By the end of the Solar Cycle 25 peak, survivors will celebrate the Führer’s return, light prevailing over dark, the start of another golden age. The Führer’s return will be spiritual, in the greatness of new ethnic nationalist leaders standing for truth, life and justice. We will need plenty of fine wine for the celebrations.

Führer White. This divine white celebrates truth, life and justice.

Führer Red. A holy full-bodied red. It symbolizes the blood of suffering for Divine causes. Among our many heroes to remember when drinking this wine are Adolf Hitler, Hendrik Verwoerd, and Ernst Zündel.

As a long-time home winemaker, I make the finest Führer White using sultanas and Lalvin D47 yeast, and the most glorious Führer Red with elderberries and Lalvin K1V yeast. It’s easy enough to find such recipes on home wine making websites. However, if readers want me to post my recipes here, let me know.

Making superb wine at home is as easy as saying: “We’ve had enough of this bullshit. Let’s expel the satanics now.”

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