“Monkeypox outbreak”

Reports on this instance of jewish psychopathy include:

Have you had enough Abrahamic evil yet?

On the death of my beloved sister

I share the following information (an anonymized version of a letter sent to people) because it might be of some value to others.

My sister collapsed dead in her local shopping mall on 20 April 2022 but was resuscitated. However she remained brain-dead. Due to the absence of brain activity and the failure of other organs, life support was withdrawn and her body died on 26 April 2022.

Outline of this letter

  1. CT scan results
  2. Physical health
  3. Habits and lifestyle
  4. Child abuse and consequences
  5. Jewish psychopathy and the “vaccination”
  6. Conclusion and suggestion
  7. Additional links
  8. An example of care and courage
  9. A dream about my sister

1. CT scan results

1.1 Cause of death

The CT scan showed that a cerebellar haemorrhage (presumably a ruptured aneurysm) caused my sister (OB) to suddenly collapse dead in the shopping mall. Further investigation by MRI was not done as OB was too unstable.

Note: The cerebellum (where the bleed occurred) is a major feature of the hindbrain. It is located below the occipital lobe.

1.2 Other brain damage

The CT scan also showed evidence of pre-existing brain damage including:

An old haemorrhage. This is consistent with reports from OB and others of serious assaults by her boyfriend.

Numerous white patches in her brain. The neurologist treating OB while on life support suggested that prolonged high alcohol consumption could have caused the white patches. This does not seem consistent with what I have learnt about OB’s alcohol intake. Further, to me (not medically-trained) it seems that the white patches are consistent with reports from medical experts of Covid “vaccine” damage to internal organs, including the brain. OB’s alcohol consumption and the “vaccine” are discussed in some detail below.

2. Physical health

Headaches, dizziness and blurred vision. OB suffered severe headaches day and night, dizziness and blurred vision since October or November 2021. She was taking medication (type unknown) for this condition and wrote (29 Mar 2022) “For all I know I may have already suffered TIA. Will have eyes checked as soon as able.” 

Note: To me (not medically-trained) these symptoms seem consistent with an aneurysm in the cerebellum (contributes to coordination among other things) with dysfunction in the occipital lobe (visual processing centre) as well. I am not qualified to say anything definitive about these symptoms. However, OB was clearly suffering neurological problems of some kind and she urgently required specialist investigation.

Rotator cuff and ankle pain. On 29 Mar 2022 OB wrote that she was suffering a “rotator cuff and ankle injury.” I do not know when these problems started.

OB’s only prescribed medication that I am aware of is SSRI antidepressant medication, taken for many years. Incidentally, SSRIs are harmful. Example links are given in section 7 (Additional links).

The “vaccination” (aka clot-shot, kill-shot, jew-jab). OB told me that she took the “vaccination” (against my advice) twice during 2021 but had decided not to have the “booster.”

3. Habits and lifestyle

Alcohol. According to one source, OB’s alcohol intake was high and she was alcoholic. However, according to another source (someone who had regular face-to-face contact with OB over many years and knew her habits and lifestyle very well), she enjoyed drinking wine, rarely drank spirits, and used to binge drink on occasions many years ago. However, after her father died (October 2013), OB’s alcohol intake reduced and was mostly with meals. According to this person, OB’s drinking was limited to no more than about half a bottle (0.75 litre bottle) of wine per day. As the second source is someone who knew OB’s habits very well for many years, I will base my conclusion on this person’s information.

Tobacco. According to the above-mentioned person who knew OB intimately for many years, she was an intermittent chain smoker. OB told me about her heavy smoking but said that she never inhaled the smoke. This is consistent with what my nephew told me about OB’s smoking. He humorously mimicked the way she puffed quickly, repeatedly, on her cigarettes.

Other. Also from the person who knew OB very well: She lacked physical exercise and had a very poor diet.

4. Child abuse and consequences

OB suffered enduring coping difficulties due to severe, criminal and persistent abuse by her personality-disordered mother (Borderline Personality Disorder, aka Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder). During early childhood this involved extreme violence by her mother, e.g. beating OB on the head with a large spoon until blood gushed from OB’s head. OB may have been killed on that occasion but she succeeded in fleeing to the safety of neighbours. Later the violence stopped and her mother’s abuse was in a form that included relentless criticism, insults and wickedness toward OB.

OB was clinically depressed since childhood with symptoms that included insomnia, depressed mood, lack of interest, impaired concentration and memory, and academic underachievement. If the child abuse had come to the attention of relevant authorities, OB would have been immediately and permanently removed from that extremely destructive family environment.

As her brother, I (clinical psychologist) saw OB’s life as a battle to survive the effects of severe child abuse. Naturally her level of functioning (e.g. self-care, maintenance of her home, keeping in contact with friends) varied according to the severity of her depression. OB’s life was heart-breakingly tragic. OB told me that she was often suicidal but that she would never kill herself because it would be a “sin.”

Inevitably, as a result of her coping difficulties, OB suffered numerous additional stressors that she would not have suffered if she was not subject to those coping limitations. For example, she tolerated serious assaults by her boyfriend. A mentally well woman with self-worth would not tolerate such abuse and she would quickly end the relationship.

However, even at her most depressed, I have never known OB to suffer impaired judgement to the extent that she would give all her money to an “investment” scam as she did as of November 2021.

4.1 Neurological dysfunction and the scam

The pre-existing brain damage referred to above and the associated neurological dysfunction is consistent with the impaired judgement shown by OB in giving her money to a scammer. I would expect that there is also evidence of personality changes and uncharacteristically poor decision-making in other areas of OB’s life from at least late 2021.

5. Jewish psychopathy and the “vaccination”

Psychopathy and its assessment was part of my studies and work. I am also a long-time student of jewish psychopathy in particular. The many aspects of jews’ habitual criminality across history that I have studied include their self-serving lies in the Bible (e.g. their supposed chosenness; “Jesus” — scholarly research shows that he never existed as a real person and the myth is based on that of “Esus,” a Celtic deity; and Christianity was a psychological weapon against non-jews); exploitation of non-jews via their control of banking and finance; jews’ instigation of revolutions and wars (including both world wars and the imminent WW3); their mass murders of non-jews (until pan-vax their highest body count was 60+ million Russians murdered as of 1917); other big lies such as “The Holocaust” (this lie was destroyed in the trial of Ernst Zundel in Germany, with court-accepted evidence including that of the Red Cross, showing that “The Holocaust” is a jewish fiction); and what is referred to as White genocide (Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, multi-racialism, dysgenics, etc).

Although jews planned and prepared the pan-vax (“pandemic”-“vaccination”) aspect of the genocide for decades, I only became aware of it in late 2019. For the many people like me who have a well-developed framework within which to assess acts of jewish psychopathy, the pan-vax control / cull op was clumsy, ridden with inconsistencies and mistakes, and easily identifiable as yet another instance of jew evil.

Following are basic points about pan-vax.

5.1 There was no “pandemic.

Two examples of expert medical testimony about this:

Prof. Christian Perronne, French vaccine expert (12 Aug 2021)

The products they call “vaccines” for Covid-19 are not really vaccines. Never before in the history of infectious disease medicine has a state or politicians recommended systematic vaccinations for billions of people on the planet for a disease whose mortality rate is now 0.05%. That’s a very low mortality rate! They’re making everyone afraid that there’s a new so-called “Delta variant” coming from India, but in fact all these variants are less and less virulent. It is in the “vaccinated” population that these variants emerge. In all the countries with massive “vaccinations” we see a recurrence of the epidemic, with new cases of death. Over 90% of cases are in very old people. And we can treat them. There are hundreds of publications showing that early treatments work: there’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin D, and so on. All these so-called “vaccines” are useless. If you treat early you can succeed and the epidemic will be over very rapidly.

Doctors for COVID Ethics

The latest estimate of average population Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for SARSCoV-2 is 0.23% (0.05% for <70) which is around the same level as seasonal influenza (0.1-0.4%). There is good scientific data showing that the risk of dying from COVID-19 is directly comparable to seasonal influenza in most age groups and significantly lower than influenza in children. International experts suggest that up to 90% of covid cases could be false positives. Treatments of proven benefit: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, many other micro-nutrients including zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, inhaled steroids, Ivermectin. Extensive data from the UK Yellow Card shows deaths and disabilities following vaccination. It is biologically plausible that the vaccine will increase death rates from a subsequent natural covid infection due to the phenomenon of antibody dependent enhancement.

5.2 Dangerous “vaccine” contents

Tap News (13 Feb 2022). Official U.K. Lab Report confirms Covid-19 “vaccines” definitely contain graphene oxide.

Richard Hall, engineer (7 Feb 2022 ). Evidence presented in this video, Brain Jabbed, shows that the “vax” is not primarily a vaccine and it is packed with carbon nanotubes and associated self-assembling intra-body nano network technology.

Dr. Robert Wakeling (2 May 2022). Analysis of COVID jabs.

Material removed from “vaxxed” bodies. There are videos online showing the white material (self-assembled graphene oxide structures of the “vax”) that has to be removed from the blood vessels of “vaxxed” bodies before embalming fluid can be pumped into those bodies. I will refrain from posting links to those videos as the images could be extremely distressing to readers who are “vaxxed.”

5.3 “Vaccine” injury

Immediately I read about the “white patches” in OB’s brain I thought of the above-mentioned graphene oxide self-assembled structures and also this video (28 Jul 2021) by Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist: Summary of what these injections do to your brain and other organs.

There is now a huge amount of information available online from medical experts about “vax” injuries. One of the most recent such articles is by Dr. Vernon Coleman, (6 May 2022), How many people have the Covid-19 Vaccines really killed?

A brief selection of points from Dr. Coleman’s long article:

  • The latest covid jab deaths and injuries from VAERS are shocking.
  • It is estimated that only 1% of vaccine adverse events is reported.
  • “Vax” injuries include blindness, strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, sepsis, paralysis, psychiatric disorders, blindness, deafness, shingles, alopecia.
  • The “vax” does not prevent covid-19 or stop it being passed on, and the risk of a young, healthy adult dying of covid-19 is extremely small.
  • Hundreds of medical professionals speak out on Medscape forum warning about dangers of covid injections.
  • The “vax” is not safe to use as oven cleaner, yet many people were deceived into believing the pro-vaccine lies.
  • From a long official list (the Food and Drug Administration in the US) of possible Covid “vax” side effects: Convulsions, Seizures, Stroke, Acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), Autoimmune disease, Death, Disseminated intravascular coagulation, Venous thromboembolism, Arthritis, Arthralgia, Joint pain, Vaccine enhanced disease.

According to Dr. Coleman, “If you are mad enough to have the vaccine then you and your doctor should keep a look out for the symptoms of all the diseases on the FDA’s list.”

6. Conclusion and suggestion

  1. “Vaccinations” received. During 2021 OB received two “vaccinations” to supposedly protect her against a “pandemic.”
  2. Not monitored. OB was not monitored for symptoms of diseases that are known risks of the “vaccination.”
  3. No acknowledgement of “vaccination” effects. Even after OB’s sudden death from a cerebellar haemorrhage, the doctors treating OB in hospital after her resuscitation did not acknowledge the “vaccination” as a possible causal factor in the haemorrhage. Nonetheless, medical experts have reported brain damage and stroke as a result of the “vaccination.”
  4. No acknowledgement of “vaccination” effects. In addition to the catastrophic cerebellar haemorrhage, known brain damage of the “vaccination” was also not considered in relation to the white patches in OB’s brain. In particular, there was no consideration given to the possibility that the white patches are graphene oxide self-assembled structures of the “vaccination.”
  5. Alcoholism vs alcohol misuse. Further to the above, although she was prone to excessive drinking on occasions, evidence suggests that OB has never been alcohol-dependent, has never met the diagnostic criteria for alcohol dependence (alcoholism), and the most appropriate diagnosis would have been one of alcohol misuse.
  6. Trustworthy diagnosis. I would have liked to obtain OB’s brain scan images in order to forward them to one of the many pathologists who publicly speak out about “vaccination” damage. This could have yielded a more trustworthy and useful diagnosis. It is sub-standard medical practice to ignore known “vaccination” effects and simply attribute the white patches to alcoholism (OB was not alcoholic).
  7. Known effects of the “vaccination.” Similarly, the neurological symptoms (headaches, dizziness, blurred vision) and pain in the vicinity of joints (rotator cuff and ankle) are all consistent with known effects of the “vaccination.”
  8. Brain damage and impaired judgement. OB’s grossly impaired judgement (giving all her money to a scammer) is consistent with neurological dysfunction of the above-mentioned brain damage.
  9. Effects of severe child abuse. The primary cause of OB’s life-long coping difficulties is severe child abuse by her mother. Her mental health deteriorated further in response to stressors (e.g. an abusive partner-relationship, issues concerning work, financial problems) that resulted from those coping difficulties.
  10. Vulnerability vs mediating factors. Due to her coping difficulties (including an unhealthy lifestyle) OB was likely not in good health for many years. However, it is important to distinguish between vulnerability factors (e.g. pre-existing health) and mediating / precipitating factors (e.g. the “vaccination”) in OB’s decline and death.
  11. Medical ethics. Whatever the state of OB’s pre-existing health, however much she did or did not drink and smoke, however pleased we might be for her continued life in Heaven, with all the information about “vaccination” harm now available, it is unethical for a medical doctor to not carefully consider OB’s ill-health and death in relation to that information.
  12. Suggestion. If you are one of the many people tricked by jews into taking their “vax” for a fake “pandemic,” I would strongly encourage you to follow Dr. Coleman’s advice and ask your doctor to start doing his / her job properly and monitor you for “vax”-induced disease.

For truth, life and justice.

7. Additional links

More links on this subject are offered in the following posts of mine:

Psychopathy and its treatment (11 Feb 2022).

The Final Resolution (20 Aug 2021).

COVID-19: Scare tactics serve evil agenda (21 March 2020).

Examples of articles on the dangers of SSRI antidepressant medication:

Sadiq, A., Shah, A., Jeschke, M., et al. (2018). The Role of Serotonin during Skin Healing in Post-Thermal Injury. Int J Mol Sci. 2018 Apr; 19(4): 1034.

Nada, L., Subaie, A., Mansour, A., et al. (2019). Sertraline [SSRI] hinders bone healing and implant osseointegration. Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 2019; 67(3): 143–151.

8. An example of care and courage

I knew OB as a highly compassionate and courageous person. For example, when I lived in Johannesburg (my 20s) and was travelling as a passenger with OB in her car, we suddenly came upon a road traffic accident. A woman was lying dead on the far side pavement.

OB immediately stopped her car. She was in such a hurry to help the woman that she didn’t even pull up the handbrake (her car started running down the hill before the handbrake was pulled up). Then OB nearly got hit by a car as she ran straight across a busy road without concern for her safety. All she was focused on was reaching that woman a.s.a.p.

Within seconds of reaching the woman, OB re-started her heart (OB checked for a pulse before and after starting CPR). Unfortunately, due to her internal injuries (the woman had been thrown a long way from the crash site), after her heart started pumping again, the abdomen swelled up due to internal bleeding. Therefore, when the heart stopped again, she was beyond help.

Other people drove or walked past the accident scene or simply watched. Not OB. Her reaction was immediate and effective action.

OB told me about other occasions when she resuscitated people while out and about. OB did not talk or seek attention about such acts of heroic kindness and she did not see her action as special. It was simply what OB did. OB was an extremely compassionate and courageous person. I had the greatest respect for her after seeing it with my own eyes.

For me, it is in such moments that the greatness of a human being is tested. When OB was tested, she revealed her divine qualities.

9. A dream about my sister

The first night after learning about OB’s death I saw her in a dream.

OB was a lovely young woman, at her radiant best. She was in a large hall (the kind I have seen in other dreams of Heaven). I couldn’t see anyone else and I couldn’t hear any music. However OB danced with total freedom and joy, the most blissful smile on her face. Then she was suddenly called out of the hall by some people (I could not see or hear them, but saw OB leave). Soon thereafter OB returned and continued dancing in that way. She beckoned with a hand gesture for me to dance with her. The experience was one of unconditional love and bliss.

Upon awakening I had no doubt that OB was already in Heaven (no matter what might be happening with her brain-dead body) and she was so happy to be there.

Note: All ‘reality’ is subjective. The world as we experience it is a creation of our mind (consciousness, spirit). Dreams are as real as experiences during waking consciousness. Further, research by psychiatrist Dr. Peter Fenwick and others has shown that reassuring farewell visits in dream by loved ones around the time of their passing are commonly reported. Also, continued spiritual contact (in waking consciousness or dream, but the richest experiences are in dream) with departed loves ones can occur for many years after the person has moved to a higher plane of life.

The Solar Cycle 25 peak: Dawn of a Golden Age

The above image is an edited version of a chart at Space Weather Prediction Center.1 It shows monthly sunspot numbers up to and including April 2022.

Suitably-informed people know:

  1. A long-term attack by religiously criminal liars, thieves and murderers is rapidly escalating.
  2. The criminals’ goal (psychopathic world government) and strategy / tactics (there is much more to the attack than the “plandemic” and “vax” kill-shot) is explained in detail by others.
  3. Huge numbers of people will die before the catastrophic resolution of yin yang (dark and light) forces is over.

Less widely known perhaps:

  1. 80% of the most significant human events, mostly of war and violence, occur during periods of maximum sunspot activity, specifically, during the five years around the maximum in sunspot activity. In addition to the higher likelihood of major battles and riots during this period, the time of maximum sunspot activity is also associated with the dissemination of different doctrines (e.g. political, religious) and the appearance of social, military and religious leaders and reformers.2
  2. The latest Solar Cycle Progression chart (adapted and shown above) from Space Weather Prediction Center1 shows that we have now entered the peak area of Solar Cycle 25. In other words, based on predicted values, the chances of intensified mass violence (riots, regional war, global war) and major political and economic events is now high.
  3. The trajectories of several major factors (economic, depletion of natural resources, action by the attackers) look certain to converge within the peak of Solar Cycle 25. There is reason to believe, as I have long done, that this catastrophic resolution of spiritual forces will see Light prevail over Dark, the end of a 2,000+ year jew/Christian crime spree, and a return to life by the laws of Nature/God.

Further to the above, the new golden age of God-consciousness will necessarily be informed by natural religion (paganism), modern examples of which include the polytheistic Hindu and Shinto faiths of India and Japan respectively, the animist religions of sub-Saharan Africa, Odinism (the European form of paganism) and the religion of extraterrestrials (ETs).3 This is the only viable approach to life — if we don’t want to trigger God’s immune system — and it was exemplified in National Socialism.4


  1. Space Weather Prediction Center.
  2. Solar storm effects on humans.
  3. From ET to Enlightened Time.
  4. Revenge in realms of Death.

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Odinism and recovery from the Christian catastrophe.


Are you ready for Greatness?

Post outline

1. Introduction
2. A dream: ETs’ Reuleaux pyramid
3. The runes
4. Conclusion
5. References
6. What triggered God’s immune system?
7. Resources

1. Introduction

We are witnessing ecological catastrophe2 and human catastrophe, including the greatest mass murder in history currently underway. What went wrong? As all reality is spiritual (mind-stuff, consciousness)3 the problem must ultimately be spiritual. What is the spiritual problem? About 2,000 years ago, Europeans were violently torn from their spiritual roots by agents of the psychopathic desert demon known as Yahweh (YHVH or Jehovah).4 Subsequently, these evil-doers severed other pagans from their spiritual roots.4 Result: We live in a world ruled by agents of this Semitic desert demon, also worshipped as Baal or Moloch, the Israelite god who demanded that children be sacrificed to him.4 When we are ready, we can reconnect to the infinite power of our spiritual roots and fix this problem in a heartbeat. This post is about that process.

2. A dream: ETs’ Reuleaux pyramid

I saw the above image in a dream recently. I recognized the diagram as extraterrestrials’ (ETs) Reuleux pyramid on Mars, shown in a previous post.5 In the dream an ET explained the meaning of this diagram to me in relation to the three pyramid sides, three circles, three primary colours (red, yellow, blue) and three secondary colours (orange, green, purple).

The pyramid sides

The three sides represent (a) awareness of self (the individual) and groups (family, nation, race) with which he identifies, (b) awareness of the environment (everything else in the visible world) and (c) suffering (conflict within and between these aspects of awareness) that is part of life in spatial reality. These facets of spatial reality are transcended within the mystic Centre (triangle apex).

The circles

The three interlocking circles denote cyclic processes of universal totality (pyramid) that start and finish at the mystic Centre (pyramid apex).

The colours

The meaning of these colours: Red – suffering, Blue – thinking about the suffering, Purple — increased God-consciousness of Red and Blue, Yellow – illumination involving balanced concerns for the welfare of self/group (orange) and the environment (green) on which our existence depends. Note: The symbolism of colour is explained in a previous post.5

3. The Runes

The word “rune” refers to the mysterious inner structure of existence. Every runic letter offers a wealth of knowledge and meaning. The forerunners of the runes are ancient and include pre-alphabetic symbols painted in Tiver on the skull of a mammoth from Mezhirich, Ukraine, 14,000 years old.6 The runes are an important part of our true religion, Odinism (the European form of paganism).4 They are symbols of natural truth. The runes offer access to deep insights and the power to profoundly improve our world.6

The runes are mainly associated with the Aesir and Asyniur gods. In particular, the gods associated with human power and survival are the Aesir. The chief god of the Aesir is Odin, the god of inspiration, shamanry and battle. Odin’s wife is Frigg, Queen of Heaven who rules over food, clothing and married sexuality. Other Aesir gods include Thor, the god of thunder and lightening, defence and strength. Thor’s wife is the golden-haired goddess Sif, a swan goddess who rules over the bright, fertile days of summer and brings peace and happiness.6

Intelligent Odinists know that the gods are personifications of psychic forces, and that our Forefathers depicted the gods as human-like because our human minds find it easier to grasp spiritual truths when they are expressed in familiar terms. Intelligent Odinists also know that by reconnecting to our spiritual roots we will embrace the cause of the Aesir: respect Nature, order, life and creativity; reject all forms of totalitarianism; and fully support leaders who personify these positive forces as Adolf Hitler did.

The Reuleaux pyramid

The meaning of the above Reuleux pyramid diagram can be represented by runes. This is done below with runes from the Elder Futhark, the oldest runic system. The Elder Futhark contains 24 runes and is the most popular system in use today.6

Figure 1. As (rune no. 4), Beorc (rune no. 18), Eoh (rune no. 13).

I selected the above runes to represent overall processes referred to in the Reuleaux pyramid diagram.

As. The mystic Centre is denoted by As, the ‘god rune’, also known as AEsc, Asa, Ansuz and Os. In the Hindu tradition, it is the Sanskrit primal sound which created the present universe. As is the divine breath, Önd, which powers existence, the divine source within humans. As symbolizes the Ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior), the universal world tree (Yggdrasil, an Ash), the cosmic axis linking the worlds, stability and order. The god of this rune is Odin.6

Beorc. This rune is also known as Bar or Birkana. It marks the point at which the primal laws have been defined and life within this world can develop. Beorc is represented by the Birch (Betula pendula), the first tree to recolonise the barren land when the ice retreated at the end of the last Ice Age. Beorc denotes completion, new beginnings on a higher level, purification and regeneration. Beorc is associated with earth and the Earth Mother Goddess Nerthus or Berchta.6

Eoh. This rune, also called Eihwaz, denotes a stave cut from a Yew tree (Taxus baccata). It is the magic double-ended stave of life and death. The Yew is the longest-lived of all European trees, green throughout the year, and partially dead older Yew trees can be regenerated by their daughter trees growing in their decaying interiors. Conversely, the Yew’s bark, leaves, roots, fruits and resin are all extremely poisonous. Therefore the Yew symbolizes life, death, and eternal life through the passage of life from one state of being to another. Eoh is primarily the domain of the god Uller, dweller in the Valley of the Yews (Ydalir), but during summer it is ruled by Odin.6

Figure 2. Suffering: Rule by agents of a Semitic desert demon.

Figure 3. Peorth (rune no. 14), Hagal (rune no. 9), As (rune no. 4).

The suffering referred to in the Reuleux pyramid diagram and Figure 2 can be understood in terms of Örlög or Wyrd (the cosmic web of cause and effect), also known as Karma and God’s immune system.4 This is symbolized in Figure 3 by the runes Peorth and Hagal. The resulting God-consciousness and illumination (colours purple and yellow in the Reuleux pyramid diagram) are represented by the ‘god rune’, As.

Peorth. This rune, also known as Pertho or Perthro, is usually seen as the ‘dice cup’, used in former times for casting lots. Peorth can symbolize the uncertainties of life, the interaction between the freedom of our conscious will-power and the constraints of our surrounding conditions, and free will within the constraints of our own Örlög / Wyrd. Peorth is the power of God’s immune system in the world, bringing forth its potential into physical manifestation. Peorth is sacred to the goddess Frigg, Odin’s wife.6

Hagal. Hagal literally means hailstone and represents all frozen water that falls from the sky — sleet, snow and hail. It is a major rune of Örlög / Wyrd. Hagal can bring destruction, disruption, confusion and chaos. Then it melts back into harmless, even beneficial, liquid water. Hagal represents processes which have to take place and evolution within the framework of present existence. It is the rune of the unconscious mind, the roots of things, and formative thought processes. Hagal is ruled by deities who guard the passages linking the world of human consciousness with other planes.6

As. This rune is discussed above. In this context it refers to increased God-consciousness and illumination after suffering the effects of God’s immune system.

Figure 4. Odin as a wanderer, god of rage and battle, and in Adolf Hitler.

Figure 5. Elhaz (rune no. 15), Thorn (rune no. 3), Sigel (rune no. 16).

The result of increased God-consciousness and illumination is represented by Figures 4 and 5.

Elhaz. This rune is also known as Eiwaz, Eolh or Algiz. Its shape symbolizes the stupendous resistant power of the Elk. It is a powerful rune of protection, defence, repulsion of all evil, known and unknown, which conflict with us. It denotes the power of the human striving toward divine qualities. As primarily a defensive rune, Elhaz is ruled by Heimdall, the watcher god.6

Thorn. This rune, also known as Thurisaz, refers to the thorns on plants. It symbolizes the powers of resistance in thorn trees and the power of the earth giant known as Thurs or Moldthurs. These powers are symbolized by the strength of Mjöllnir, the Hammer of Thor. Thorn and Mjöllnir are the divine power to resist everything that threatens us and — like Thor’s lightening — to produce a sudden change without warning and significantly alter the course of events. Thorn is primarily sacred to Thor.6

Sigel. This rune, also known as Sig or Sowilo, represents the power of the sun. Its lightening-flash shape denotes the potential to direct this great force in a devastatingly straightforward manner. Sigel symbolizes resisting the forces of death and disintegration and triumph of light over darkness. It is ruled over by the solar divinities of goddess Sol and god Balder.6

4. Conclusion

  1. Do you want to end this age of the Semitic desert demon?
  2. Have you suffered enough to support the forces referred to in Figures 4 and 5?
  3. After the catastrophic resolution of yin yang forces within the peak of Solar Cycle 25, do you want to feel the boots of desert demon agents stamping on your head or be in a golden age of God-consciousness?
  4. As Adolf Hitler said7 about these religiously criminal beings, (a) we are openly controlled by them and and intentionally driven to ruin, (b) their endeavour is to secure mastery of the world and (c) the fate of a nation cannot be changed in kid gloves.
  5. We know where we are in the processes referred to in this post, we know the great power available to us from our spiritual roots, and we know what we must do to use it.

5. References

  1. Psychopathy and its treatment.
  2. The Holocene extinction.
  3. Aspects of Mind.
  4. Odinism and recovery from the Christian catastrophe.
  5. From ET to Enlightened Time.
  6. Pennick, Nigel (1998). Secrets of the runes, London: Thorsons.
  7. Hitler, Adolf (1889-1945). Mein Kampf, Translated into English by James Murphy (died 1946). A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook.

6. What triggered God’s immune system?

7. Resources

Dreams: Messages from God

Post outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Dream characteristics
  3. Dream Interpretation
  4. References

1. Introduction

“God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions” (Carl Jung, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, 1964).1 All the ancient peoples attributed great significance to dreams and today in some cultures people still tell each other about impressive dreams.2 In waking life we dream beneath the threshold of consciousness3 and visions are dreams in the waking state.4 Another term for God is “the unconscious.”5 Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will.2

Value of dreams

Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self-awareness.6 By concerning ourselves with dreams we can help to increase that awareness.2 Although dreams often seem silly, bewildering or senseless, when we penetrate to their real meaning we find that they speak only of important and serious matters.7 Many dreams concern no more than everyday affairs but some are treasures of psychic experience and remembered for a lifetime.8

Dreams may contain ineluctable truths, philosophical pronouncements, anticipations, telepathic visions, and much more.9 A dream, like every element in the psychic structure, is a product of the total psyche. Thus we may find in dreams everything that has ever been of significance in the life of humanity.6 Moreover, the unconscious can produce contents that are valid for the person concerned and also others, potentially for a great many people and possibly all.10

2. Dream characteristics

Good friend

Considering that they are messages from God, dreams are like a good friend who doesn’t necessarily tell us what we want to hear but instead always speaks the truth about our unconscious mind. The friend can reveal aspects of our past, present and future experiences, show solutions to difficult problems, pull us down when we over-rate ourselves, lift us up when we are down, and help us to keep in touch with loved ones via the realm in which we are always united.2,9

Theatre of one

The dream is a theatre in which the dreamer is the scene, player, prompter, producer, author, public, and critic, i.e. all characters in the dream represent aspects of our self.6


Dreams portray our unconscious mind in symbolic form using images from our external environment.6

Union of opposites

Factors that cause psychological stress include internal conflict between the complimentary forces known in Chinese philosophy as yang and yin, i.e. positive/negative, light/dark, knowledge/ignorance, good/evil, masculine/feminine, life/death etc. The symbolism in dreams can increase our awareness of such inner conflict and enable more effective management of these forces. This in turn reduces the likelihood of us expressing the conflict in relation to our external world. For example, when we feel torn between aggressive vs submissive tendencies toward others, a dream can point toward a solution of assertiveness (respect for self and other), in contrast to submissiveness (respect for other but not self) or aggressiveness (respect for self but not other).11

Distressing vs uplifting

Everyone is familiar with painful and disturbing dreams. We also know that dreams can have a powerful morale-boosting effect. Sometimes when we are in a difficult situation, suffering low self-esteem and mood, God uses dream to kindle a light inside us and radically alter our attitude.12

Simple vs complicated

Dreams are as simple or as complicated as the dreamer, only they are always a little bit ahead of the dreamer’s consciousness, i.e. dreams are always somewhat beyond our grasp.13


Dreams have a continuity forward. The prospective function can be an anticipatory combination of probabilities rather than “prophecy.”6 However some anticipatory dreams show detailed future situations that are not explainable in terms of probabilities. These dreams might be prophetic.9

3. Dream Interpretation

Caution: Dream analysis does not suit everyone and it can potentially result in severe psychological distress. If at any time you feel over-stressed by attention to your dreams, stop the analysis at least until you feel ready to continue. If necessary seek the help of a good psychologist.

No infallible method

As dreams can only be understood within the context of the dreamer, there is no point in consulting a dream dictionary. The art of interpreting dreams cannot be learnt from books.2 Further, there could never be an infallible method of dream interpretation because there is an infinite variety of dreams.2 Every interpretation is an attempt to read an unfamiliar text.9

Interpreter effects

Naturally the interpretation of a dream is largely dependent on characteristics of the interpreter: his intentions, expectations, presuppositions, conscientiousness, honesty, personal gain.2


Dreams harbor no intention to deceive but express something as best they can.7 Accept the dream as a specific expression of the unconscious with no prior assumption except that it somehow makes sense.1


The psychological context of dream-contents consists in the web of associations in which the dream is naturally embedded.14 Therefore, if we want to interpret a dream correctly, we need to appreciate the conscious situation at that moment.6 Moreover, as every individual problem is somehow connected with the problem of the age, sometimes it is necessary to view the subjective difficulty from the perspective of the human situation as a whole.2

Isolated vs series of dreams

An obscure dream taken in isolation can rarely be interpreted with certainty. If we have made a wrong interpretation or if it is somehow incomplete, we may be able to see this from the next dream.7 Relative certainty can be reached in the interpretation of a series of dreams, where later dreams correct mistakes made in earlier interpretations. Also, basic ideas and themes can be recognized in a dream-series.9


In addition to knowledge, dream interpretation requires creativity and intuitive guesswork.2 Look at the dream from all sides, carry it about with you, talk about the dream with other people, let your imagination play with it.2 Creative attention to a dream almost always leads to an understanding of it.15

A structured approach

My (Aspects of Mind) approach to dream interpretation as a clinical psychologist was creative, did not follow a strict procedure and was largely guided by the dreamer. However, the following outline may help some people to get more benefit from their dreams.

1. Upon awakening, think about the dream in order to fix it in your mind.
2. Write a description of the dream (paper or electronic).
3. Highlight the main ideas / themes in this description.
4. Write down the main issues concerning you during waking life.
5. Classify the dream according to one or more categories, e.g:

  • Worldly — expression of current worldly experiences, e.g. worries.
  • Guidance — ways of dealing with difficult situations.
  • Prophetic — information about future events.
  • Love — supportive encounter with someone who is passing / has passed into heaven, e.g. a farewell visit around the time of passing, meeting with the person (in this world or heaven), encouragement from a person in heaven who continues to love and support you.

6. Note what has been learnt from the dream.

4. References

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Notes in Stress Management and Symptom Management.

At the quantum level everything is connected.

Contact with ETs

I took the above photo after a short walk from my front door. There are places in that area suited to a private meeting with extraterrestrial beings (ETs). I shall try to arrange such a meeting there. If the meeting occurs, I intend taking clear photos of the ETs and their spacecraft for publication on this site, together with a detailed report including my telepathic communication with the ETs.

I would have considered such an idea absurd and a symptom of mental illness if I did not know that highly advanced ETs:

  1. Are living in our universe, including Mars.
  2. Were closely involved with humans on Earth before our degeneration into the evil jew / Christian era.
  3. Have interacted with some humans during recent years.
  4. Still visit the vicinity of Earth (although they now keep a safe distance from hostile humans).
  5. Stand by ready, able and willing to help us when we are ready for their help.

Evidence for the above points is presented in three previous posts, From ET to End Time, From ET to Enlightened Time and Highly advanced life on Mars now.

I believe that some people may have unequivocal photographic / video evidence of their recent encounters with ETs. I can think of reasons why those people might choose to keep such evidence private, beyond discovery via the Internet. I am also aware of supposed evidence (photos, videos) online of recent ET contact that some people find convincing. However, although they may well be genuine, to my eyes those images are not convincing.

Reason for seeking this evidence

As was noted in the post concerning Wilbert Smith, From ET to Enlightened Time, we would only be ready for ETs’ help when we (a) see the problem, (b) want to fix the problem and (c) want to collaborate with ETs. Concerning (a), there is now widespread and increasing general public awareness of the problem, including the catastrophic consequences of “prophetic” / “revealed” religion, particularly Judaism and Christianity. Such anti-life religion is the opposite of natural religion, e.g. the European form of paganism known as Odinism and ETs’ natural religion as shown in their ancient structures still visible on Mars. Concerning (b), we only have to scan reader comments on news websites to see evidence of our desire to solve the problems afflicting our societies.

However, concerning (c), relatively few people even know that highly advanced ETs exist and even fewer have any idea of the help available from them. Naturally people need this information in order to collaborate with ETs, just as we need to know about the existence and services of other helpers (e.g. medical) if we are to utilize what they have to offer.

In other words, my reason for seeking unequivocal evidence of current ET – human contact on Earth is to help create the conditions required for our therapeutic relationship with ETs.

Request to readers

Non-local awareness, including telepathy, is associated with creativity. Therefore we can expect that people most likely to communicate telepathically with ETs would be the most creative, e.g. in art, sculpture, music, dance, drama and writing. Many readers will be creative people and thus capable of telepathic communication with ETs.

I would be very interested to learn about people’s contact with ETs — telepathic communication or close-up visual contact with ETs / their craft (ideally with photos / video of the experience). Information can be shared in the comments section or e-mailed to me at AspectsofMind@protonmail.com

Update 19 Feb 2022

The observable universe.

To people in contact with our relatives elsewhere in the universe, I have requests for information based on previous posts.

A. From ET to End Time

  1. Illusion technology. How did the 9/11 murderers create the illusion of passenger jets impacting the World Trade Center towers?
  2. Directed Energy Weapons. How do they work, e.g. to dustify the towers and murder about 3,000 people on 9/11?
  3. Free-energy technology. How is this technology also used to control the environment, e.g. weather?

B. From ET to Enlightened Time

  1. Matching mounds and diagrams. In how many galaxies and on how many planets did ETs make mounds and diagrams like those of the Tholus (Mars) and Silbury Hill (England)?
  2. Open-cut mine. What is extracted from the mine in Juventae Chasma (Mars) and what is it used for?
  3. ET-made vs human-made craft. What are the main differences between ET-made and human-made craft that use anti-gravity technology?

C. Highly advanced life on Mars now

  1. Population size. How many highly advanced ETs are living on Mars now?
  2. Species and sub-species. (a) Are there different species / sub-species of humanoid ETs on Mars or is there only one type of humanoid ET on Mars? (b) If there is more than one humanoid species / sub-species on Mars, what are the main differences between them? (c) What other forms of life are on Mars?
  3. Use of Mars. For what purpose do ETs use Mars? For example, do they use it (a) as a permanent home or (b) as a base in our solar system?

D. Psychopathy and its treatment

  1. Treatment of dangerous criminals. Can ETs dustify the religiously criminal cabal and their collaborators in large groups? Can they do the population of a stolen country?
  2. Healing. Can ETs help us to heal our damaged environment, bodies and minds? In particular, can ETs save children who’ve been “vaccinated”?
  3. Prevention. Can ETs advise us on how to prevent another anti-life religious infection? Specifically, how should we deal with anyone who violates the universal law against interference in the affairs of others? For example, if anyone ever again tries to force their religion onto others (as jews / Christians did) should they be dustified on the spot?

Psychopathy and its treatment


This subject is discussed in the post Psychopaths.

The W.H.O. (World Health Organization)

Excerpts from V. S. Solovyev, (2021):1

  1. Human institutions …. are easily “captured”  (Gates is the largest investor in the W.H.O.), and once strategically invaded, they are obedient. 
  2. We assume that institutions like the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control) or the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) are simply acting just as they are supposed to: as public agencies of protection and civil defense. . . . But this is an incorrect assumption. 
  3. The global health organizations are highly porous politically, they are utterly dependent on numerous sources of financial support, and most of all, they are fully in compliance with larger authority networks, including select governments, private foundations, and authority figures from the political-state sphere.
  4. the Covid memetic was decades in the making …. It has a long pedigree in special interest ambitions ….
  5. The entire Covid “pharmakon” is permeated with Israel state and commercial interests, ideology, and political ambition
  6. The ideology stemming from ethno-religious and cooperative special interests, are the “code” that has activated the Covid program.

[My numbering and emphasis]

Death mandated by the W.H.O. in 1972

A friend (Ph.D., Pharmacology) who has studied this psychopathic conduct for many years helpfully explained that the “Covid Cabal is the most successful in a long string of the criminals attempting to destroy everyone’s immune systems.” This person pointed out that the evil intent can be traced back 50 years to Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Vol. 47, No. 2, 1972 .2 Excerpt from this W.H.O. publication:

  1. An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function, e.g., by depressing 7S versus 19S antibody, or by affecting T cell function as opposed to D cell function (Allison et al., 1971).
  2. The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus may itself be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens.
  3. If this proves to be the case, virus-induced immunodepression might conceivably be highly instrumental in prolonging certain virus infections, such as murine leukaemia, hepatitis, sub acute sclerosing panencephalitis, or infections caused by LDV, LCMV, or ADV.

[My numbering and emphasis]

For a scientifically informed discussion of the psychopathic Covid program, see the video Brain Jabbed (Feb 2022) by Richard Hall on RichPlanet TV.3 Evidence presented in the video shows that the jab is (a) not primarily a vaccine and (b) packed with carbon nanotubes and associated self-assembling intra-body nano network technology. As Richard Hall states in the video description, “we need to move quickly to get this evidence to the public and to police forces, so that the vaccine centres can be closed down and quarantined, and the perpetrators arrested and sentenced with assault and grievous bodily harm with intent.”

For insight into the sick minds that planned and directed this global atrocity, read The Talmud and the Jew World Order.

Treatment of psychopathy

According to modern mental health experts, psychopathy is not treatable. This is not true. As our Forefathers knew, there’s a highly effective treatment for dangerous psychopaths. Offenders are cured after one drop.

Image credit: J. Carleton4


  1. Solovyev, V.S. (2021). Vaccine Passports, White Terror and Political Control: Who’s Behind It. And Why? The Occidental Observer.
  2. Effects of viruses on the immune system, immune-complex diseases, and antibody-mediated immunologic injury, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Vol. 47, No. 2, 1972 (p. 259). The full article pdf is available here.
  3. Hall, Richard, RichPlanet TV.
  4. John C. Carleton

There’s a better way . . .

This image is explained in this post.

Highly advanced life on Mars now

The above photo shows a crater and dome in central Acidalia Planitia. The image was taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) on 10 February 2008 and posted on a University of Arizona Webpage. The picture is in Andrew Johnson’s book.1 ETs made this dome recently. Why and how they made it are discussed below.

Outline of this post

  1. Introduction
    NASA contempt for Truth and Truth-Seekers
  2. Conditions on Mars
    2.1 Atmospheric pressure
    2.2 Temperature
    2.3 Water
    2.4 Oxygen
  3. Primitive life on Mars now
  4. Highly advanced life on Mars now
    4.1 Modern ET buildings in Acidalia Planitia
    4.2 Modern ET building science
    4.3 Modern ET society
  5. Summary and Discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

For help in assessing the value or otherwise of my writing, I offer a personal note after the references.

1. Introduction

How can it be that we have clear evidence of highly advanced ET life on Mars now when NASA and ESA have tried to convince us that Mars is a barren and lifeless place? According to these taxpayer-funded space agencies, (a) Mars is too cold for liquid water to exist there (we are expected to believe that water only exists on Mars in the form of ice) and (b) any liquid water on Mars would immediately evaporate due to the planet’s near-vacuum atmosphere.1,2

The truth about Mars is very different to what we’ve been told.

Figure 1. The real colour of Mars’ sky. Image credit: Roffman.3

NASA contempt for Truth and Truth-Seekers

Since antiquity the colour blue stands for clear sky, thinking, truth.4 People like Andrew Johnson (engineer and educator),5 Richard Hall (engineer),6 David Roffman (PhD, Physics) and his father Barry Roffman (retired astronomy teacher) personify that meaning. In 2021 the Roffmans published Mars Correct: Critique of all NASA Mars weather data.3 Their scholarly document is scathing about NASA’s contempt for truth and truth-seekers. For example:

  1. “We had 36 years of wrong sky color that was ordered by former NASA Director James Fletcher, from 1976 until 2012.” (p. 178)
  2. “… as with the improper color of the Martian atmosphere portrayed by NASA … it is hard to believe that more of the data is not being colored by an agenda not in line with scientific integrity. ” (p. 82)
  3. “The enigma of dust devils on a planet with extremely low air pressure first led to this investigation into whether or not the public was being given correct data about Mars.” (p. 220)
  4. “Sand movement not possible at NASA’s claimed Martian air pressure.” (p. 226)
  5. “And what if the atmosphere is two orders of magnitude denser than NASA admits? Then all NASA Mars weather data is worthless.” (p. 172)
  6. “After factoring in altitude changes as Curiosity climbed Mount Sharp in Gale Crater during the 2018 Global Dust Storm … there was no increase in pressure that matched what was expected for an atmosphere carrying a new heavy dust load.” (p. 225)
  7. “The legitimacy of MSL ground temperature data has been in doubt ever since it first appeared (retroactively) about nine months after landing.” (p. 185)

    Note from Aspects of Mind: MSL stands for Mars Science Laboratory, a robotic space probe. NASA allegedly launched the MSL and its rover, Curiosity, from Earth on 26 November 2011 and it has allegedly been on Mars since landing in Gale Crater on 6 August 2012. An alternative meaning of MSL is More Shit and Lies from NASA.
  8. “However, inconsistent differences in air and ground temperature taken 1.5 meters apart suggest that ground temperatures from MSL are worthless.” (p. 176)
  9. “The REMS Team here appears to purposely sabotage all of its remaining credibility by going back and dropping very nearly all of its above freezing air temperatures to below freezing. The question which has not yet been answered by JPL (or by anyone else) – Who ordered these changes and why did they do so?” (p. 162)

    Note from Aspects of Mind: REMS stands for Rover Environmental Monitoring Station, a weather station that is attached to the Curiosity rover allegedly on Mars. In other words, the REMS Team are like sewage workers trying to manage NASA shit and lies.
  10. “All MSL Weather Reporting should be immediately taken away from the REMS Team ….” (p. 227)
  11. “… Beagle 2 was eventually found after 11 years, but the record shows suspect alteration of the landing ellipse size and the full report was classified.” (p. 225)
  12. “… false information … serves as a false basis for public support of tax-funded space programs. Worse, it leads to distrust of our Government and speculation about why our Government appears to be covering up the truth about Mars.” (p. 220)

My personal experience of NASA obstructiveness: I followed the links in Andrew Johnson’s book (2018)1 in order to download the dome image featured at the top of this page and the close-up image of the pipe structure shown below in Figure 8. Both of these images are now blurred to the extent that they are not nearly as informative as the images in Andrew Johnson’s book.

Barry Roffman7 calls NASA’s anti-social conduct for what it is, fraud, despite having received threats against his safely for exposing the space agency’s lies.

2. Conditions on Mars

2.1 Atmospheric pressure

Based on the height of stratus clouds above Mars Pathfinder, Roffman (2021) predicted pressures of about 511 mbar at areoid (the Martian equivalent of sea level), 767 mbar at MSL, and at the Hellas Basin pressures would be above the average pressures on Earth. These pressures would enable both ice and liquid water (when warm enough) to exist at the surface of Mars.3

Roffman (2021)3 notes effects of this atmospheric density:

  • Unexpectedly high deceleration during aerobraking operations at Mars for Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and ExoMars.
  • Lower than expected ultraviolet radiation — UV radiation is not extremely high on Mars, including sunny days.
  • Stratus clouds at high altitudes.
  • On Mars dust devils match terrestrial dust devils in every respect except absolute and relative pressure excursions.
  • The widespread presence of running water now shown to exist on the surface of Mars.

2.2 Temperature

Roffman (2021):3 Data about weather on Mars remains obscure. In particular there is no reliable ground temperature data. As NASA is evidently dishonest, their low Martian temperatures reported may be far too low.7 Nonetheless, as is indicated below, for at least some of the year it is warm enough for water to flow in numerous locations on the surface of Mars.

Figure 2. Topographic map of Mars. Image credit: Wikipedia8

On the above map of Mars the names of three regions are bordered in yellow:

  1. Acidalia Planitia — a plain beneath which is almost certainly a frozen sea; site of modern ET buildings.
  2. Cydonia — an area of flat-topped mesa-like features; site of ancient ET structures, including the face sculpture, the D&M pyramid and many other pyramids.
  3. Utopia Planitia — a large plain; in 2016 a frozen sea was discovered beneath the surface.

2.3 Water

Liquid water
There is proof of liquid water running at or near the surface in many locations on Mars in the form of Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL).3 These flows occur on warm slopes during the warmest months on Mars in places with peak surface temperatures from −23 °C to 27 °C. One of the confirmed RSL sites is in Acidalia Planitia,3 a plain on Mars where there are modern ET buildings (discussed below).

Frozen sea
On 22 November 2016 NASA announced that data from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s ground-penetrating Shallow Radar (SHARAD) instrument had revealed a frozen sea at Utopia Planitia (a large plain to the east of Acidalia Planitia).2 According to NASA this sea contains as much fresh water as is in Lake Superior (largest of the Great Lakes) on Earth and it is only about 3 to 33 feet (1 to 10 meters) beneath the land surface.2

The sea at Utopia Planitia is likely part of the larger sea that once covered most of the ancient Martian northern hemisphere. Therefore much of the other low areas (coloured in blue in Figure 2) likely contain large amounts of ice.3 On that basis nearby Acidalia Planitia, also low, could be expected to have frozen sea close to the land surface. On the basis of ETs’ modern water management system in Acidalia Planitia (discussed below) we can be certain that there is sea beneath that surface.

2.4 Oxygen

We are told that the atmosphere of Mars contains only trace levels of oxygen and is 95% carbon dioxide (in contrast, the atmosphere of Earth is 20.95% oxygen).8 Even at that low level of oxygen, a study cited by Roffman3 found that Mars has enough oxygen in brines near the surface to support primitive life up through the level of sponges. However this study is based on the almost certainly incorrect but widely accepted atmospheric pressure of only 6.1 mbar at areoid. In contrast, Roffman calculated that the real pressure at areoid is much higher at about 511 mbar. If the higher figure is correct, there would be even more dissolved oxygen on Mars.3

Considering NASA’s likely huge understatement of Martian atmospheric pressure, it is quite possible that they have also greatly misled us about the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. The carbon dioxide level could be MUCH lower, and the oxygen level MUCH higher in that atmosphere than NASA states.7 In fact there are images of Mars that suggest the presence of enough plant life on that planet to produce a high level of oxygen in the atmosphere.7

3. Primitive life on Mars now

Images from the Viking 1 (NASA spacecraft, landed on Mars 20 July 1976) landing site show green patches on rock. The patches resemble algae or lichens and may manufacture oxygen. Such photosynthetic life could be all over Mars.7 This observation is consistent with images of Mars (e.g. those presented by A. Johnson1) that seem to show trees and other vegetation. In the view of Roffman (2021),3 “there is outstanding evidence that there are primitive and probably terrestrial-sourced life (algae, bacteria, fungi, basidiomycota (puffballs), cyanobacteria, stromatolites, and lichens) on Mars now.” (p. 228)

It is suspected that the reason for NASA deliberately misrepresenting the colours on Mars after the Viking 1 discovery was to hide such evidence of life.7

Figure 3. The dome featured above but with the doorway highlighted.

4. Highly advanced life on Mars now

4.1 Modern ET buildings in Acidalia Planitia

The modern ET structures considered are domes, pipes and ground covering some of the pipes.

Domes: Notable features

  • Good condition. These are not ancient ruins. Images show domes that are in good condition for current use.
  • Size. As we can see from image strips (links in A. Johnson’s book1), dome sizes vary considerably. To give an idea of dome size, the dome featured above is built in a crater measuring about 530 metres (660 yards) across.1 I estimated that the visible dome would therefore be roughly 228 metres (249 yards) wide and the doorway about 64 metres (70 yards) wide.
  • Openings. The domes and dome-like structures have one or more doorways.
  • Craters. Many of the domes are built in craters.
  • Organic shapes. Within the structure of domes we see organic shapes.

Pipes: Notable features

Figure 4. Pipe junction. Image credit: J. Danger9

Figures 5a and 5b. Two views of the same area showing ground shaped over the
pipes. Image credits: A. Johnson1 and E. Lausch.10

  • Good condition. As with domes, we see pipes that are in good condition for current use.
  • Size. On the basis of dimensions given1 for the area in Figure 5 I estimated that at its maximum the visible pipe is roughly 100 metres high and 100 metres wide. Some pipes shown on image strips (links in A. Johnson’s book1) look bigger than this pipe.
  • Interconnection. As we can see in image strips of this area, there is a mass of interconnected pipes in Acidalia Planitia.
  • Above and below ground. In many places pipes are seen coming up from underground / going underground, as shown in Figures 4 and 5.

Figure 6. Pipe openings. Image credit: J. Danger9

  • Openings. In some places pipes open into a crater or other depression, as shown in Figure 6.
  • Organic shapes. As with the domes, in close-up images of the pipes we see organic shapes.

Dome and pipe connection

The domes and pipes are connected within a larger system (this is apparent in image strips of Acidalia Planitia).

Dome and pipe system purpose

Considering the almost certain presence of a vast body of water beneath that surface and the opening of pipes into what look like reservoirs (at dome sites and elsewhere), this would be a water transport and management system. Many other people have reached the same conclusion.

Ground covering pipes

In Figures 5a and 5b we see a roof following the shape of the visible pipes and this roof overhangs the visible pipes. Eric Lausch10 explains that “shape-from-shading” (photoclinometry) was used to determine the surface shape in Figure 5b. This enables us to see that the roof covers many invisible pipes running at right angles to the visible pipes. These features indicate that — like the domes and pipes — the ground covering was designed and constructed by ETs.

Figure 7. Calcite (CaCO3)

4.2 Modern ET building science


Biocement could be used to produce the marble-like domes and pipes as well as the ground coverings.

As of 2004 researchers at Murdoch University (Perth, Western Australia) have known that:11,12,13

  1. In the right circumstances, the bacterium Sporosarcina pasteurii (formerly known as Bacillus pasteurii) generates binding calcite cement (calcium carbonate).
  2. Treatment of soft sand with this bacterium makes the sand harder. Depending on the number of treatments, the sand can be turned into stone that resembles marble.
  3. The treatment process is rapid, does not need oxygenation, and works on a large scale, e.g. the researchers turned sand in a shipping container into stone.

Potential applications of this biocementation technique noted by the researchers include:

  • Mining. Tunnels drilled into sand could be made stable.
  • Construction. Retaining banks such as dikes could be solidified.
  • Roads. Spray-on roads across the desert.

Figure 8. Close-up views of a dome and pipe (cropped from Figures 3 and 5a). Image credits A. Johnson.1


In Figure 8 we see that the dome and pipe share the following features:

  • Geometric and organic shapes, i.e. they look as if they were grown.
  • They could be made from marble-like stone, i.e. they are reflective and hard-looking.
  • Both have ribs.
  • Their ribs are connected by strands of the same material.
  • Both structures look as if they could be built entirely from the strands.
  • The overlying ground has a mat-like appearance, as if it too could be made up of strands.

How might ETs have directed the bacterium Sporosarcina pasteurii or similar (e.g. bacteria synthesized specifically for each of these three applications) to biocement sand into strands that form domes, pipes and shaped ground covering? Human advances in biotechnology can at least give us an idea about how ETs might have exercised such fine control over biocementation in civil engineering. For example, Kriegman et al. (2021)14 showed that artificial intelligence can design clusters of cells that replicate and perform useful work with little outside guidance.

4.3 Modern ET society

“… the more we study Mars, the more it looks like Earth.” (Roffman, 2021, p. 69)3 Similarly, the more I learn about ETs, the more I appreciate that they are advanced versions of ourselves.

Due to their control over biology, ETs would have solved problems of disease and ageing. However, like us, they will experience a range of emotions including joy, fear, anger and sadness; and like us they will go through life stages. Earlier in life they’ll have rites of passage, e.g. demonstrating bravery and skill by flying near the primitives (humans) without getting shot down. At the end of their lives, when they feel ready for life beyond spatial reality, ETs might painlessly switch off their biology in a joyful community celebration. This event would include their version of human pagans’ Laying to Rest ceremony. Other religious rites similar to ours would include Handfasting (wedding ceremony), Naming ceremony for new-born babies and honouring Ancestors, our Creator and Nature / the Universe.

We would also relate to ETs’ pleasures, including music. In particular, ETs might like harp music because they are enlightened beings and the harp is an ancient instrument of angels. You could hear soothing harp music in ET spacecraft terminals and on board their craft. The music might help to reduce the intensity and frequency of passenger panic attacks when flying in the vicinity of us hostile primitives on Earth.

5. Summary and Discussion

NASA lied to us about Mars (and much else) and perpetrated fraud against the tax payers who fund it. We can reasonably assume that this deception includes withholding images of Mars that show ETs’ spacecraft, living areas and more. In addition to the psychopathic tendencies that predispose some individuals / groups to lie, thieve and murder, following are likely specific objectives of this deception:

  • Dark projects. Diversion of money ostensibly for space exploration into secret projects. Known results of such projects include Directed Energy Weapons (used on 9/11) and the TR-3B (“flying triangle”).15
  • Victim dis-empowerment. Those who seek to control and abuse us (as the psychopaths behind the pan-vax control / cull op are doing) try to isolate their victims from potential sources of support. For example, an abusive partner will typically try to cut his victim off from her friends / family who might otherwise intervene and stop the abuse. Similarly, the religiously criminal liars, thieves and murderers who are now trying to install their long-planned world government (New World Order) have spent many decades undermining the social cohesion of our societies (including their destruction of our ethnocentrism via multi-racialism), leaving ever more individuals isolated behind their electronic indoctrination devices. Trying to prevent us from knowing that there is immense support available from highly advanced ETs would be part of the victim dis-empowerment process. Knowing about this support would psychologically empower us and lead to more effective coping. The difference between feeling dis-empowered and empowered can be the difference between tolerating abuse / murder and recovery.

6. Conclusion

  1. This post shows that highly advanced ETs are living on Mars now.
  2. We know from the previous post that ETs are ready, able and willing to help us, e.g. they might be able to save children who were offered up for the Satanics’ “vaccination.”
  3. Before ETs can help us we must take back control of our planet from the Satanics, including those in control of NASA.

This image is explained in the previous post.

7. References

  1. Johnson, Andrew (2018). Secrets in the Solar System: Gatekeepers on Earth. Andrew Johnson discusses this book with Richard Hall in this video on RichPlanet TV.
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Enlightened Action . . . . .

Note about me (Aspects of Mind)

  1. Trade: Clinical Psychologist (four degrees, including PhD). I am not a scientist. I approach the subject of ETs from my work perspective, which includes trying to grasp the essence of subjects in order to help effect positive behaviour change.
  2. Other influences: This approach is influenced by my other interests, including (a) Art (e.g. making sculpture), (b) Nature (e.g. learning from nature), and (c) Psychospiritual (e.g. meditation, non-local perception / ESP including telepathy, interpretation of symbols, such as those in dreams, stones and ET buildings).
  3. Purpose of my writing: The aim of this altruistic effort is explained on the Home page.

From ET to Enlightened Time

The image shows symbols of (a) enlightenment (Swastika), (b) creation (the zinc fireworks of human egg fertilization1,2 ) and (c) results of (a) + (b).

Outline of this post

  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of geometric shapes, numbers and colours. This section includes a test, Do you know your Mars from your elbow?
  3. What can ETs offer us?
  4. Summary and Conclusion
  5. References

1. Introduction

The aim of this post is to highlight evidence of extraterrestrial beings’ (ETs) enlightenment and the almost unimaginable benefits of a positive human – ET relationship. Although ETs do not seem to have made structures on Mars that look exactly like a Swastika, the shapes of some ET structures are similar in certain respects to the Solar Wheel / Swastika and their symbolism is similar to that of these human-made shapes. This subject is discussed below with the help of many pictures.

From Solar Wheel to dynamic Solar Wheel, i.e. Swastika.

The Swastika is a geometric symbol found in nearly all ancient societies, including those of Britain, Ireland, Mycenae and Gascony; among the Etruscans, the Hindus, the Celts and the Germanic peoples; in central Asia and in pre-Columbian America. The Swastika is a form of Solar Wheel. Like the Solar Wheel, it is (a) a type of cross, (b) a symbol of the supreme deity and (c) a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. In addition, the Swastika denotes rotation about an axis and swift movement, i.e. dynamism.3

2. Meaning of geometric shapes, numbers and colours

2.1 Meaning of Geometric Shapes

L to R. Top: a. circle/sphere, b. triangle/pyramid, c. square/cube, d. rectangle/cuboid. Bot: a. circle/torus, b. circle/triangle/cone, c. circle/rectangle/cylinder, d. sculpture (Pharaoh).

Since antiquity humans have used geometric diagrams to visually express universal truths. These symbols can be used to induce certain mental states and encourage the spirit to move forward along its path of evolution.3 Noted below are the meanings of basic shapes according to A Dictionary of Symbols,3 one of the best-known references of its kind. The Dictionary compiles information on hundreds of symbols and their meanings from a wide variety of sources. In brackets after the shape names below are the numerical values of the shapes.

Circle (1). Heaven, oneness, wholeness, cosmos, the All, eternal order, eternity, continuity, cyclic processes, stability, the sun. The wheel is a common symbol of this Centre and the cycle of transformations. The number one (the Creator, Centre, unity) never corresponds to the manifest world or spatial reality. As is explained below in Meaning of Numbers, the circle can also be associated with the number twelve.3

Triangle (3). Fire (agent of destruction and regeneration), communication between the material world and heaven. The number three denotes spirit and spiritual synthesis, e.g. in the cosmic tree of Odinism the nine worlds are on three basic levels of consciousness.3

Square (4). The earth, material world, longing for power and domination, things quaternary, e.g. the four elements, seasons, stages of Man’s life, points of the compass. The square, or where necessary the rectangle, is the shape most frequently used by man, e.g. for a house, room, table, bed. It corresponds to the cross formed by the four cardinal points (north, south, east, west).3

Cross (4). The cosmic tree (called Yggdrasil in Odinism), spiritual ascension, conjunction of opposites (positive – negative, superior – inferior, life – death). There are many different forms of cross, including those in a Y-shape or T-shape. A cross formed by the four cardinal points has the same quaternary meanings as a square.3

Shape combinations in a diagram

  • The superior (or principal) elements are always those nearest the centre of a geometric diagram.
  • A round empty space in the centre of a diagram represents unity, the realm that is beyond space and time.
  • A circle around a square denotes unity of the contradictions and irregularities (angles and sides) of the material world.
  • A triangle (with apex uppermost) between a square and a circle symbolizes the relationship (represented by the triangle) between earth and heaven.
  • Although the geometric symbol of the earth is a square (or cube) and the symbol of heaven is a circle (or sphere), sometimes an outer circle is used to denote the earth (outer world) while an inner circle represents heaven (inner world).
  • Further to the above, it follows that as One refers to the Creator, outer circles would refer to the multiplicity of material phenomena.3

Shapes with bulk

The meanings of two- and three-dimensional shapes overlap, e.g. the sphere (circle) is associated with heaven, the pyramid (triangles) with communication between the material world and heaven, and the cube (square) with earth. Beyond these shared meanings, three-dimensional shapes combine the meanings of their constituent shapes.3

Hemisphere and Mound

In Egyptian hieroglyphics the symbol for a hemisphere (a semicircle with the diameter as the base) refers to the sun’s orbit. It symbolizes the Origin counterbalanced by the End or birth counterbalanced by death. Similarly, in its combination of a semicircle with a circular base (cyclic processes, transformation), in Egyptian hieroglyphics the symbol for a mound of earth (a rectangle with two sides incomplete) represents the intermediate stages of matter.3


The pyramid is a profound architectural symbol that indicates totality (tending toward Oneness).3

It is a synthesis of different forms, each with its own significance. It combines the shape of its base (usually square, i.e. representing the earth) with triangles (representing communication between the material world and heaven). In a quadrangular pyramid, each face of the pyramid corresponds to one of the cardinal points and the summit (apex) represents the centre. The apex is the starting-point and finishing-point of all things —the mystic Centre.3

Cone, cylinder and other geometric shapes with bulk

As with the above-mentioned three-dimensional shapes, these shapes derive their meaning from the shapes of which they are made. For example, the cone signifies psychic Oneness by combining the meanings of the circle and triangle, and the cylinder (tower, pipe / tubular structures) indicates unity of the material and spiritual worlds by combining the meanings of the circle and square / rectangle.3


Chronology of sculpture on Earth:4

  • 230,000 BC. Primitive stone effigies.
  • 35,000 BC. Sculpture proper — carvings of animals, birds, and therianthropic figures.
  • 10,000 BC. Free-standing sculpture.
  • 4,000 BC. Free-standing sculpture and bronze statuettes.
  • 3,000 BC. Spectacular sculpture associated with Egyptian pyramid architecture (3,000 BC onward), e.g. divine statues, colossal figures guarding the pylons, and long avenues of sphinxes. The art and architecture of Ancient Egypt reflected Egyptians’ belief that life in this world is followed by eternal afterlife.

2.2 Meaning of Numbers

It is suggested that after the numbers three (triangle) and four (square), the next most important numbers are seven (their sum) and twelve (their multiplication).3

Matching formations on Mars (L) and Earth (R). Image credit: S. Onstott.5


Seven is shown graphically by joining the triangle and the square. The triangle is either superimposed upon or inscribed within the square. The significance of this number is shown by examples such as the seven colours of a rainbow, days of the week, notes of the diatonic musical scale, seas, planets, directions of space, deadly sins.

Further to the above image, the number seven also occurs in the beautiful correspondence between structures made by human/oids on Mars (Cydonia) and Earth (Avebury, England). These structures have the same shapes (circles, mounds, triangles), the same spatial relationships, and the same angles (19.47 degrees). This coincidence cannot have occurred by chance. It indicates that human/oids on Mars and Earth were involved with one another. Further, the ratio of the Cydonia : Avebury formation sizes is 7:1. Engineer and educator Andrew Johnson6 of CheckTheEvidence7 discusses this subject in detail.

Tholus (L) and Silbury Hill. Tholus image credit: A. Johnson6

The large mound that is part of the formation in Cydonia is called the Tholus. It is similar to Silbury Hill, which is part of the corresponding formation in England. On top of the Tholus are the outlines of a triangle joined to a square, similar to the diagram on top of Silbury Hill.

Note: (a) The triangle bases of the Tholus and Silbury Hill are implied; (b) There are other images of Silbury Hill online that show aspects of the square and triangle more clearly than this photo does; and (c) Silbury Hill is a prehistoric human/oid-made mound that was completed 4,300 years ago, its shape has deteriorated, we need to look carefully to see the triangle + square diagram.

The meaning of the Tholus and Silbury Hill diagrams is equivalent to that of the quadrangular pyramid as the pyramid also combines the square (base) and triangle (triangular sides). Specifically, the diagrams on the Tholus and Silbury Hill represent (a) the number 7 in their combinations of the triangle (no. 3, spirit) and square (no. 4, material world), (b) communication between the material world and heaven (this meaning is reinforced by the contact between the triangle apex and the circular mound), (c) Oneness (the diagrams occur within circular mounds), and (d) Universal Oneness in view of the correspondence between the Cydonia and Avebury formations. Universal Oneness would be further emphasized by the likely correspondence between these formations and similar formations built by the ETs on other planets in our universe.

Signs of the Zodiac


As the symbolism of a dodecagon (a polygon with 12 sides and 12 angles) is practically identical to that of a circle, the number twelve is associated with the circle (cosmic order). Therefore systems or patterns based upon the circle or the cycle tend to have twelve as the end-limit, e.g. the twelve signs of the zodiac, hours on the clock-face, months of the year, major gods of many mythologies (including Odinism, in which there are twelve principal gods). Such examples evidence an order founded upon patterns of twelve.3

On Mars we see examples of the circle (associated with the number twelve) and square (4) x triangle (3) combinations in ET structures. This is consistent with ETs’ science, which is based on twelve dimensions of reality (this is discussed below in relation to Wilbert Smith). And of course their spacecraft are circular.

Do you know your Mars from your elbow?

A test to help consolidate our knowledge of geometric shapes and numbers. In each pair of photos one is of Earth, the other is of Mars. The photos of Mars were taken from craft in orbit around that planet. Photos from the Rovers are excluded because there is evidence to suggest that those vehicles are really on Devon Island, Canada.8

In this test we can consider the meaning of individual shapes, combinations of shapes, and arrangement of shapes. We can also speculate about the meaning of ET sculpture. Look at each picture and decide upon (a) the location (Earth or Mars) and (b) the meaning of the ET/human-made shapes. Answers to the test and image credits are given below, immediately before the references.

1. Circles, inner and outer circle, mounds in circular shapes (suggesting the torus), narrow-based triangle (wedge).

2. Circles, inner and outer circles, a square.

3. Circular mounds with matching diagrams.

4. Channels in the shape of a T-cross.

5. Pyramids.

6. Pyramids and other objects including sculpture, outlines of square / rectangular shapes on the ground.

7. Pyramids.

8. Outlines and walls of square / rectangular structures.

9. Faces (one of these faces is a geological feature, i.e. not human/oid-made).

10. Open-cut mines showing the characteristic ‘benches’.

11. Tubular structures.

12. Aircraft (one is a genuine photo, the other an artist’s impression).

End of test.

A Reuleaux (L, C) and the D&M pyramids, Mars. Image credit: Haas et al.9

Analysis of two pyramids

As examples of ET pyramid symbolism, we can consider the Reuleaux and D&M pyramids (shown above).

Reuleaux pyramid

This Reuleaux pyramid is in the Candor Chasma region of Mars.9 As the illustration shows, the ETs incorporated three circles in the design of its base to create the most powerful symbol of the Divine — a Triunity (also called Trinity) of Triunities in the three lines of the Y-shaped cross, the three faces, and the three circles.

D&M pyramid

This five-sided pyramid is in the Cydonia region. At its apex there are two 90 degree angles and three 60 degree angles.9

Symbolism of the D&M pyramid

  • Odd numbers and their geometric forms (e.g. three, five, triangle or pentagon) indicate dynamism. In contrast, even numbers and their forms (e.g. four, six, eight, square, hexagon, octagon) indicate stability, firmness, definition.3
  • The number five corresponds to the five Elements (four material Elements + spirit or quintessence).3
  • The number five denotes love, health and humanity.3
  • The number five is analogous with the human figure (four extremities + head).3
  • The pyramid looks like a stick man with legs apart and raised arms.

My view: This pentagon (5 sides) pyramid symbolizes a dynamic (interactive, aware / active) relationship with our Creator (all pyramids are about material world – heaven communication) in all things (the five Elements) for the purposes of love, health and humanity.

2.3 Meaning of Colours

The Seven Colours of a Rainbow

Going clockwise on the above image, the colours of a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. As the blue and indigo can be seen as light and dark shades of blue, the number of colours in a rainbow can be viewed as six.3

In common usage, both violet and purple refer to a variety of colours between blue and red.10 However, historically violet has referred to bluer hues and and purple to redder hues.10 As the colour shown above as violet is more red than blue, it is within the range of reddish blues traditionally known as purple.

Symbolism of rainbow colours

Colour symbolism is one of the most universal of all types of symbolism.3 Beyond the superficial classification of colours suggested by optics and experimental psychology (e.g. warm ‘advancing’ colours vs cold ‘retreating’ colours) there are ancient and enduring meanings of colour. Following are some of these meanings for the rainbow colours according to A Dictionary of Symbols.3

  • Red. Blood, animal life, wounds, fire, passion, activity, suffering, purification, sublimation, love.
  • Orange. Fire, flames, ferocity, cruelty, egoism, desperation, pride, ambition.
  • Yellow. Sun, light, illumination.
  • Green. Vegetable life, fertility of the fields, nature, immediate natural life.
  • Blue. Rarefied atmosphere, clear sky, thinking, heaven, truth.
  • Blue (light). Sky and day, clear sky, calm sea.
  • Blue (dark, Indigo). Sky and night, stormy sea.
  • Purple (Violet). Power, spirituality, sublimation.
Other colours
  • Pink. Colour of flesh. Sensuality and emotions.
  • Gold. Glory, superiority, hidden or elusive treasure, mystic aspect of the sun.
  • Silver. Mystic aspect of the moon.
  • Brown and ochre. Earth.
  • Grey. Neutralization, depression, inertia, indifference (meanings derived from the colour of ashes).
  • Black. The profoundest meaning is occultation and germination in darkness. It also stands for passivity, fertilized land, prime matter, fermentation, putrefaction, penitence, all preliminary stages, mineral life.
  • White. Illumination, ascension, revelation, pardon, remission, innocence, purity, timelessness, ecstasy.
  • Black and White. As diametrically opposed symbols of the negative and positive, either in simultaneous, successive or alternating opposition, combinations of Black and White are very common, e.g. the binary symbol of the Chinese Yin-Yang. The combination of Black and White represents the ceaseless alternations of death/life, dark/light and disappearance/appearance that make possible the continued existence of phenomena.

Psychological development and colour preference

Children cannot relate to mixed or impure colours because they lack the required psychological maturity. Therefore children reject all mixed or impure colours.3 Conversely, art of the most advanced and refined cultures shows a preference for subtle tones such as yellowish mauve, near-violet pink and greenish ochres.3

Flag colours

In view of the relationship between colour preference and psychological maturity, I investigated the preference for purple in countries’ flag colours. As the most advanced symbolism of the rainbow colours is for violet / purple (power, spirituality, sublimation), one might expect to see a preference for purple in flags of the most psychologically advanced countries.

I looked at the current flag colours of all countries and found the following: Although the colour purple is not a major constituent of any current national flags, purple is a major constituent of other flags for two counties: Spain and Japan.

In Spain, purple is a major (at least 90% in most cases) constituent of the flags for Balearic Islands, Castile and León, Álava, Burgos, Córdoba, Guadalajara, Palencia, Soria and Mallorca. In Japan, purple is a major (at least 90% in most cases) constituent of the flags for the Standard of the Prime Minister of Japan, the Naval standard of the Prime Minister of Japan, Gunma, Kyoto, Okayama, Tokyo, Yamanashi and Kawasaki.11

Spain and Japan’s preference for the colour purple seems consistent with the above-mentioned association of psychological development and colour preference.

3. What can ETs offer us?

Wilbert B. Smith (1910-1962 )

Wilbert Smith (B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering) occupied a responsible position in the Canadian government, authored several technical papers, and undertook formal research into the subject of ETs. Smith benefited from his personal communication with ETs. He wrote a book, The New Science,12 based on what he learned from them. Although he was not able to complete the book before his death from cancer at only 52, the book is unique in its integration of material and spiritual aspects of reality according to Twelve Parameters of the Universe, in their Four Fabrics of Three Parameters each. This new science enables the study of the evolution of the basic building blocks of our universe from the Creator’s point of view.

Wilbert Smith also gave an important talk (the Ottawa Address13 ) on 31 March 1958.

Points from Smith’s talk and book

Wilbert Smith and others established channels of communication with the ETs. Initially the humans focused on trying to learn about ET science and technology. The ETs suggested certain crucial experiments to confirm the validity of their science. The humans carried out these experiments successfully. However beyond that initial practical success, the ET science was so different to human science that it was incomprehensible. Therefore the humans focused instead on ET philosophy and learned the following:

1. Oneness

  • There is a basic Oneness of the universe and all that’s in it.
  • Science, philosophy, religion, substance and energy are all facets of the same jewel.
  • Before any one facet can be appreciated the form of the jewel itself must be perceived.

2. Family

  • This planet has been colonized many times by people from elsewhere.
  • We are not alone. The human race in the form of man extends throughout the universe and it is incredibly ancient.
  • Our present human race are blood brothers and sisters of these people.

3. Help

  • ETs are interested in us. They stand by ready, able and willing to help us.
  • They cannot help us until we are ready for their help. To intervene before we are ready would be in violation of a universal law against interference in the affairs of others.
  • Violation of this universal law leads to suffering.

4. Science

  • ETs told Smith that science really is much more simple than we imagine and all the component parts fit together perfectly without any corrections.
  • We need to start again and reassemble our knowledge in accordance with new science such as Smith outlined in the above-mentioned book.
  • According to Smith’s book, this would involve seeing our universe from the Creator’s point of view in terms of Twelve Parameters in Four Fabrics of Three Parameters each.

Help from ETs

As in all help requiring cooperation of the recipient, we would need to (a) see the problem, (b) want to fix the problem and (c) want to collaborate with the helper.

There is evidently widespread awakening concerning (a) and (b). However, concerning (c), humans are still hostile toward ETs. Apparently this is with a view to further theft of ET technology by studying their craft. Normal people do not seek help from a doctor by entering the surgery with guns blazing in order to seize the medical equipment. This is effectively what humans have done in relation to ETs. As is documented in the research of Andrew Johnson,14 (i) the two ET spacecraft shot down in Roswell are among several ET craft that humans have shot down, (ii) humans have also behaved aggressively toward other ET craft (e.g. fired at them, damaged their craft without bringing it down), and (iii) consequently radar evidence indicates that ET craft in the vicinity of Earth now keep a safe distance from humans.

Examples of help with science and technology potentially available from these highly advanced ET beings:

1. Free-energy15 and anti-gravity16 technologies

  • No environmental pollution, clean manufacturing and transportation.
  • Easy travel on Earth and beyond to other places in our universe.

2. Improved communication17

  • Instantaneous communication by means such as gravity waves and telepathy.
  • No more biological harm of our existing wireless technology.

3. Medicine

  • Cures for diseases that afflict humans.
  • This could include genetic engineering to undo harm of the psychopaths’ “vaccination.”

Note: There is compelling evidence to suggest that ETs genetically engineered humans. These remarkable findings are discussed by Andrew Johnson of CheckTheEvidence7 as of page 246 in Acknowledged: A perspective on UFOs, Aliens and Crop Circles.14

If anyone can fix the genetic damage of the “vaccination” it will be our ET relatives. Such treatment is beyond the capabilities of human doctors but ETs are much more advanced than human doctors.

Falsely blaming ET

One of the many potential threats to us is more 9-11 type attacks by the psychopaths using Directed Energy Weapons. The evil-doers would then again try to blame innocent people for their crimes. This subject is discussed in a recent programme18 on RichPlanet TV. Apparently the criminals have exhausted the potential for using Nazis, Muslims, “climate change,” “pandemic” etc as cover for their evil deeds. Soon they might try to hide behind “ET did it,” like the equally absurd “Al-Qaida did it.”

4. Summary and Conclusion

  1. ETs are highly advanced, including their spirituality, science and technology.
  2. ETs’ emphasis on the Universe (including heaven), Universality (Oneness) and science indicates that — like the Egyptians who built pyramids and the Britons who built Silbury Hill — ET religion is natural, i.e. a form of paganism.
  3. Like Odinism (the European form of paganism), which involves a profound understanding of the laws of Nature and of our purpose in life,19 ET religion is based on the laws of Nature / the Universe, e.g. as symbolized by the D&M pyramid on Mars.
  4. Before our spiritual awareness (Nature / God-consciousness) decayed via Judaism / Christianity, humans were substantially involved with ETs.
  5. It seems likely that when we recover our Nature / God-consciousness (and cease all aggression toward ETs) we will again benefit from a relationship with ETs.
  6. The potential benefits of such contact include those of science, technology and the psychospiritual fulfilment of enlightened living.
  7. The Swastika flag in purple (shown below) symbolizes our way forward.

Our way forward . . . . .

Answers to the Test

All the images on the left are of Mars (except in the case of no. 12 as explained below). All the images on the right are of Earth, or visible from Earth in the case of no. 12.

L. Cliff and crater in Cydonia, Mars.6 (These structures feature above in Meaning of Numbers.)
R. The Neolithic henge monument (2,500 BC) of Arbor Low, Derbyshire, UK.11

The torus. A recent study20 suggests that the universe could be shaped like a torus (a donut, a car tyre tube) and not infinite. Perhaps ETs knew that and refer to the torus in their symbols.

L. Arrangement of stones in Nilosyrtis Mensae, Mars.21 The circle diameters are about 90 and 47 metres. The formation is comparable to Stonehenge (constructed from 3,000 to 2,000 BC), Wiltshire, UK.11
R. Stone circles on Earth (location unknown).

L. Tholus in Cydonia, Mars.6
R. Silbury Hill (constructed from 2,400–2,300 BC), Wiltshire, UK. It is the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe and similar in size to some of the smaller Egyptian pyramids of the Giza Necropolis.11

(These circular mounds with matching diagrams feature above in Meaning of Numbers.)

L. T-shaped (a form of cross) channel, south east of Olympus Mons, Mars.6
R. A Persian Qanat, an ancient water management system in the Arabian Peninsula.

L. Pyramids in the Cerebrus region, Mars.6
R. Pyramids of Egypt (dating from c. 2,630 BC).11

L. Pyramids and other objects in the Cydonia region, Mars.22
R. Pyramids of Egypt (dating from c. 2,630 BC).11

L. Pyramid in the Western Region of Candor Chasma, Mars.9 (This pyramid features above in Analysis of Two Pyramids.)
R. Ancient pyramid in China.9

L. Structures on Mars.6
R. Hibabiya, an early Islamic village in the Jordanian desert.

L. Face in the Cydonia region, Mars.6
R. “Sphinx” in the Bucegi Natural Park, Romania.

L. Open-cut mine on Mars — mountain in Juventae Chasma.6
R. Open-cut mine on Earth.

L. Tubular structures on Mars.6
R. Ribbed pipe on Earth.

L. An artist’s impression of a craft that could be from Mars (or elsewhere).
R. A flying triangle (the TR-3B) filmed using night vision in Longview, Texas on 27 Oct 2015.23 The destructive use of this secret military technology is highlighted in the previous post.

Symbolism of the aircraft shapes

  • Meanings of the circle include Oneness, eternal order, cosmos.3
  • Meanings of the triangle include fire (destruction and regeneration). As this triangular craft is on a horizontal (earthly) plane, without an apex toward heaven or a circle, its triangles relate to the material world. This meaning is reinforced by the three rectangles (one along each vertical side of the craft) that connect the upper and lower triangles. Squares / rectangles imply a longing for power.3 In other words, the “flying triangle” represents (a) an intense longing for Earthly / material power and (b) destruction.

5. References

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Family. Ready to help.

From ET to End Time

The title might have been From ET to Enlightened Time if we had not allowed ourselves to be ruled by psychopaths.

Truth-seekers already know that alien spacecraft have visited Earth, that many Crop Formations (“Crop Circles”) were not natural phenomena or made by hoaxers, and that the evil cabal used advanced secret technology to murder about three thousand people on 9/11 — a tragedy that Israeli observers celebrated but which fooled naive ‘goyim’ into killing hundreds of thousands of people who were not our enemies and displacing many millions more in service of the psychopaths.

However, many people do not yet realize that (1) the advanced technology was developed with the benefit of knowledge gained from extraterrestrial beings, (2) this technology was evident in man-made Crop Formations and UFOs, (3) the devastating use of this technology on 9/11 is likely to be followed by much more destructive use of it in World War III, (4) this technology could have been used for constructive rather than destructive purposes, and (5) the destruction is a cumulative effect of all our personal choices, made according to our levels of consciousness (awareness), which were generally low, i.e. we were ignorant.

These five points are discussed below with the help of invaluable research published by engineer and educator Andrew Johnson of CheckTheEvidence1 and other important investigators.

1. Technology from extraterrestrials

It seems that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for a very long time. For example, the Starchild skull is a 900-year-old bone skull found in Mexico in the 1930s. Scientific analysis of the skull proves beyond any reasonable doubt that it is not human.2 The late Lloyd Pye discusses the Starchild skull in a video.3

Roswell alien spacecraft crashes

In Roswell (New Mexico) two alien spacecraft crashed in 1947. They seem to have been either shot down or brought down using high-powered RADAR to interfere with their guidance or propulsion systems. Many witnesses spoke of this incident and it was reported in the local newspaper. Alien bodies (living and dead) and debris were flown to Wright Field, Ohio. One of the aliens survived until 1954. After his experience of the aliens, their technology and his experiments, Wilbert Smith (B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering) wrote about what he had learned, including free-energy technology and anti-gravity technology.2

Subsequent technological advances

After the scientific foundations for Electro-gravitics were laid by researchers such as Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), advances in this field were via the work of scientists including Thomas Townsend Brown (1905-1985), who was involved in building an anti-gravity craft.2,4,5,6 Many people have said that the US now has advanced craft based on technology learned from extraterrestrials. For example, there is the information from Edgar Fouché (1948- 2017) who worked between 1987 and 1995 as an Engineering Programme Manager and Site Manager for US DoD contractors involved in classified development. According to Fouché:5,6,7

  1. Advanced aircraft now possessed by the US includes a triangular craft called TR-3B.
  2. TR-3B is propelled by means of Magnetic Field Disruption (MFD).
  3. The MFD was reverse engineered from the craft of extraterrestrials.
  4. TR-3B is 600 feet across.
  5. It can hover silently and travel at up to Mach 9 in any direction (due to reduced G-forces).
  6. At least three TR-3Bs were flying by 1994.

2. Technology in Crop Formations and UFOs

Crop Formations

“Crop Formation” is a more accurate term than “Crop Circle” as many of the formations are not circles. These formations became increasingly complex as the personal computer developed in the 1990s and 2000s. In contrast to the era of Crop Formations made using planks and rope, there is now evidence of their production using GPS technology and directed energy such as that of lasers, microwaves or high-frequency beams of gravitational radiation.2

Notable features of some formations include residual energy effects, changes in materials due to extremely localized heating, and some people levitating (physically lifting off the ground) after entering Crop Formations.2

The most significant Crop Formations were observed near major research facilities of the British defence establishment. Further, light phenomena/balls of light were often reported near and in crop formations (link to videos in references8) and military helicopters were regularly seen over formations (link to videos in references9).2

Drawing patterns on wheat fields would be ideal for testing and calibrating a beam weapon within the diameter of one stalk over an area spanning hundreds of feet. It is also notable that Crop Formation numbers rapidly increased in the 1990s but decreased in the 2000s after the World Trade Centre destruction and mass murder on 9/11.2


In addition to the above-mentioned light phenomena/balls of light, there have been numerous sightings of other (man-made?) UFOs, e.g. the mass sightings of the “Phoenix Lights” in Phoenix Arizona (1997) and the “Stephenville Lights” in Stephenville Texas (2008). A documentary on this subject is Out of the Blue (link to video in references10). A documentary featuring the UFO video recordings of Anthony Woods (Portsmouth, UK) is The Journey (link to video in references11).

Among the UFO reports are thousands of flying triangle (like the TR-3B) sightings.5,6

9/11 confirmed that the secret propulsion and energy technologies evident in Crop Formations and UFOs have been weaponized.2

Minutes after the 9/11 mass murder

3. Technology for mass murder

On Tuesday 11 September 2001 our self-declared enemy murdered about 3,000 people with secret technology. The “Al-Qaida did it” lie was soon exposed. Then the disinformation about bombs / thermite being placed in the WTC was dismissed and the “real Boeing planes hit the WTC towers” claim shown to be impossible.4 In September 2021 (two months ago) engineer Richard Hall (RichPlanet TV) published a helpful video12 to explain what is and is not known about the illusion of passenger jets impacting the WTC.

Dr. Judy Wood investigated the mass murder and proved beyond any reasonable doubt that “The WTC Towers did not burn up, nor did they slam/fall to the ground. They turned mostly to dust in mid-air.”13 Dr. Wood is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials. She is a member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM), co-founded SEM’s Biological Systems and Materials Division, and served on the SEM Composite Materials Technical Division.13 Dr. Wood published important information about 9/11 in her book Where Did the Towers Go?13 and also on her website.14

Key evidence

Dr. Wood13,14 and Andrew Johnson2,4,7 report the following on the 9/11 mass slaughter:

  1. Dustification of the towers.
  2. High heat adjacent to evidence of little or no heat.
  3. Levitation effects on various objects, including human First Responders.
  4. Changes in Earth’s magnetic field associated with 9/11.
  5. Specifically, magnetometers showed significant deviations from “background” or “normal” readings during 9/11.
  6. Behaviour of Hurricane Erin in the Atlantic ocean was associated with 9/11.

Implications of this evidence

  1. The psychopaths murdered using technology developed after contact with extraterrestrial beings and their spacecraft.2
  2. In particular, the dustification is consistent with what Wilbert Smith (referred to above) learned from the extraterrestrials about “binding forces,” the alteration of which can cause affected materials to fall apart.2
  3. The towers were destroyed using a Directed Energy Weapon.4
  4. Secret weaponized “free” energy and weather control technology exists.4
  5. Other advanced weather and large-scale environmental control technology may be in regular use.4
  6. The Directed Energy Weapon cannot be detected by the usual land-based systems.4

The Dancing Israelis

According to published reports:15

  1. A Mossad surveillance team of five Israeli jews had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the murder of about 3,000 people on Tuesday 11 September 2001.
  2. Witnesses saw them jumping for joy after the initial impact.
  3. Later on, other witnesses saw them celebrating with high fives.
  4. They made fun of the World Trade Center ruins and photographed themselves in front of this mass murder crime scene.
  5. This public spectacle led to angry New Jersey residents reporting these men to the Jersey City police and their detention by FBI agents at midday on 11 Sept.
  6. These jews were the subject of widespread news coverage but now who remembers that incident and appreciates its significance?

End Time

Here are a few objective facts to consider. The servants of ‘Satan’ (a) have repeatedly shown their lust for mass murder, with recent examples including 9/11, the slaughter of many more innocent people in the name of that murder, and the greatest genocide in history now underway; (b) possess the Directed Energy Weapon technology to devastate nations on a scale never seen before in global warfare; and (c) are stirring conflict between nations via the media and political puppets that they control, i.e. they are manipulating the ‘goyim’ toward another world war.

Would you bet against these psychopaths (i) following through yet again on their biblical commitment to mass murder (referred to in the Do or Die Test below)? (ii) using the most devastating weaponry (directed energy) at their disposal in WW3? and (iii) triggering WW3 at the peak of Solar Cycle 25 (the relevance of solar cycle peaks is discussed in the post Solar storm effects on humans)?

WW3: Imagine 9/11 on a much wider scale . . .

World War Three season, year and technology

WW3 in summer 2024 (at the peak of Solar Cycle 25) is suggested by careful analysis of Siener van Rensburg (1864-1926) and Alois Irlmaier (1894-1959) prophecy (links in the post Prophecy for our times) by prophecy students. From a different perspective, a man named Ajak92 (highly knowledgeable about history, politics, Judeo-Masonic elites, Kabbalism, gematria) reached a similar conclusion. He stated on this site that according to his analysis the evil-doers are likely to trigger WW3 by 2024.

Concerning WW3 technology, details of this war described by both Siener van Rensburg and Alois Irlmaier suggest the use of Directed Energy Weapons.

4. The cost of our energy

Biological harm of fossil fuels

Surface coal mines emit chemical toxins,16 heavy metals from coal mining cause cancer and organ damage,17 exposure to coal dust and particulates is linked to respiratory diseases and lung cancer,18 and workers in mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction are nearly four times more likely to suffer fatal and severe injuries than the average worker.19 Further, burning fossil fuels releases harmful pollutants, including particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and other hazardous air pollutants. The resulting health damage includes reduced lung function, asthma, cardiovascular disease, preterm birth, and premature death.20

The biological harm of fossil fuels includes harm to fish caused by ocean acidification (ongoing decrease in the pH of Earth’s oceans, caused by the uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide ,CO2, from the atmosphere), the associated deoxygenation of waters,21,22 and the endless damage to ecosystems caused by oil and gas drilling.23

Biological harm of “green” technologies

As was discussed in the post Climate change: Fake science serves evil agenda, the cost of the climate change fraud and “green” technologies to nature is enormous. The production of batteries and solar panels is extremely damaging to the environment, the giant spinning blades of wind turbines kill huge numbers of birds and bats, and “green” technologies are not even a realistic alternative to fossil fuels. This industry is one of gangster economics at the expense of nature and the free-energy technology already perfected.5

Technology to profoundly improve our world

Imagine a world not dominated by the psychopathic pestilence, where the free-energy and anti-gravity technologies are used to promote life. No environmental pollution, clean manufacturing and transportation, friendly relationships with our humanoid relatives from elsewhere in the universe (not shooting them down when they visit), trips to visit our relatives elsewhere in this galaxy and beyond. In other words, being pro-social residents of our shared universal home.

There is much knowledge already available to us and the potential to learn much more, e.g. how to communicate instantaneously by something like gravity waves and the development of telepathic communication (referred to in a 1968 Douglas private document5). Naturally this would be preferable to the endocrine disrupting and biologically harmful wireless technology referred to in the previous post.

Would the anti-social pestilence freely choose to share this advanced technology with us for for the benefit of all life? Of course not. As was indicated in the previous post, they are power-seeking, controlling and destructive, including the above-mentioned murderous behaviour. Our freedom will have to be seized. For an example of the almost supernatural power available to an inspired human, consider the achievements of Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951), a diminutive man who levitated stone blocks weighing up to 30 tons after learning how ancient builders in Egypt, Peru, Yucatan, and Asia altered magnetic fields in order to move stone blocks weighing many tons.5,24

5. When we point a finger . . .

Effective coping requires problem awareness, i.e. accurate finger-pointing. When we point a finger at others we have three fingers pointing back at us and a thumb toward our Creator in whom we are all One. Concerning external problems, intellectually curious people can easily learn who the main agents of evil are in modern times. Respected academics on sites such as Occidental Observer spell it out for us — the jewish ‘elite’ (not the regular jews whom we know as friends and colleagues). These are jews at the top of the pyramid depicted in the previous post. Their evil has been well documented for many generations. These psychopathic predators / parasites exercise their power and control via many structures including central banks, World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Health Organization, selected scientific ‘authorities’, and this involves the use of Freemasons and Opus Dei to help operate societal levers (government, education, media, banking / finance, judiciary, law enforcement, military, religion, etc) according to their anti-social agenda. For more information on this subject, follow links in the previous post, Are your parasites amusing?

However, we tolerated, encouraged (including the jew worship and “pray for Israel” of the Jesus cult) and enabled (via tax payments, spending on the evil-doers’ goods and services, consuming the evil-doers’ mainstream media mind poison, support for destructive government policies) this evil. Apart from destroying God’s non-human creations to the point of ecological catastrophe, since 9/11 alone we helped to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings (including many children) in wars for ‘Satan’. How stupid and shameful is all of that?

Blaming others for our problems while ignoring personal responsibility indicates emotional immaturity. Although our survival depends on accurately identifying external threats, psychologically mature people also take responsibility for their own behaviour — they follow those three fingers pointing back at them. Such individuals recognize their ignorance (synonymous with evil) and try to learn from their mistakes. Alternatively, we can continue behaving like potato people.

My experience of online political discussions can be summed up thus: Most of us (including me) have functioned at the awareness level of potatoes. Specifically, these discussions tend to show a lack of awareness in one or more areas of the stress and coping process: (a) the problem (stressors, threats), (b) coping resources (e.g. nature, spirituality, knowledge / skill), (c) symptoms (from individual to societal), and (d) effective coping, especially recognizing what we can change and changing it. If we were potato gardeners our discussion of potato disease might go like this:

  • Potato 1: The problem is blight, black leg and powdery scab. Also the beetle, moth and aphid. And don’t forget the worm. (Most of the discussion is stuck here.)
  • Potato 2: Poison sprays would kill them all, although that would eventually kill us. We could also pray for someone (a holy potato, a hero potato, a Hitler potato) to save us from the pests.
  • Potato 3: Yes, we need a saviour to encourage gardeners’ friends (e.g. hover flies, lacewings, ladybirds, spiders, various small birds) to eat the pests, someone to work with nature instead of against it, and who would promote a healthy ecosystem in which pests are kept under control.
  • Potato 4: Have you thought about organic gardening?
  • Potatoes outraged at the suggestion of personal responsibility: Moderator! We’ve been infiltrated by a worm.

Closing thoughts

Although we may not always realize it, the Force (consciousness, quantum vacuum, God, etc) is always with us. We ARE an expression of the Force. It’s impossible for the Force to not be with us. Further, whatever suffering may be required of us during our remaining time in this realm, it will soon pass. The best is yet to come. We can know this from our heavenly dreams. These dreams manifest from our spiritual Home (a deeper realm of consciousness from where everything in the universe appears). Whatever we might call that level of life, people who are resuscitated from there with memories of continued consciousness lose their fear of death. They report a sense of having returned home and yearn for that infinitely preferable life (see the Psychospiritual posts for research links).

As we know, knowledge / light / truth (closely associated with beauty, love) is the opposite of darkness (ignorance, fear, evil) and the development of consciousness involves stress / suffering (discussed in the post Meaning of Suffering). In other words, there is great potential for psychospiritual development during these traumatic times. Who in their right mind would not want to move closer to the Light? Naturally there’s a price to pay. However, if we speak again in the next realm, we’ll surely agree about the benefits.

Thank you

Thank you for spending time here. I hope you found the experience helpful.

As we know, pictures say a thousand words but music shows a thousand pictures. Possibly appropriate music links at this time in the long-anticipated catastrophic resolution of yin yang forces before the end of the Solar Cycle 25 peak are those in the post Grief. Three examples:

Wishing you and your loved ones a meaningful celebration of the 21 December solstice, a joyful Yule season and just outcomes of increasing dangers until after the WW3 aftermath.

See you in the New Year unless servants of ‘Satan’ delete you / me or this site before then.


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Do or Die Test

1. God

  • Is God real?
  • How do you know?
  • What are other names for God?

Answers: This post.

2. Heaven

  • Is Heaven real?
  • How do you know?
  • What are other names for Heaven?

Answers: This post.

3. Religion

  • Can religion accurately reflect the realities of God and Heaven?
  • Is religion (particularly Abrahamic religions) primarily about spiritual realities or is it about power and control?
  • What is the difference between natural religion (based on Nature and its laws) and “prophetic” or “revealed” religion (founded much later by individual “teachers”) such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

Answers: This post.

4. The Bible

  • Which religious group authored the Bible (Old and New Testaments)?
  • In which book of the Old Testament did this group state “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee [this religious group] shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted”?
  • Is there any historical evidence whatsoever to back up this religious group’s claims of superiority, chosenness and entitlement?

Answers: This post and this post.

5. Crucifixions and “Jesus”

  • Is there reliable historical evidence showing that (a) deities have suffered, been crucified as saviours and redeemers, and been resurrected since the ancient Egyptian era and (b) the tragedy of the crucifixion was acted in Athens 500 years before the Christian era?
  • Does historical evidence indicate that Esus (a powerful Celtic deity) became Jesus for the purposes of Christianity? Note: Both Esus and Jesus were carpenters, both were involved in human sacrifice on wood (Jesus was allegedly sacrificed on a wooden cross) and both were involved in stabbing (Jesus was supposedly stabbed while on the cross).
  • Is there any historical evidence whatsoever to show that the biblical Jesus existed as a real person?

Answers: This post and this post.

6. Followthrough on biblical commitment to mass murder

  • Which religious group committed the worst mass murder of the 20th century (over 60 million Russians murdered from 1917 to 1935)?
  • Which religious group declared war on Germany in 1933 (long before the Hitler government began restricting the rights of German Jews)?
  • Which religious group is currently perpetrating the worst mass murder of the 21st century?

Answers: This post and this post.

7. Psychopaths

  • Name some features of psychopathic behaviour.
  • Describe some of the similarities between psychopathic behaviour and the conduct of the religious group in question.
  • How do we deal effectively with dangerous psychopaths?

Answers: This post.

8. Standing for Truth

a) Which famous leader stated the following about this religious group?

  • Their endeavour is to secure mastery of the world.
  • We are openly controlled by them and intentionally driven to ruin.
  • The fate of a nation cannot be changed in kid gloves.

b) Who spoke this truth?

  • “Where Palestine goes, the rest of the world goes. If Palestine is not free, we are not going to be free. We free Palestine, this world will be free and there will be justice.”

c) Who did NOT stand for truth?

Note: All of us who paid tax (including consumption tax), served in the military and in other ways promoted the evil of this religious group are guilty of involvement in their crimes against humanity. We passively and actively colluded in their genocides. Inevitably they are now using our money and other resources to kill us in numbers that could greatly exceed their worst mass murder of the previous century.

Answers: This post and this post.

9. Are you standing for Truth now?

If so, explain with reference to concrete action that you are taking to stop the genocide.

Answer: This is between us and our Creator, including the life review and what happens thereafter according to our conduct in this realm.

Test scoring

There is no human scoring. Nature / God is scoring our fitness for life across all levels — individual, nation, race, species.

Resisting tyranny requires Courage to Not Conform.

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