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This post is based on excerpts from an excellent article by Gerry Frederics, An Honest Analysis of Hitler, published by Renegade Tribune on 8 July 2022.

Adolf Hitler’s unequalled greatness in innumerable disciplines is attested to by the fact that his enemies have for over 80 years done everything in their power to destroy and to de-humanize him. Had he been merely an ‘evil’ personality, he would have long been forgotten. His alleged ‘evil’ would not have to be repeated incessantly via every means at the disposal of the true enemies of mankind.

To this day Hitler’s name evokes awe and wonder in millions of every race, creed and religion, of every civilization extant. His book Mein Kampf is the second most read book (after the New Testament) in the world and sells briskly to this day. It sells without the support of any organization, despite repression and prohibitions. The Bible on the other hand has to be constantly re-interpreted and promoted. No one has to promote Mein Kampf.

Hitler was a certified war hero. He was lauded by his superiors and buddies as an uncommonly brave soldier, always ready to help, to risk and sacrifice his life for one of his comrades. His integrity was unequalled, his honesty legendary. What he said he would do he indeed did – without fail. He was demonstrably incorruptible.

Hitler was morally and culturally vastly superior to any other head of any other government and a list of his admirers reads like a Who is Who in the 1930s. His aims coincided with those of the great Roman philosopher, essayist and writer Cicero who said that the law’s primary duty must be the well-being of the people. Hitler-inspired laws were invariably designed to benefit the German nation and the animal world without infringing on the rights of others.

A sample of Hitler’s friends and admirers

  • George Bernard Shaw, Irish play-write.
  • Alfred Cortot, Swiss-French, one of the greatest pianist of the past 110 years.
  • Dinu Lipatti, Rumanian, another giant of the keyboard.
  • Leni Riefenstahl, German, arguably the greatest movie director of the 20th Century.
  • Rosita Serrano, Chilean, a breathtaking beauty, actress and popular singer.
  • Hanna Reitsch, German, the first person to fly a helicopter, the first person to successfully fly a rocket fighter plane.
  • Elly Beinhorn, German, wife of Formula One World Champion Bernd Rosemeyer; beautiful world-record holding aviatrix; she crossed the Andes at their highest peak in the 1930s, a feat then thought to have been impossible.
  • Alexis Carrell, French, one of the greatest medical minds of the 20th Century.
  • David Lloyd George, English, WW1 Prime Minister of Britain, a former Germanophobe who turned into one of the staunchest admirers of Hitler.
  • Carl Jung, Swiss-German, world-famed psychoanalyst who said: “Hitler was a spiritual vessel – he was a demi-God, a divinity.”
  • Max Schmeling, German, heavy weight boxer, world champion, pound-for-pound the best boxer who has ever lived.
  • Ezra Pound, American, poet, essayist and political activist.
  • Colin Jordan, English, politician, political activist, leader of the British National Socialists after WW2.
  • John F. Kennedy, American, soldier, writer, senator, politician, President of the USA 1960 to 1963.
  • Jesse Owens, American, athlete who admired Hitler openly and praised him as a Great Man after the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  • Charles Lindbergh, American, heroic air-travel pioneer and soldier.
  • Houston Chamberlain, English, author, essayist and historian of great import.
  • His Royal Highness, King Edward the 8th of England who maintained a personal correspondence with Hitler for many years.
  • Savitri Devi (Maximiani Portas), Greek/English chemist, writer, social critic, linguist (fluent in Greek, French, English, German and Sanskrit), philosopher and animal rights activist extraordinaire who called Hitler The Avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu.
  • Francoise Dior, French socialite, political activist, close friend of Savitri Devi, niece to the famed fashion icon Christian Dior and first wife of British National Socialist leader Colin Jordan.
  • Co Co Chanel, French, the original fashion icon, a lady of impeccable taste and refinement.
  • Miguel Serrano, Chilean, diplomat, social critic, esoteric writer, thinker and close friend of Savitri Devi, Sven Hedin and Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Sven Hedin, Swedish, writer, explorer, thinker and linguist, member of the Nobel Prize Committee until he resigned in disgust at its servility toward World Jewry.
  • Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian, politician, soldier (graduated in first position from the Norwegian Military academy in 1911) and statesman. He represented the interests of the British Government in the Soviet Union and was decorated with one of the highest orders of the British Empire, the CBE.
  • Marshall Petain, French, saviour of France in WW1, president of Vichy France 1941 to 1944, abused and maligned by the Bolshevik part of the nation.
  • Tullio Mobiglia, Italian, jazz musician and violin teacher active in Berlin – and after 1945 at the Helsinki Conservatory in Finland.
  • Willie Stech, German, pianist extraordinaire and band leader of one of the finest Big Bands in the world until 1945.
  • Alexander Solshenitsyn, Russian, writer of monumental historical works, one of the literary giants of the past century who documented jewish mass-murder in the Bolshevik Gulag. His last book names the guilty — all jews.
  • Dr. Stêfan Tiso, Slovakian, politician, diplomat, President of Slovakia 1940 until 1945.
  • Marshall Pilsudski, Polish, President of Poland until 1936.
  • Pope Pius the 12th. Strangely, he was a Germanophile and an admirer of Adolf Hitler. This is exceedingly strange, because the Catholic Church had relentlessly promoted wars against Germany since the times of Martin Luther, since the Reformation.

Some of Hitler’s many virtues and achievements

1. Noble character

Pope Pius the 12th: “He [Hitler] conveys good comradeship. He is unpretentious, natural and apparently sincere. He has supreme intellect. If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He values family life highly, whereas communism is its worst enemy. No words can describe his politeness – he disarms men and women and can win both over at any time with his conciliatory pleasant smile. He is a man of rare culture. His knowledge of music, the arts and architecture is profound.” (Source: Viscount Lord Rothmere in his book Warnings and Predictions).

In addition to the Pope, many others were struck by Hitler’s uncommon decency and politeness. For example, Traudl Jung, Hitler’s last private secretary from December 1942 to April 1945, in her book To the last Day: “He was unfailingly polite and soft spoken asking the lowliest secretary or simple soldier about the well-being of their families, even when his own death was imminent.”

Hitler was non-corruptible, as were Heinrich Himmler and Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

2. Excellent knowledge and ability in many fields

Hitler displayed exceptional strengths in the fields of fine art, music, architecture, history, armaments, air-craft design, engineering, military strategy, politics (Hitler is one of the most ardently admired and successful politicians of all times).

3. Law based strictly on Truth, Right or Wrong

German law was re-written and based strictly on Truth, Right or Wrong. In short, German law was now based on ancient Germanic Law — the law that applied before we were corrupted by Roman law with its tortuous Talmud (jewish) designed loopholes, exceptions for the rich and powerful and institutionalized dishonesty and dehumanizing brutality. In Hitler-Germany truly no one was above the law. Corruption was severely punished under National Socialist law. Were such laws applied today, the vast majority of all politicians, CEOs, bankers, Wall Street operators and many others would be severely punished.

4. True democracy

Hitler conducted the only truly democratic type of election: He held demonstrably free and un-coerced plebiscites and was re-confirmed by over 98% of the entire population.

5. The most beloved leader

Hitler is the most beloved leader and political personality in recorded history. He travelled far and wide without body guards, those being largely unnecessary since he was hands-down the most cherished leader and political personality in recorded history.

6. Care for animals

The inhumanity of kosher butchering was outlawed, as was the outright barbarity of vivisection. Hitler was a noble person, radically opposed to all animal experimentation. Together with Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering and SS-leader Heinrich Himmler, Hitler wrote and made into law the most far reaching, in-depth animal rights and protection laws in human history.

7. Care for people

The welfare and well-being of the family was promoted; child protection laws were far reaching and rigidly enforced; he originated and personally financed breast cancer research.

8. Selfless commitment to his nation

Hitler refused any salary and directed that all of his monies be used to support Germans who were needy, including unknown artists. He did not have a bank account, he did not own any real estate and he did not own any automobiles. His official car for parades may have been a large Mercedes, but his favourite mode of transport was a VW convertible.

9. Promotion of research and development

He vigorously promoted research and development in every area. This resulted in world-leading motorcycle industries; world-leading movie, film and camera industries; world-leading medical and biological research; world-leading technology generally; the world’s first tape-recording system; the world’s most advanced turn-table (the turn-table having been a German invention initially); the world’s most advanced recording microphones, telescopes and optics in general; the world’s first operating television system including the fabulous Löwe mobile TV studio in 1934; the world’s first video-phone in 1934 (today dishonestly claimed to have been invented by the USA in the 1990s); an unequalled amount of International Motor Sports successes; an unequalled amount of athletic successes on every level in every discipline; a world leading chemical industry; the development of synthetic materials such as dralon, nylon, synthetic leathers, fertilizers, butter, gasoline, artificial rubber, medicines. The list of Firsts due to Hitler’s policies, encouragement and support is absolutely astounding and unequalled in the history of mankind.

10. Promotion of culture

Hitler relentlessly promoted German Symphony orchestras on every level, from Youth Orchestras upward with the result that Germany had the most superior orchestras in the world. Every city/town had its own orchestra. He also promoted Opera with the result that Germany had as many Opera Houses with outstanding singers, actors and orchestras as Italy and was culturally far ahead of the ‘democracies’. He encouraged a German Art Movement (Blut und Boden or Blood and Soil) which resulted in a massive explosion of creativity, art works of every kind, sculptures comparable to the best of the Italian Renaissance, huge amounts of incomparable Fine China, figurines, and folk art the world had previously never seen.

11. A healthy and happy population

Hitler’s achievements include a healthy population in which obesity was unknown. England’s David Lloyd George was among many notable personalities who remarked on the health, the positive attitude and the general happiness of the population at large, particularly the youth.

12. A vastly superior economic system

He developed an economic system that was vastly superior to anything previously seen and which made German exporters welcome all over the world. This was welcomed by Germany and others, except International Bankers in New York and London. Winston Churchill in a newspaper interview in 1946: “Hitler’s unforgivable mistake was to create a superior economic system which deprived the International bankers of their profits.” Until Hitler and National Socialist Germany were brought down by the lowest most criminal instincts of man, German industry attained a world-leading position and German products were universally loved and admired.

In short, Hitler remains one of the greatest reformers ever.

Envy and hatred of German achievements

Insane envy and hatred of German achievements led to these things being totally destroyed in 1945. Many monumental, artistically quasi unequalled sculptures were used by American troops for target practice and/or were run over by American tanks.


Gerry Frederics (2022). An Honest Analysis of Hitler, published by Renegade Tribune on 8 July 2022.


Adolf Hitler (1925). Mein Kampf, translated into English by James Vincent Murphy, 1939. A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook.

Carolyn Yeager

The value of our symbols

  1. Symbols often stand for truth, guide us, and motivate us.
  2. If we want our people to survive, we must absolutely never piss on our symbols, especially those of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Swastika.
  3. Yet, despite the truth about Hitler being known or at least knowable, there are White fools who would have us join them in pissing on Hitler, e.g. they suggest that he was a jew, a Rothschild servant, a homosexual, etc.
  4. The anti-Hitler lies have been knowledgeably dismissed by Hitler experts such as Carolyn Yeager. On many occasions, Carolyn Yeager and others have exposed the ignorance, dishonesty and malice of those who continue peddling anti-Hitler lies.

PS I am still working on a huge research project for future posts. This quick post is an attempt to help treat the anti-Hitler mind-rot that is afflicting some people.

PPS I see that Word Press now shows adverts below my posts. Sorry about that. The ads are not for my benefit and part of the deal. WP regularly offers me a paid subscription to stop the adverts and be able to receive payment via the blog. However I do not want payment. This is a totally altruistic project. I want readers to pay nature, as is explained on the Home page.

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