Holocene extinction

Physicist Peter Russell explains1 with the compelling logic of physics that our species is whirling toward the plughole of extinction. Similarly, scientific data of the Holocene extinction (caused mainly by human activity) show that this ecological collapse is accelerating,2 a key driver of the destructive human activity is increased human population and per capita consumption,2 and the outlook for life, including human life, is dismal.3

Examples of this human-caused catastrophe

Big cats

Big cat populations have severely declined and are facing extinction. In 2011 the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)4 estimated that over the past 50 years:

  • Lions are down from 450,000 to 25,000
  • Leopards are down from 750,000 to 50,000
  • Cheetahs are down from 45,000 to 12,000
  • Tigers are down from 50,000 to 3,000

The collapse is likely much worse by now. A December 2016 study5 found that there are only 7,100 cheetahs remaining in the wild, i.e. 41% less than the IUCN estimate. Further, these cheetahs are crammed within only 9% of their historic range.

Other large mammals

Other large mammals predicted to become extinct in the near future include:

  • Rhinoceros6
  • Nonhuman primates7
  • Giraffes8
  • African elephants9

Smaller mammals and amphibians

Species predicted to become extinct in the near future include:

  • Pangolins10
  • Platypus11
  • Bats — in the US bat population drops due to a fungal infection have been as great as 90% within five years, and extinction of at least one bat species is predicted.12
  • Amphibians — this is now the most endangered vertebrate group.13


Pollinators (necessary for 75% of food crops) are declining globally in both abundance and diversity.14 For example, in protected areas over 27 years there was a decline of more than 75% in total flying insect biomass in Germany.15 As one of the researchers observed, humans are approaching ecological Armageddon due to them making large parts of the planet uninhabitable for wildlife, and if we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.

In England the total abundance of widespread butterfly species declined by 58% on farmed land between 2000 and 2009.16

Bees. There has been a drastic rise in reports of disappearances of honey bee colonies in North America,17 in most European countries,18,19,20 and globally.21 Proposed reasons for this colony collapse include infections, various pathogens, and loss of habitat.22

The most significant drivers in the decline of insect populations are associated with intensive farming practices.23


“Since 1970, bird populations in the United States and Canada have declined by 29 percent, or almost 3 billion birds, signalling a widespread ecological crisis [due to] human activities. . . . These data are consistent with what we’re seeing elsewhere with other taxa showing massive declines, including insects and amphibians.”24

In Ireland 40% of the country’s waterbirds, or half a million, were lost in the prior 20 years due to loss of habitat. One of every five Irish bird species is threatened with extinction. Lapwing numbers are down 67% in 20 years and there has been an almost complete extermination of farmland birds, e.g. the Corncrake. The Curlew is on the verge of extinction in Ireland.25 


Within the UK, 41% of the species of animal, plant and fungus whose numbers we can estimate are declining moderately or strongly. For most taxonomic groups the level of decline in the most recent decade is as steep or steeper than the longer term trend. Agricultural change has had the most significant, and largely negative, impact on plants and other wildlife over the past five decades.26

There has been a “shocking” rate of plant extinctions in South Africa. The main drivers for extinctions in South Africa were found to be agriculture (49.4%), urbanization (38%) and invasive species (22%).27

Marine organisms. Fishing has had a devastating effect on marine organism populations, especially since the destructive and highly effective fishing practices like trawling.28

Reasons for this ecological collapse

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) 2016 Living Planet Report,29 global wildlife populations have declined primarily due to habitat destruction, over-hunting (see also 30,31,32) and pollution. In their 2018 report,33 the WWF found that over-consumption of resources by the global population has destroyed 60% of animal populations since 1970, and this continued destruction of wildlife is an emergency which threatens the survival of human civilization. As was noted above, the IPBES report2 records that a key driver of this destructive human activity is increased human population and per capita consumption.

Wireless radiation and 5G. As if humans have not been destructive enough, we now inflict toxic wireless radiation on surviving creatures and ourselves. For more information about the biological harm of wireless radiation (wireless Internet, cell phones, ‘smart’ devices, smart meters, Internet of Things) — especially 5G — see research publications such as those listed in the references.34

A sad ending

“For the first time since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, we face a global mass extinction of wildlife. . . . they are the barometer that reveals our impact on the world that sustains us” (Mike Barrett, director of science and policy at WWF’s UK branch, 2017).35

“When people make mistakes, they tend to expect they can reverse things; fix things. But very often we cannot.”36 As Peter Russell said,1 when the reality of our demise hits home, we will see widespread and profound grief at what has befallen us. Humans are part of an interconnected web of life on Earth — we cannot live without the animals and plants we are destroying. We will follow them into oblivion. However even at this late stage in our disastrous abuse of nature, we can show respect for our remaining ecosystems and exit with grace.

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25 thoughts on “Holocene extinction

  1. One of the major factors in the present ”extinction event” that is always overlooked, is that the planet is on the verge of entering a new Glacial Age, that will last some 90,000 years, caused by the Malenkovitch Cycle. (No to be confused with an Ice Age, that the planet has been experiencing for the past 40 or so Million years.)

    The paradox of an approaching glacial period is that it first gets warmer.

    Following the retreat of the glaciers at the end of a glacial period, the vast amounts of ground up rock dust left behind, provides excellent fertiliser for plant growth, especially trees. Trees are often called the ”Lungs of the Earth” but what is also overlooked is that they are also the ”Air conditioners” of the Earth. One mature tree can transpire 150,000 litres of water per year, and that transpiration causes cooling. Multiply that by several trillions of trees, and you have a significant climate cooling.

    However, over the interglacial period of 10,000 years, the nutrients left by the glacial retreat, are gradually washed down through the soil, by rain, leaving to weakening of trees by starvation. Added to this is the dearth of CO2, caused by the ice age, which is also leaving trees, and other plant life struggling. This causes the trees to be dryer, and cool less, but also more susceptible to disease, and forest fires.

    When trees are removed, the result is hot desert. The present rate of forest destruction, both human and natural, is unprecedented, and the world wide burning of tropical rain-forest is clearly visible from space.

    So, the indicators of the end of an interglacial period, and return to glacial are, widespread forest fires, combed with increased volcanic and earthquake activity, cause by shifts in tectonic plate loading from the reduction in ice cover. Others are, increased occurrence of extreme weather events, like unusual record heavy snow falls, combined with record hot summer periods. Other effects are slow, or non regeneration after habitat destruction. All those are currently occurring.

    Deep sea and lake bed core drillings, covering the last million years, or ten Malenkovitch cycles, have shown that the change from interglacial to glacial has occurred in as little as 20-50 years in the past.

    What will happen, eventually, is that the heavier snowfalls will take longer to melt, and the permanent snow boundaries will start to advance. As snow reflects sunlight, this causes climate cooling, which in turn causes the snow to take longer to melt. This is a positive feedback process, and will lead to an exponential cooling of climate.

    This cooling will cause crops in the temperate regions, like the Prairies, and Steppes, to fail, as happened recently in Montana, by a combined effect of being too cold for germination, so late growth, and then by early cooling preventing successful harvest.

    As has been commented in this article, wild life losses are a symptom of a sick planet, and a sick planet will not support the human population of 7+ billion for long.

    70% of the planets surface is water. Of the remaining 30%, about 75% of that is now desert. Leaving only about 7.5% of the planets land surface for habitation, which is currently being destroyed by a combination of natural and human activity.

    This does not bode well for life on this planet.

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  2. Another sign of habitat decline, is ”Dead Agriculture”!
    As a small boy, I watched farming in the UK still using horses, and when ploughing was in progress, there was always a cloud of birds following the plough, to feed on the underground wild life turned up by the plough.

    Now, the fields are deserted!

    Persistent cropping, while feeding the ground with synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides has killed all life in the ground. Also fungal growth which is essential for healthy plant growth is destroyed by deep ploughing, and never leaving the field fallow to allow regeneration of the soils structure.

    A thousand years ago, the Anglo-Saxon three field system of farming allowed the field one year, while animals grazed, to regenerate. Greedy farmers have abandoned the practice.

    The crops may look great, but they are deficient in nutrients, to the detriment of the humans relying on them for food.

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    1. Nik thanks for your highly informative comments!

      Climate cooling. In broad terms I was aware that we seem close to entering another glacial period and your detailed explanation of the process is very helpful. Also, your mention of a possibly quick transition (20-50 years) is consistent with what I read on sites such as Abrupt Earth Changes. https://abruptearthchanges.com/

      Dead Agriculture. Yes, as a bird watcher I and others noticed the collapse of local bird populations and also the disappearance of creatures such as insects, hedgehogs, bats and fish. The collapse is so fast that a regular countryside walker / bird watcher can actually see the catastrophe unfolding.

      Nik I agree that we are facing an inevitable human population collapse.


      1. There are several signs of anticipation of this event, in the USA.
        First the militarisation of their police forces, strictly banned by ”The Constitution,” even to supplying one force with tanks!
        However the population outcry was sufficient for them to be hastily returned to the army.

        Another is the persistent ”lone nut” mass killing events, designed to pave the way, emotionally, for Gun Control laws. Again, specifically against, ”The Constitution” [”…the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.”]

        A military force of a few million or so, cannot control a population of 400+ million armed civilians. They even had a ‘practice disarmament event’ during hurricane Katrina, when the army forcibly confiscated all guns (owned legally) by everyone, in and around Louisiana. It was easy to accomplish, because legally owned guns were all registered, so they could target the owners without difficulty.

        In addition, there was a video on youtube, that showed a field full of coffins, tens of thousands of them, piled metres high. Not individual coffins, but coffins designed to hold multiple corpses. Also ”concentration camp” type enclosures have been constructed all over the USA, but to keep people OUT, not in!

        I’ve had my description of future climate events derided by a few ignoramuses, but I’ve spent the last 8-10 years collecting information about it, ever since ‘Mr Obarmy’ said, ”It should be illegal to deny ”global warming.” My mental alarm bells immediately clanged, ‘Thats not science, thats religious heresy laws, that’s rubbish!’

        {You and I will probably have to agree to differ on the subject of religion, as I dumped the ”God Myth” when I was 13 years old. Paradoxically, I was in church, listening to a sermon, during my Boy Scouts Easter Parade, when the thought came, ‘this is the biggest load of Cobblers I’ve ever had to listen to!’}

        Maybe I’ll tell you the connections I’ve made about our universe sometime. You’ll probably think they’re mad, but it seems a logical possibility to me.

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      2. Nik thanks for sharing your observations.

        Government preparations. Yes, there are clear signs of covert government preparations for overt action against civilians as you mentioned, including the false flag shootings to try justify anti-gun legislation.

        Climate change. Your in-depth study of this subject is well evident. In daily life I too have to endure wilfully ignorant people across a range of subjects, including the anti-social conduct noted in the latest post, “Killer religions.”

        Religion vs spirituality. “… the subject of religion, as I dumped the ”God Myth” … church … the biggest load of Cobblers …”

        Nik I wonder if you are conflating religion with consciousness (aka quantum vacuum, spirit, Oneness, God, etc)? Religion and consciousness are treated as separate subjects by physicists, psychologists and others who study consciousness.

        To clarify, I’m not Christian / religious.

        Hopefully my five articles under the “Psychospiritual” heading are helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about this subject.

        Connections about our universe. Thanks Nik, I would like to know your views.

        Perhaps you are familiar with the work of scientists concerned with the primacy and continuity of consciousness (links in the God and Heaven post)? I was extremely impressed when I first learned about the double slit experiment, quantum entanglement and Pim van Lommel’s 2001 study published in The Lancet.

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      3. OK!

        1. Buddhists believe that the ‘spirit;’ for want of a better word, enters a body, and lives a life, with the object of seeking nirvana, which I translate as peace tranquillity and wisdom, and after death, the spirit reincarnates, and enters another body, for another life, and continues this ‘merry-go-round’ until nirvana is reached/achieved.
        2. Astro-physicists ask the question, ‘Is our universe a Hologram,’ as some of the equations that describe our universe are identical to those that describe holograms. Also that they consider that any society sufficiently advanced could, and would create virtual reality universes.
        3. Some years ago, astro-physicists were complaining that when they used a new piece of advanced equipment, their first readings were ‘fuzzy’ but when they returned and scanned the same area of space a second time, they got clear readings, but with no changes to the equipment. Almost as if that part of the universe had only been roughed out, and was then quickly completed.
        4. In my late teens, I had the thought, ”Everything you experience is sent to you for you to learn from.”
        Which is strange, because, if it was my thought, surely it would be, ”Everything I experience… etc.” So it was like I was being instructed! (I was already an atheist by this time. So the idea that GOD was speaking to me didnt occur to me, and still does not.)
        5. There have been many strange coincidences in my life, where I’ve half joked, ”That was my ‘guardian angel’ looking after me.” ie motorcycle accidents where associates had been killed, but I escaped from similar accidents.
        6. Many times, I’ve needed a particular item for a project in progress, and lo’ my local supermarket conveniently has it on promotion.
        7. I have often dreamed of future events that I experienced, which must mean that they are pre-planned.
        8. I have also had repetitive dreams. eg. I dreamed that an astronaut prospector had landed on a planet, and was being attacked by flying bugs, that were made of Diamond. My question was, ‘Why were the bugs made of diamond?’ After several days, the conclusion was, ”Ah, because the planet itself was made of diamond.” Two days later, a news announcement was that astronomers had found a planet that they thought was made entirely of diamond!’ I was so shocked, I rang a mate to tell him.
        (there are others, but that’s enough for now.)
        9. All the craziness in the world, wars, killing etc.
        10. The last episode of the TV series, ”Red Dwarf.” when after supposed centuries of adventures throughout space, the main characters all hop out of virtual reality machines!
        11.In 40 years, virtual reality has advanced amazingly. Imagine what might be possible in 400 years, or even 4000 years!

        My connection:- We are all in a virtual reality universe. We are put in, as therapy, over and over, to cure our problems, by learning by experience. A lifetime in this VR universe may only be an hour or so in our ‘real’ lives.

        In other words we are in a virtual reality lunatic asylum!

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      4. Nik thanks for sharing your interesting learnings about the nature of reality.

        1. Buddhism. Yes, I understand that the Buddhist (but not the Hindu) concept of reincarnation most closely fits modern scientific views on this subject.
        2. Presumably you read the work of the late Michael Talbot and others on this subject and know that our universe does indeed seem holographic.
        3. I too have read about the ‘graininess’ of our universe when examined closely, i.e. suggesting it is holographic.
        4. As you might know, psychiatrist Carl Jung felt that at a deep level of consciousness the course of his life was laid out. I too feel a high degree of predetermination in my life events. A contemporary understanding of this subject is that consciousness (God etc) is learning / evolving though its expressions in this world. I can understand why some people might say God “speaks” to them, but I would say I *feel* God’s guidance.
        5. Yes, synchronicity / meaningful coincidence is consistent with what we know about consciousness — quantum entanglement, all events generated by the quantum vacuum / God, etc.
        6. Yes, further to the above, evidence suggests a divine influence in all life events.
        7. Yes, there is plenty of evidence for non-local consciousness, including prophetic dreams. I have been particularly impressed with the research of Dean Radin in this field.
        8. Yes, due to non-local consciousness we can know of future events, events occurring elsewhere in the world, and events in the past.
        9. I find ignorance and its destructive manifestations extremely troubling. I have to remind myself that suffering is part of the cosmic evolutionary process.
        10. I haven’t watched TV for 20 years and therefore never knew about this. However I associate “virtual reality machines” with the discredited Ray Kurzweil-type futurism.
        11. Nik my understanding is that white civilization is in terminal decline. Due to the exponential rate of this mass extinction, there are ecologists and a physicist (Peter Russell) who reason that humans will most likely be gone by the end of this century. This makes sense when one looks at how long it would take for ecosystems to recover.

        Yes, this worldly experience of virtual reality / primacy of consciousness (all in the mind) seems crazy at times. It is in contrast to the wisdom, beauty and love reported by people who’ve been resuscitated back from a realm beyond space and time.

        Nik as you likely know, everyone’s experience of a loss (e.g. a loved one, our required ecosystems, our anticipated future) is unique. Therefore we will see a wide range of thoughts, feelings and behaviour in response to our shared loss in this accelerating mass extinction. Also, responses will change over time as the reality of our demise sinks in. Ultimately (as noted in the post Meaning of Suffering) we will be inclined to make meaning of this loss at a spiritual level.


      5. Back in my youth, late teens-20’s I read a book by a chap who called himself ‘Lobsang Rampa’ and claimed to be a reincarnated Buddhist monk. The Buddhists claim to have no knowledge of him, but are pleased with his writings because of the interest in Buddhism that he generated.

        I found it fascinating, because many of the things he described, coincided with my own experiences.

        eg, telepathy, I’ve had several clear cases where people have responded to my thoughts, by answering a question that I’d only thought, but not spoken. One was a cop, who was 50 yards away when I’d had a small bump with another car when reversing, I thought, ‘Oh shit, I dont need you here, why dont you just fuck off and mind your own business.’
        His first words to me were, ”You told me to fuck off and mind my own business!”
        After he’d gone, I thought, ‘Oops! I’ll have to be more careful what I think.’

        Recently, I couldnt decide if a woman waiting in the queue next to me was French or English, so my reflex was to listen to her thoughts. She was thinking in English, so I spoke to her, in English. After our conversation, she asked, ”How did you KNOW I was English?” I just said , ”Oh I’m psychic.” She didnt believe me.

        I also tried another thought experiment on my son. I imagined pinching the side of his neck from 2 metres behind him, as I ”pinched” he flinched at that precise moment!

        I also tried astral travel, by trying to travel into the future, to a planed visit to Morocco, for a mates wedding reception. Two weeks later while at the event, I had numerous, deja vous events the whole weekend, culminating in a conversation that lasted several minutes, where I knew what was going to be said right through it.

        Other things, premonition, I used to use when travelling across France and Spain, on old non motorway roads, to decide if it was safe to overtake on blind bends. It never failed me.

        On an internet test, ”Are you psychic” I had to pick one of four items that would be the answer. The first couple of tries I scored 5-6 out of 20. Then I thought, ‘I can do better than that’, and instead of trying to guess, I just hit the first one that caught my attention, as fast as I could, with no time to think. I then scored 16-17 out of 20.

        Another event, at a village fete, A chap harangued me to have three balls for a shilling on the coconut shy. At that instant I knew; so I said, ”Oh, I wouldn’t want to steal your coconuts.” but he insisted. So, three balls, three hits, one smashed, one tipped over and one knocked down! His face was a picture of shock!

        There have been several other events of similar type. They seem to fall into two main groups, almost instant, a split second, to just a few seconds before the event, and then maybe a couple of weeks before.

        The creepy feeling between my shoulder blades when someone is watching me with malevolence.

        Usually, I can identify the source, but once, when I was on solo duty at a wireless station on top of The Rock, (Gib) I got that feeling, very strong! There was no one visible, a blank rock face behind me, and the town 1200 feet below me. It took ALL my self control, to walk back into the building, and not run.
        Eerie! I dont believe in ghosts, but thats the closest I’ve got.

        I’ve not read any of the writings by the three men you mention. All my conclusions are from my own deliberations, and making connections.

        I’m a great believer in letting the subconscious work out my problems for me, the thinking mind often screws things up. Its good for collecting data, but not often for sorting it out, and making sense of it.

        I’ve had some of my best engineering solutions when I relaxed, and stopped thinking. Or slept on it, and had the solution when I woke.
        (I’m qualified to degree level in mechanical engineering, but studied to Masters level. I skipped the exam, because I was bored, and had more urgent matters to attend to, than collecting certificates. Also the pay as an engineer was abysmal. Graduate engineer, 5-10 years experience, £10-£15 k. Carpenter on a construction site with no responsibilities, £30 k!) I eventually started my own building business, on the enterprise allowance scheme, which suited me perfectly. No ‘BOSS’y bastards, who thought they knew better than me but weren’t qualified, and my time was my own to arrange as and when I chose. Peace and tranquillity, well, almost!

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      6. Nik thanks for sharing your impressive personal experiences of non-local consciousness (including precognition, telepathy, psychokinesis). Your account is very interesting and consistent with a large body of scientific evidence on this subject. As you might know, some of this research has identified personal characteristics associated with high vs low non-local awareness.

        Near the top of the God and Heaven post, https://evolutionofconsciousness.health.blog/2020/01/27/god-and-heaven/ under Quantum Entanglement and References, is this link to Selected Psi Research Publications. http://www.deanradin.com/evidence/evidence.htm
        Perhaps you would be interested in the research on psi experiences such as yours.

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      7. Thanks for your comments and links, I’ll have a look at them.
        I read an article which said something along the lines of; Around the turn of the century several brilliant physicists got together to try and work out how amongst other things, telepathy was possible. (Not IF) One was Niels Bohr. What came out of their discussions was quantum mechanics.
        To me, there is no problem with the principle of telepathy. Again, in my teens, I was reading a lot of Sci-Fi, and in the introduction to one book the writer posed the question, ‘Is telepathy possible.’ I thought, ”Thats weird, I thought it was normal!”
        The facts are simple, the brain is an electro-magnetic organism, and its electric functions are easily monitored. In addition, the brain can be influenced by external electric fields, so there is no reason why one brain cannot detect the electro-magnetic functions of another, if they are on the same ”wavelength.”
        Also an electrical engineering professor, has proposed that the Planets electro-magnetic field can act as a giant memory bank. (Early computers used magnetic coils as memory units.) This he says explains a lot of strange phenomena, as the human brain can access the past memory events of other people from this field. It’s also thought that geomagnetic effects can influence the brain, and may be why people see ‘ghosts’ and other phenomena.
        (Another of my experiences was, waking up and deciding that the model for the Mona Liza, by da Vinci was obviously his ‘loveboy’ but feminised, to keep it secret. (Which is why he carried it everywhere with him, and would not sell it.) I had no idea why I should think of that, from nowhere.
        The next day, a news item announced that a group of art experts had a conference, and had decided just that!)
        One of the problems I find, is that most if not all the people researching telepathy, and similar, have no personal experience of it whatsoever, so how they expect to set up meaningful test situations is beyond me. Also, the subjects they use to test with are in the same situation, so the whole setup is bizarre.
        The first item I looked at in the link you gave; ”Does psi exist? Most academic academic psychologists dont think so!.”
        That is the problem.
        My response to this is that trying to describe telepathy to a non telepath, is like trying to describe colours to a congenital blind person.
        The tests they use, ie, daft shapes, are a perfect way to fail.
        Very few people, if any, think in silly shapes, they think in words. My experiences have nearly all been in with dialogue. I have a very good ‘photo memory’ so sometimes I receive peoples thoughts as pictures. Most people have poor ‘photo memory’ so using a test that requires its is pretty well guaranteed to fail. It’s the, ”blind leading the blind.”
        The few articles I’ve tried to read consist of vast amounts of ‘very learned jargon,’ lots of statistical numbers, but nothing of meaningful substance, from my point of view. I detest jargon, and do my utmost to avoid it, and use straight forward English that anyone can understand.
        Some of the most meaningful statements ever made were in the simplest language possible. eg. Churchill’s, ”Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”
        It seems to me that many of the researchers are just producing vast amounts of meaningless ‘guff’ in order to justify their funding.
        I’ve watched a couple of Rupert Sheldrake’s presentations, and he speaks a lot of sense, so I’ll watch one from the list in your link, but later as it’s 1 am here and I’m off to bed.
        Thanks again,

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    1. Nik you are very welcome. I highly value your accounts of personal psi experiences. This can help increase other people’s awareness of their own non-local consciousness.

      Mechanism of non-local perception / ESP. Nik the old electro-magnetic hypothesis has been ruled out. I think you will be interested in what the videos / articles (linked in the God and Heaven post) reveal about this.

      Researchers. Due to an inverse relationship between strengths in divergent thinking (creativity, associated with higher non-local awareness) and convergent thinking (strong quantitative abilities, e.g. in mathematics and scientific research), the most capable psi research subjects, and the most capable psi researchers, are unlikely to be the same people.

      Early psi research suffered from poor methodology but the scientific credibility of psi research is beyond reproach since researchers of Dean Radin’s calibre applied their convergent thinking skills to this field. Rupert Sheldrake is another strong researcher; I’m thinking of his clever ESP investigation using telephones.

      Communication about psi (non-local consciousness, spirit, God etc) with divergent thinkers vs convergent thinkers.

      Divergent thinkers. I have never known a talented artist, musician, dancer etc who did not know that their inspiration came from somewhere beyond themselves, although naturally the terms they used to discuss the source varied.

      Incidentally, I recently compared personal characteristics of people most respected for their expressed values of truth and love for their people (e.g. Adolf Hitler, Ernst Zundel, Carolyn Yeager, Monika Schaefer, Alison Chabloz) to discredited public figures in the same political space (I would rather not mention the names of these slimy creatures). The most striking difference between the two groups: Those who genuinely value truth, spiritual beauty and love for others tend to evidence high creativity (e.g. in fine art, music, writing) and altruism (vs self-serving motives). In contrast, *none* of the discredited individuals evidenced significant creativity and they *all* evidenced strong self-serving motives (money and power). That distinction between those ‘good’ vs ‘evil’ people is consistent with the divine nature of creativity.

      Convergent thinkers. Naturally we will communicate most effectively with these people if we do so according to their preferred (rational, scientific) cognitive style. Therefore I refer interested people from this group to relevant scientific publications such as the articles and videos linked in the God and Heaven post. My first reference would usually be to the publications of — now world famous — Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel.

      Nik I look forward to any comments you might have about those linked videos / articles.

      Best wishes,

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      1. am,

        ”….the old electro-magnetic hypothesis has been ruled out.”

        Made me smile, probably by people who have no experience of telepathy, and no real idea of how it works.
        What comes to mind immediately, is that plate tectonics, was ‘ruled out’ by the then self declared experts, it’s now taught as standard. The Malenkovitch cycle received the same treatment, until it became inescapably obvious, that it was responsible for the 100,000 year glacial cycle.
        As for ‘peer reviewed papers,’ I view them with considerable scepticism, as to my mind, they are just a group of people patting each other on the back, when one of them produces a paper that corresponds to one of theirs. I imagine there were loads of ‘peer reviewed papers’ on the above two subjects, all agreeing that they were rubbish.

        My guess is, that it may not be the entire cause/method, but its likely that it is at least part of it, because if there is no detectable electric brain activity, there will be no telepathy.

        A comment reportedly made by Neils Bohr was, ”You cant teach old scientists anything new, you have to wait for them to die, and new young scientists to take their place.”
        I watched a couple of lectures by Sheldrake, poor man, he’s really struggling. He reminds me of a man trying to walk up a down escalator, or just swimming against the tide.
        Another like him was Eric Laithwaite, and his gyro, that got lighter when it was spinning. His lecture was expunged from the records, and he was ostracised until the day he died by the, ‘establishment.’
        As he said, ”…..all I suggested was that it was worth exploring!” BUT he mentioned ‘anti-gravity’ which was absolute heresy! What he actually said, was, ”That it appeared to defy gravity!”

        As for telepathy, in my experience, people think in two ways, at least. One is where they have private thoughts to themselves, the other is when they, what I call, ”think out loud” which is when they are thinking of a conversation with someone. A bit like when people speak their thoughts out loud, when they are having strong thoughts and then verbalise them.
        My experiences have been like that. I thought of what I wanted to say, perhaps more than once, but some event prevented me from verbalising it. However, the person concerned got my thoughts, and in the case of the cop I mentioned earlier, actually thought I’d spoken to him.

        The usual setup, by non telepaths, for testing for telepathy, with people who cant see each other, and given cards with silly shapes on, is just about the best way to guarantee to fail. Its totally ‘non intuitive.’
        People normally talk face to face, or at least are within view, even if the other person isn’t facing them. They also communicate in words, not silly pictures.
        So the best chance of a result would be for the ‘receiver’ to sit with their back to the ‘sender,’ and then ask the sender to think of shouting something to them, but to not verbalise it. Some thing simple, maybe a warning like ‘DUCK!’ or similar.

        It would be best if two people who had already experienced a telepathic communication could be used, at least that would reduce the odds.

        I have made an analogy to radio channels. Most people who have a car have radio, which will probably have 5-6 buttons that can be preset to local stations. However, if that person goes out of the local area, he can punch buttons forever, but will probably get nothing, as local station frequencies are chosen so as not to interfere with neighbouring stations.

        I think people are the same, they tune their thoughts to people they are closest to most frequently, so choosing two people at random, and sticking them in a laboratory, is another recipe for failure.

        Couples who have lived together for some years often report that their partner seems to ‘read their mind.’
        Some of it may just be from body cues, or repetitive operations, like making a hot drink at the same time each day. However recently, my French partner who speaks some English, wanted to tell me of an idea for packing a step ladder into her small car. I got the picture of it, before she spoke it. We’ve been together about 3.5 years, but often have difficulty with conversation as my French is inadequate for it, and her ‘English’ accent is very French. So I suppose my ”mental receptors” are wide open to try and make sense of what she says.

        Well, that my thoughts for the time being.
        Best Regards


      2. Hi Nik, thanks for all your thought-provoking comments!

        To clarify, modern research strongly supports the existence of psi / ESP. Also, these studies are highly sophisticated, e.g. (a) use of a Faraday cage, (b) exclusion of distance between sender and receiver as a factor by comparing results of small vs large (other side of the planet) separation, (c) computerized presentation of tests and (d) physiological measurement of response (no limitations of language).

        According to Dean Radin a focus now is on the development of theory to explain all these findings of non-local consciousness. In the meantime, these results are consistent with primacy of consciousness and quantum entanglement (God, matrix, etc). I expect our understanding of consciousness to develop further in response to these findings of non-local awareness and also the existence of consciousness without matter (e.g. physicist Andrei Linde, cardiologist Pim van Lommel).

        Rapport between sender and receiver. Yes, as you know from your partner-relationship, a connection between the parties is important for non-local communication. In addition to couples, you might know that this connection can be observed between twins and also strangers who meditate together immediately before the ESP experiment.

        I first looked into psi research about 40 years ago and started following modern research as of about 10 years ago. The progress in research quality from then to now is dramatic.

        Best Regards


      1. Hi Zekarla,

        To clarify the purpose of this blog, I want to share potentially helpful info with people in order to help Nature (and thereby people).

        Involvement in any form of political activity is way outside the scope of what I do.

        Best wishes,


  3. One thing about me, I have a very good ‘photographic’ memory.
    Some time ago, I was plastering my kitchen ceiling and was experiencing some difficulty getting a good finish. I stopped, and thought back about 20 years, when I had watched a plasterer working and recalled his movements. I then copied them, and ‘bingo’ everything was smooth from then.
    Another time, I was in a builders supplies yard, and about 100 metres away there was a man with his back to me. I recognised him, just from the way he moved, and the last time I had seen him was 45 years ago, in college, as a teenager! When he passed by, I said, ‘Martin! Martin Looker!” His wife nudged him, and said, ”Martin, someone is speaking to you.” He was wearing a hearing aid, and was in his 60’s, so significantly different in appearance, from our last meeting.
    If I watch a skilled person working, I can do their job.
    I attended welding classes, and the teacher laid a line of weld, and then said, ”Now you try it.”
    I did, and it was close to identical to his.
    He said, ”You’ve done this before.”
    I said, ”No, I’ve just watched you do it!”
    This probably means that I have more ‘brain connections’ than the average person.
    Maybe that’s also part of my telepathic ability.
    As to Faraday Cages, any cage has to be correctly ‘tuned’ for the range of frequencies its meant to block, like the door mesh on a microwave oven is tuned to microwaves, but may be transparent to other frequencies.
    I therefore wonder what frequency(s) telepathy may work on.
    Faraday cages dont stop light, so if telepathy is on a frequency closely above or below light, then a Faraday cage will, obviously, be ineffective.
    All radiation is electromagnetic, by definition, even light, but identifying its frequency, will obviously be the real difficulty.
    I also wonder how anyone who has no personal experience of telepathy can possible design any experiment to investigate it. It would be like a congenital blind person trying to research colours, impossible!


    1. Hi Nik, thanks for your comment.

      Further to your interest in Abrupt Earth Changes https://abruptearthchanges.com/ and your valuable comments there, you might also be interested in these sites (I follow them daily):


      Memory. Yes, in conjunction with understanding, a superior memory can enable superior performance. But plastering is surely one of the most deceptively difficult building trades. After observing tradesmen I am not too bad at laying bricks and carpentry, but plastering (getting the consistency, stick and finish) can be hard to impossible for a novice.

      Movement characteristics. Yes, there are person (in your example) and species (in bird watching) identifiers available to those able to recognize them, e.g. a friend of mine can correctly identify a bird when it is so far away in the sky that most of us, including me, see only a fuzzy speck resembling a bird. He can identity the species by extraordinary perception of the way the speck is moving.

      Faraday cages and telepathy. Nik I can tell that you’ve still not followed those suggested links. 🙂 That’s OK. I think most awake people like yourself know that the “Covid-19” op will be followed by much more serious threats (economic collapse, civil war, WW3) and are finalizing preparations to try survive the enemy’s attack. I say more about this on other people’s sites because apparently this blog host is trigger-happy on certain truths. 🙂


      1. I hang my head, I cannot tell a lie!
        I have been very busy, and have not had the time to read your links, but they are open and minimised to the toolbar ready!

        I have two projects that must be completed by the deadline end of May, and I’m struggling.
        One is construction of new barn doors, which is really a two man job, but, there’s just me!
        The other is a present for my grandsons birthday, with the same deadline.😊

        It’s a bit of a struggle, as I have a couple of health handicaps that slow me down significantly.
        One is a recurring problem with dopamine/serotonin deficiency caused by one of big-pharma’s poisons, called amitriptyline, prescribed by a stupid doctor, and that I took on trust, about 30 years ago. I’ll never do that again! The other is a thyroid deficiency, caused by big chemo’s ‘Roundup’, when I was spraying a nettle forest, with nettles taller the I, and the wind changed and gusted the stuff all over me. I wasn’t aware of the danger at the time.

        I tend get good days, (relatively) and bad days. Unfortunately the bad days tend to outnumber the good, too often. I wont bore you with the details, but the combined problems often limit me to no more than four hours productive physical work a day, sometimes alternate days.

        I had a chap doing some block-laying for me a while ago, and he told me he did a two year bricklaying course. I employed a brick layer who was to work for me on his weekends. He did the first weekend, and then he was off the next, having sprained his wrist on the Friday evening, playing football. So, I just picked up the trowel and got on with it.
        Not long after, my neighbour, who ran his own building company, asked me to help build a garden wall for a customer. It was about 12 x 15 metres, from memory. I built one side and the front, including buttresses, for stability, and the gateway, and my neighbour was still struggling three quarters along the other.

        Ice age; Montana had deep snow, in August/September last year if I remember correctly. The cow men had to round up their cows, and get them under cover. The crop men, lost the lot!
        There have been several reports in both north and southern hemispheres of record low winter temperatures, and also snow in the Sahara recently as well.
        I heat with wood. Mostly my own trees, as they die, or get blown over. If we start into an Ice age, I guess I’ll have a lot more wood to rescue, and convert.(Assuming I have the strength.

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      2. Nik I can relate to your health difficulties, other demands and reduced productivity.

        As for Tricyclic antidepressants like Amitriptyline, even before I learned about their documented health damage, I could see clients’ health deteriorating before my eyes after their doctor started poisoning them with that substance. The damage knowingly inflicted on innocent people’s health for big pharma profits of numerous drugs is Satanic. In many cases, the appropriate treatment is not pharmaceutical but ‘rope therapy’ for those manufacturing and promoting the chemical assault weapons.

        Nik our Satan-possessed societies are going to be ‘cleaned up’ but as you would know, there are preparations to be undertaken by those determined to survive this process. As location is an important consideration, you might want to look at the significance of the Tees-Exe line in this context https://evolutionofconsciousness.health.blog/2020/01/21/example-post/ (Prophecy for our Times, particularly that of Alois Irlmaier).


  4. Hi,
    I’ve had a look at some of your links, re; PSI, and quite honestly, I find most of them ridiculous.
    If you and I had a conversation, and then I announced that I was going to do a statistical analysis to decide if we actually had a conversation, I think you would find that ridiculous as well.
    So I find all the ‘learned’ talk about statistically analysing telepathy results to see if they were true or not, equally ridiculous.
    If you communicate telepathically, it’s the same as having a conversation, you’ll know you’ve had it.
    As I’ve said previously, if you get people with no experience of a subject, any subject, or knowledge, trying to set up a meaningful set of tests, on that subject, they have little or no chance of success, whether it is PSI, or keeping chickens.
    It seems to me that the people involved, are more intent on generating loads of paperwork to justify their funding, without any real interest in meaningful results.
    They are just so brainwashed by their ”training” that they cant think ”out of the box,” to devise effective research.

    I can give an example in another field.
    I have a sore on my leg, that produces a patch of scaly skin. I’ve been to a three Dermatologist Doctors, two ‘taught’ in the same school. They both diagnosed it immediately as psoriasis, one, even before he’s looked at it, said it was infected psoriasis! (He later had second thoughts, and phoned me to ask if the prescribed cream was effective. I was polite, and said, well, maybe a tiny little weeny bit!
    I told both of them, the second was a young woman, that my past bouts of psoriasis were caused by stress, and I could place the exact moment and place to the second that had caused it. The first time it took me about three months to research the problem, work out a remedy, and cure it. (There was no internet then.) The second time, it only took me a couple of weeks. The thing that shocked me most, was that neither of them asked me how I had cured it. All they have been taught is which of ‘Big Pharma’s’ products to prescribe for what. I asked the young woman why she was convinced that it was psoriasis, she said it was the ‘aspect’ or in English, the appearance. I then told her I had a biopsy, and it was identified as kerotosis, She then mumbled that it was just a general term. I dont think she even believed that herself. Not one site I’ve looked at confused kerotosis with psoriasis. So far, not one prescription of several, has had any real effect. So now I’m experimenting myself. My latest, Soap and Salt paste mix seems to be very effective, and has a lasting effect. The previous lotions did not.

    The connection?
    Both groups have been taught to approach a problem in a certain way, and they cannot vary that, even if it is demonstrably ineffective.

    I have the ability to block previous ideas, and start from scratch.
    One job I had, involved designing electronic enclosures, or cabinets.
    One specific contract/commission was to design a flat-pack 19 inch rack system, for a client.
    The existing racks normally consisted of two side panels, and a top an bottom panel. they usually had four bolts or screws along each edge, making 16 in all. When assembled, they wobbled, and flexed until the units were bolted in to stiffen things up.
    My version went together with just four bolts, and was rock solid, without any units in it.
    It could also have removable side doors, and a vertical air filter/cooling system from top to bottom.
    In effect, what I did was rotate it 90 deg, as the front and back are always the same, and then devise a simple interlocking system to hold it together. Sadly, the company went bust, shortly after, so I never saw it in production. 😦

    Honestly, the psi sites I looked at just boggled my mind with all the jargon and pointless, to me, mathematics. (As an engineer, my strongest subject was maths).
    So, it isn’t surprising they never seem to get any definitive results, as no one seems to know what they are really doing, they’re all up to their eyeballs in their own generated junk.


  5. Ignore the previous post above, I’ve had some corrections in this one.

    Now I talk about their end game which is TWO into ONE. The elite end-game is everlasting life whereby men (but of course only a very small number of men) in effect become God. For instance Genesis indicates that Eve was offered immortal Godhood by the serpent as part of his temptation while the books of Daniel and Revelation tell us that the Antichrist will take human form (Kushner?). Maybe this is why pride has always been defined as the deadliest of sins.

    The aim of the Kabbalist’s is too unite opposites. This is the greatest thing an occultist can do. That’s why they are pushing this tranny/androgyny agenda. male and female combined (shekinah/baphomet). Most of the “women” you see on TV are not women at all and Dope-RA is one of them. Just nasty men in drag and many of the men are female to male Eastern Star witches on steroids. The reason why so many elite transgenders do not have an adams apple is because it typically develops after a full male puberty. These elites suppress that puberty by castration either chemical or surgical and give estrogen in order to maintain the pre pubescent male characteristics that merge with female sex characteristics to create the ultimate in- between (two in one). How do they have kids? Scientist can remove all DNA from an egg, and insert another prior to fertilisation. This has been possible since at least the 1920’s, and some of my research has provided evidence suggesting the possibility may have existed in the 1880’s. Gestational Carriers. Just to let you guys know, the statue of liberty which was gifted by french freemasons isn’t female. They believe in the kabbalah that the first human “adam kadmon” was androgynous. The androgynous Statue of Liberty stays, the statue was a gift from French Freemasons/Jacobins, a symbol of the same revolution being played out now.

    Check out the Jacobin hat on the USA Senate logo. Same cabal.

    Also race mixing. Unite all countries (no borders). One world government. Two towers became ONE. ONE dollar bill masonic symbolism. ONE world order. UNITED Nations etc. Making the two become one, their ultimate goal.

    Freemasonry and French motto is Liberty (Libertas), Equality and fraternity. Liberty (Libertas) Columbia is the whore of Babylon. The cathedral of Notre Dame was turned into a “temple of reason” during the Masonic French Revolution and in the cathedral, they actually had goddess worship. It was done with a living actress. They had a ceremony where she played the goddess of reason and they worshipped her. The French Revolution mural of the woman holding the french flag up in the middle of the chaos and carnage is another representation of this.

    The J’s and Masons are mamma’s boys. Jewry is a matriarchy because one can only be considered Jewish from the mothers side. FreeMAson’s. Ma’s sons are free to do her work. Feminism is worship of the androgynous Goddess, it all connects back to their religion.

    The statue of Liberty (Roman goddess Libertas) is actually androgynous. You can also find a statue of the Roman goddess Libertas on top of the Capitol building in Washington DC. The statue of liberty was gifted to masonic America by French freemasons and freemasonry is kabbalah or J mysticism/paganism. The statue of liberty STAYS, nobody is taking their goddess down. J’s and masons are mamma’s boys. J00ry is a matriarchy because one can only be considered a J from the mothers side. FreeMAsons. Ma’s sons are free to do her work. That is why Liberty was the symbol of the masonic french revolution. They serve the goddess. Feminism is worship of that goddess.

    Its this believe in “human equality” that has really screwed everything up. The American revolution caused the French; but it is actually worse than that; it caused revolutions throughout Europe and established the blasphemous principle that all are equal and the motto of freemasonry is Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Regardless how the founders of the US meant it, it was interpreted later in the broadest sense possible and ancient systems which were established that took care of the poor and needy in society were overthrown and replaced with selfish individualist “freedom” which dictated every-man-for-himself regardless of intelligence and capability. This greatly benefited the greedy capitalistic take over and promoted a very destructive love of money and individual materialism.

    The star of David also represents the two into one. An upright triangle and inverted triangle joined together becomes the star of David.

    The House of the Temple with no windows, the Masonic HQ in D.C., has 33-pillars, each 33-feet-tall.

    Black and white checkerboard floor of freemasonry can be found within Club 33.


    We are most certainly not “one”
Also, those indoctrinated regardless of age need to understand what “ONE” means:

    -‘one gender’ (androgyny)

    -one race (gray, meaning the original 5: red, yellow, brown, black, and white are mixed out of existence)

    -one belief system (Modern)

    -one world “country”/government

    -one personality/culture
-one currency
-one sexual orientation (asexual is their goal)

    -one language, and only one way to speak it (look at Modern English!)

    -one essence (evil, although they call it love/light)
-one way of thinking (gray; no black or white, aka right or wrong, good vs bad, better vs worse)

    If you disagree with any, then you understand we never were, never will be, and are not ONE. Humans always separate as per their ontology.


    This place is a duality: Fire into Ice, Light into Darkness, Sun into Moon, Man into Woman (symbolism), and most importantly Mind into Matter.

    The twin towers were layered symbolism for heavens and earth, man and woman, Cain and Abel, Good and Evil at the heart. The way of nature is death and rebirth, cleansed of evil. Their way is a combination of the two pillars, good and evil (two into ONE), because if you read Genesis, Yahweh said to the Elohim (paraphrase) “Man has taken from the tree and have the knowledge of good and evil LIKE WE DO.” Like we do is key because they (freemasons or the builders) think the serpent freed Adam and Eve (Man) so they can be as Gods. They want to insert a third strand (pillar) of DNA inside of themselves (and unwitting slaves) to become gods, the pillar they call wisdom (or knowledge) so they can retain the teachings and not die (Immortality), the new Solomon’s temple so too say. If you are on the path of nature, you come as a man and die as a man. They want to be men of metal. The expression “Go Big or Go Home” is related to that entirely. What’s concerning is that 101, used in education, represents man and woman at the gate (zero is the gate). The 201 in Event 201 would suggest they look to add the pillar of wisdom on the side of man (fraternal/brotherhood) in what is unfolding. We all have 2 strands of 22 chromosomes inherited from each parent, one represents strength, one beauty, and they will put a third 22, but in sexuality we get to 23 for man or woman. They have been at eugenics for some time and have probably been screwing with our lines unbeknownst to us for quite some time. We were likely not “Born this Way” but altered this way so beware any future injections. 3/22 is the time the sun is reborn each year. And yeah, they changed their name from Drumpf to Trump. Playing the trump card is also symbolic because it is their trump card in the war against heaven. All I know is avoid any shots. I am certain they wish to change our reality around us and to do so they need to change/abandon the flesh to break free of the heaven system, the eye/system of God. They call the plot “heaven on earth”.

    It’s the chess board scenario. Blacks vs Whites; except we’re all pawns.

    We have the division of BLACK vs WHITE people exploding out of control into riots and chaos, all being fueled by “them.” That’s the first thing that came to my mind seeing all this black and white symbology. ALL three women who started “Black Lives Matter” belonged to the masonic Black Boule. They intend to finish their “great work,” the blending of dark and light into gray. That’s why they practice the hegelian dialectic so openly. The real purpose of their worship of the duality concept. Blending of the knowledge of good and evil.

    Black and white checkerboard floor of freemasonry. Black vs white. The motto of 33rd degree freemasonry is “Ordo Ab Chao” which means order out of chaos. There is also a black masonic fraternity called the “Prince Hall freemasons”. Many famous black celebrities are members of it.


    Transhumanism is the end goal. That’s going to be what truly brings them down in their androgynous hermaphrodite agenda. To run human beings into genderless robots. Have you heard of the skull and Bones masonic secret society? They have produced many presidents and big named moguls/businessmen. Their number is 322. George H.W Bush died on 3/22 in the Jewish calendar. That is also no coincidence. In Genesis, the very first book of the Bible chapter 3 verse 22 we see ‘Transhumanism’ and man living forever/ immortality. The elites believe that Man can achieve godhood. George H.W Bush was a member of Skull and Bones and he was the president that made the NWO speech on 9/11/1990. George W Bush, his son was the president when 9/11 happened. He was also a member of skull and bones. Walter Camp known the as “the father of American football” was also a member of skull and bones. Almost all of the sports such as MLB,NFL, NBA were founded by freemasons.

    Right after the 9/11 attacks, George Bush decided to read from Psalm 23…which you also see in the mini films “I Pet Goat” on Youtube. Then the next president, Obama, decides to read Psalm 46 at the 9/11 memorial opening on 9/11/11. These were not accidents or coincidences. Starting at Psalm 46 there are 666 chapters left in the Bible, the number of the beast. It’s as if they were secretly trying to tell us something about this chapter. This chapter alone holds so many secrets. Like the 46th word from the beginning is “Shake” and the 46th word from the end is “Speare”, ‘Shakespeare’/’Francis Bacon’? . George W Bush reads Psalm 23 on 9/11/01 after the attacks..and then the next president Barack Obama reads Psalm 46 at the opening ceremony of the 9/11 memorial on 9/11/11. Now check it: Psalm 23 has 118 words, Psalm 46 has 204 words. Add 118 + 204 and you come to 322 Words. George Bush and his family are a part of an evil masonic Secret Society at Yale University called “Skull and Bones Society”. They have produced many presidents and big named moguls/businessmen. Their number is 322. That is also no coincidence. In Genesis, the very first book of the Bible chapter 3 verse 22 we see ‘Transhumanism’ and man living forever/ immortality. The elite believe that man can conquer nature and achieve Godhood. George H.W Bush gave the NWO speech on 9/11/1990. He died on 3/22 Jewish calendar. He was a prominent member of the masonic 322 skull and bones secret society. The Georgia guidestone monument was unveiled on March 22 (3/22), 1980
    So Psalm 23 & 46…think of the numbers 23 and 46. Humans have 46 chromosomes, 23 from each parent. Think of Genetics and GENEsis…’Gene’. The Serpent/Satan in the Garden of Eden tricked Eve using only 46 words which led to the fall of man. Imagine each tower representing 23 chromosomes each.


    9/11 is all about the twins.

    Tisha Bav is 9/11 every year on the Jewish calendar. Tisha bav is when Jews mourn the destruction of the two temples. Solomon’s temple fell on 9/11 and Herod’s temple fell on 9/11. Like the twin towers. It is the saddest day for the Jews.

    Tisha Ba’v = 911 (Jewish gematria)

    The only male and female Planet Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the Sun. Each year on 9/11, the footprints of the Twin Towers light up with 88 lights total. Radium is the 88th element. Remember the Manhattan project? Marie Curie = mercury. In terms of nuclear explosions and other large bombs, the term “ground zero” (also known as “surface zero” describes the point on the Earth’s surface closest to a detonation. Check out “heroes of the 88th floor”. Remember in back to the future the reference to 88 miles? That movie featured blatant 9/11 predictive programming. The movie Back to the Future features time travel using a Delorian automobile that has to reach 88 miles-per-hour in order to achieve time travel. This is a Mercury, god-of- transportation reference. Trump was Biff Tannen, look it up.
    Paramount to a Mercury ritual is the inclusion of an attribute of the deity Mercury; in this case rulership over travelers and TRANSPORTATION, hence airplanes were presented as the primary weapons on 9/11.

    Gemini are the twins and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Occultists believe Gemini is when one (“out of two”) lives in both worlds at the same time. Physical and spiritual realm connect with this imagery and we can see this happening with transhumanism. The one world trade centre is a temple of Mercury. The 9/11 Museum was dedicated on May 15th, this is the Feast Day of Mercury, also called the MERCURALIA. On May 15, 495 BC- the Temple of Mercury was dedicated in Rome. On the same day, May 15, 2014- the next phase of the Temple of Mercury… the 9/11 museum was dedicated in New York City. Mercury – is the patron god of Financial gain, Commerce, Messages Communication, Trickery and Thieves. The name MERCURY is closely related to merx, mercari, and merces which respectively mean merchandise, to trade, and wages.

    – 88 constellations in the sky

    – 8×8 equals the Masonic chessboard pattern of dualism

    – 88 keys in grand piano, factors of resonance and sound frequency
    – 88 in the occult means ‘End of Time’.

    Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction of December 21, 2020 is huge. conjunction of Mercury with the Sun at the Golden Gate will happen on the same day. The rise of Mercury can be attributed to the rise of the coming Messiah, but in this case, the rise of Mercury is attributed to the ‘Messenger’ motif of sorts that is apparently heralding the coming world change and charge of the AntiChrist figure. Is the Grand Conjunction a confirmation that the New World Order is coming in with drastic change? How so? Mercury in Alchemy is also the agent or element that has to do with transformation to ‘Gold’, and thus so appropriate for Mercury to be at the Golden Gate for this coming ‘Alchemy’ that the Kabbalists are spellbinding the whole world with. This is profound and significant as this Grand Conjunction is occurring when Mercury is at the pinnacle of the Universe.

    The Grand Conjunction is foreshadowing the advent of the coming Jewish Messiah as through the ‘Golden Gate’. It is a typology as depicted by Sagittarius being like the Rider of the White Horse let loose by the 1st Seal Judgment of Revelation. That is why the Broncos, the team with the white horse logo won SB50 which was the “golden super bowl” in the golden state where the golden gate can be found. A golden jubilee marks a 50th anniversary.

    The J Messiah is about to come through the ‘Golden Gate’ as the Rider of the White Horse debut with Bow and Crown or ‘Corona’ in hand or because of it. You have the money merchants that are trying to kill the stock market and are stealing people’s earning potentials by dismantling world economies. You have the military machine now in place for the coming civil unrest that is sure to come as things will worsen. If one does a study of this ‘god’, Mercury is the ‘god’ of the following.

    1. Medicine – with Caduceus, ‘double helix’ DNA, etc., Serpent Motif
    2. Media – communication

    3. Money – as in finance

    Thus, one can see how the planned pandemic of the Corona Virus has been used to accentuate all these institutions to unleash their Mercury Magic upon the masses for their ‘New Order’.

    You have the magic rituals and numbers the Kabbalists use in their rituals that are orchestrating all this behind the ‘curtain’. As to the ‘God they Trust’, Mercury is the Sign of the (((Illuminati))) money, as in the $ Sign which is a veiled serpent in a pole, the same as that of the World Health Organization WHO and the Caduceus of Mercury. Mercury is also the ‘Patron Saint’ of Thieves, Is there any wonder why such that are in power have been given/taken control of the media, the medicine, the military, the money as they are the same ‘Money Changers’. They steal one’s money and wealth and slow-kill the ‘sheeple’ or cattle that need to be branded through their manipulated nano-tech tracer medicine in the vaccines. They destroy through fake news and lack of knowledge. And with their ‘magic wand’, the Caduceus, they are mesmerizing the sheeple of the whole world into submission with their magic ‘programming’. Their High Holy Day Feast is on May 15. All this Mercury ‘Alchemy’ transformation is being orchestrated to usher in their New World Order.


    C = 3rd letter in alphabet
    3 = Abaddon in the Strongs Concordance

    -ovid = derived from Latin word ‘ovis’ meaning; SHEEP
    -19 = Slaughter in the Strongs Concordance Translation = Abaddon, “leads” SHEEP to Slaughter.

    The Rainbow symbolizes the Noahide Laws as in the murals in the Denver International Airport!! I have much more evidence, so far only a few Real Patriots have spoke of these Evil. We’re nearing the Messianic age and the Messianic age can only be ushered in through chaos and destruction. A huge culling of the population is the plan. The Georgia guidestones lay it all out. Wars, famine, financial collapse, power grid outage and apocalyptic cataclysms are coming.


    “According to the Gnostic warning, the Jews, who follow the agenda of racial supremacy, and domination of the non-jews, are proxies of the Archons.”
    – John Lash

    John Lash talks of how the jewish race is being used by the Archons, and the extraterrestrial races connected to these ‘Archons’… or powerful sentient artificial intelligence’s – as I think of them. It is no coincidence that it is the elite jewish supremacists who are strongly pushing artificial intelligence and trans-humanism.

    Trumps advisor wrote a letter in February 2020. He has informed that us that AI has taken over this planet and from this point on this will be only sadness for the humans. He said be prepared to experience the sufferings of Job. The Kabbalists believe that AI is their Messiah and will be biblical. This is all biblical. AI will change the way you shop, what you eat/drink, how children are schooled, how you buy/sell your house. Every aspect of your life is going to change because AI is taking over and they are fully ready to move onto their last decade until 2030 when they say in their own documents that no human baby will be born anymore and they will do that through the vaccines because not only will these vaccines alter DNA, they will depopulate a lot of people from the planet on top of their geo engineering weather weapons that are totally destroying nature plus war and famine. They’re going to sterilize humans meaning that males and females wont be able to have children anymore and they will do that through the vaccines because not only will these vaccines alter DNA, they will depopulate a lot of people from the planet. UN Agenda 21/2030 is playing out right in front of our eyes.

    This plan will start with the new vaccine that is coming and it will be mandatory to go back to work or go out, travel, attend school, etc. It is not a normal vaccines as it has ‘nano’ technology to track you and will be linked to a crypto currency account. It also will have a ‘quantum tattoo’ that will interact with DNA called ‘Luciferace’. This is the blueprint for the eventual Mark of the Beast that the Bible foretold would be rolled-out during the Tribulation Period. Why is this issue of grave concern? It is because this Mark will transform humans.

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    1. Ajak thanks for sharing your most enlightening explanation of cabal aspirations, plans and deeds (I removed the comment you asked to “ignore”).

      The value of your comprehensive research findings, insightfully integrated and helpfully illustrated, is appreciated by serious readers like myself. I know that your comment represents an enormous amount of work on you part.

      Ajak your information rings entirely true with me. This includes the Skull and Bones masonic secret society. Even though I did not know about that society, I am sufficiently familiar with this subject to know that what you say is true.

      I am struck by the consistency of your conclusions with those reached from my different perspective, including the study of solar cycles and human history, economics / financial markets, ecology and prophecy. I’ve worked on this subject for many years and shared my views about the converging trajectories of these factors on many sites, including a previous blog of mine.

      In relation to solar cycles I also shared info about climate and human history (e.g. impact of the Little Ice Age), our likely proximity to another grand solar minimum, and our apparent proximity (closer than most people realize) to the next glacial period according to temperature and ice volume graphs of ice core data.

      Solar cycle and human history. I have a detailed s/sheet graph illustrating this association but the graph at this site, also linked under the “Solar storm effects on humans” post, might be helpful if one recalls where in this cycle significant human events (especially mass violence and war) occurred.
      https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/solar-cycle-progression (“All” option needs to be clicked.)

      Economics / financial markets. For this analysis I follow monthly charts of bond yields, major stock market indexes, currencies and precious metals in relation to primary and especially secular trends, with attention to signs of tops / bottoms. Incidentally, despite financial media hype about the supposed predictive value of the bond yield curve, my empirical research of this topic revealed that it’s best ignored in favour of other indicators.

      Ecology. Addressed in the “Holocene extinction” post.

      Prophecy. I understand from a White Nation article that according to SVR prophecy, we can expect the following in South Africa:

      2021 Bloody revolt and civil war, leading to World Government and brutal persecution in SA for three years.

      2025 National freedom in SA following WW3.

      My approach to this subject involves a dynamic integration of info (objective and subjective, including my dreams and visions) with attention to events / milestones that I view as key indicators of where we are in this process.

      Ajak I wonder if you’ve posted your valuable info elsewhere, perhaps as a feature article? I think it’s too important to only be in a comments section.

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