Essential Religion

As our culture is an expression of shared racial consciousness (genetically predisposed), a foreign culture cannot resonate deep within our mind as our own culture does. An experiment to prove this:

a) Listen to jewish music; attend the service of a jewish religion, Christianity; and rate your spiritual satisfaction of this experience (0 to 10).

b) Listen to our people’s music (e.g. Celtic) and connect with God via nature as our Forefathers did, e.g. (i) position yourself, alone or with friends, in nature before sunrise; (ii) as the sun rises, thank God for all that He has provided to sustain your life — the sun, water, air, plants, insects, birds, mammals, fish, and all the people you know and love; and (iii) offer a sacrifice, e.g. put out food for birds (garden visitor preferences vary by species and season). Then rate your spiritual satisfaction of this experience (0 to 10).

The above-mentioned three essential elements (raising Nature-consciousness, thanking God, practically demonstrating gratitude) are easily formalized within regular life, e.g. outdoors as part of organic gardening, countryside walking, bird watching, a picnic, or indoors in a dedicated area with representations of nature such as pot plants, pictures, sculpture, stones, feathers. We can formally thank God in such a location any time of the day (doesn’t have to be at sunrise). Ways in which we can show gratitude are innumerable, from feeding wild birds to removing human litter from nature and sacrificing wasteful aspects of our lifestyle (take less from nature, leave more for other creatures).

Our names for the Force (God, Oneness, quantum vacuum, consciousness, universe, etc) and our formal relationship with it aren’t important. It’s deeds that count. I see this formal relationship in terms of what I call Essential Religion but others might prefer different names. Some families I know incorporate the above-mentioned three essential elements into family-specific spiritual practices for which they have their own names. However these practices are Essential Religion in that they include the essential elements, exclude the non-essential, and promote life (of the group and nature upon which all our lives depend).

Whatever we might call Essential Religion, it’s so exhilarating that we want to do it regularly, including special occasions — seasonal (solstices and equinoxes) and personal (various significant events from birth to marriage and death). These spiritual experiences can include prayer, prose / poetry reading, pagan religious rites (e.g. pledge of faith, weddings, naming new-born babies, laying the deceased to rest), traditional music, feasting and merrymaking. When we are re-connected to the Force we will be empowered to dismiss the invaders of our lands as the Scots dismissed Romans, explained in this video, Roman Britain – The Work of Giants Crumbled.

The code to our psyche and its power is recorded in our music. In my case this is Celtic music, particularly pipes and drums as played by Albannach, e.g. The Gael and Celtic Rock. We can access power at even deeper levels of our people’s collective mind via older music. In the case of Celts this includes our great Iron Age trumpets and Bronze Age horns, e.g. Wild Atlantic Way Ancient Music of Ireland.

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