founded in 753 BC according to mythology (archaeological evidence shows that Rome has actually been occupied for much longer7). In addition to the association of human advancement with warmer climate across the Holocene in general, we can see the rise (with higher temperatures) and fall (with lower temperatures) of civilizations within the Holocene. This is illustrated in the following chart, Civilizations as of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

Civilizations as of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

Note: The vertical axis in the above chart shows temperature. In ice cores the ratio of 18 O to 16 O (known as δ18 O) can be used to determine the temperature of precipitation through time.8

Climate and resource availability are major factors in the rise / fall of civilizations.9 For further evidence of the positive association of nations’ rise / fall with climate, consider the start / end dates of empires as listed on Wikipedia10 in relation to this chart.

In view of humans’ advance / retreat with the rise / fall of global temperatures, it’s notable that since peaking about 8,000 years ago, temperatures in the Holocene have trended downward. This is shown in the following chart, Holocene Temperature Variations.

Holocene Temperature Variations

Warm temperatures of the Holocene period spawned agricultural and industrial advances over the past 10,000 years, making modern civilization possible. In contrast to mainstream media lies about global warming (see the post Climate change: Fake science serves evil agenda for a discussion of that fraud), as the above chart indicates, the real climate threat is global cooling. For more information about the global cooling already underway, see the scientifically informed website Electroverse. We are approaching the inevitable next glacial period. When that starts in earnest, any survivors will be living in conditions closer to those of the Stone Age than our modern age.

At least survivors of global cooling would be free of the chemical and wireless technology pollution of our modern age. Their testosterone and estrogen levels would recover, they would breed normally, and we could have good human stock ready to take civilization to even greater heights when the next warm epoch begins many thousands of years from now.

Summary and Conclusion

The above-mentioned events of mass deception, murder and reproductive failure can be understood in terms of predator and prey, and suffering as a necessary part of evolution. Within smaller contexts and time-frames we can also see evidence of cause and effect as it applies to humans. However humans are subject to cosmic processes that are beyond their control and comprehension. Within larger contexts and time-frames (e.g. glacial / inter-glacial periods, geological ages, solar system) the significance of human behaviour vanishes.

Although our level of Nature / God-conscious living influences our fortunes to a certain extent, everything in our universe has a lifespan, including stars, species and civilizations. We can reasonably assume that if our civilization had not decayed via judaism / Christianity, it would have succumbed to another similarly destructive form of mind rot. When a system (e.g. tree, human, civilization) reaches the end of its life, the universe will have ways to weaken / remove it from the manifest realm of evolution.

It’s not over til it’s over

Nonetheless, as Paul Cooper shows in Fall of Civilizations, the rise / fall of civilizations can involve surprising twists and turns — ‘doomed’ societies can survive in a different (e.g. diminished) form for much longer than seemed likely. Perhaps there will be enough time left in this inter-glacial period for us to flourish again. Regardless, a massive increase in our Nature / God-consciousness would be required to positively influence our future to the extent that we can. This is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity, Consumerism and Multi-racialism.

Are your parasites amusing?

From The Free Dictionary:

Predator. An organism that lives by preying on other organisms; A person or group that robs, victimizes, or exploits others for gain.

Parasite. An organism that lives and feeds on or in an organism of a different species and causes harm to its host; One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return; In ancient Greece: A professional dinner guest, one who eats at someone else’s table and in exchange amuses the host.

Evidently the cabal is both predator and parasite. But are they amusing? Is their mainstream media output (film, television, radio, music, writing) adequate compensation for their impoverishment and murder of us? Do these parasites serve a useful ecological purpose? Is their insatiable greed and destructiveness entirely evil? Are they pretenders who’ve got away with the longest-running hoax in history? For possible answers see The Great Jewish Mask, a video on History Reviewed. The discussion is framed in terms of this fable of Aesop: The Ass in the Lion’s Skin.

The Ass in the Lion’s Skin


1. Moon landing hoax


2. Mars rover hoax?


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