By the end of the Solar Cycle 25 peak, survivors will celebrate the Führer’s return, light prevailing over dark, the start of another golden age. The Führer’s return will be spiritual, in the greatness of new ethnic nationalist leaders standing for truth, life and justice. We will need plenty of fine wine for the celebrations.Continue reading “Führerwein”

Adolf Hitler on the State, Right to Self-Defence, and more

National Socialism vs Fascism The main difference between National Socialism and Fascism is the role of the State in each system. Fascism is a form of Statism. Fascism teaches that the State is primary, and that the State forms the nation. In contrast, National Socialism teaches that the Race/Folk is primary, and that the purposeContinue reading “Adolf Hitler on the State, Right to Self-Defence, and more”

Build Back Better

This post is based on excerpts from an excellent article by Gerry Frederics, An Honest Analysis of Hitler, published by Renegade Tribune on 8 July 2022. Adolf Hitler’s unequalled greatness in innumerable disciplines is attested to by the fact that his enemies have for over 80 years done everything in their power to destroy andContinue reading “Build Back Better”

Revenge in realms of Death

Image credit: Wikipedia. The picture is by William Blake, eminent English poet and illustrator. It is called The Ancient of Days and was originally published as the frontispiece to his 1794 work Europe a Prophecy. The title of this post is from a line in William Blake’s prophetic poem Auguries of Innocence. The “revenge” canContinue reading “Revenge in realms of Death”

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