Killer religions

The War Manual

(from Torah / Old Testament1)

  • destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves. (Exod. 34:13)
  • … smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them. (Deut. 7:2)
  • … destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves …. (Deut. 7:5)
  • consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them …. (Deut. 7:16)
  • destroy them with a mighty destruction, until they be destroyed. (Deut. 7:23)
  • destroy their name from under heaven: there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them. (Deut. 7:24)
  • utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree. (Deut. 12:2)
  •  … overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire …. (Deut. 12:3)
  • … smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein, and the cattle thereof, with the edge of the sword. (Deut. 13:15)
  • But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth. (Deut. 20:16)
  • Only the trees which thou knowest that they be not trees for meat, thou shalt destroy and cut them down …. (Deut. 20:20)

Biblical meaning of “neighbour” 

This is gravely misunderstood by Christians. In the Old Testament “neighbour” meant those within the 12 tribes of Israel, believers in Yahweh. This becomes apparent in passages such as Numbers 31, when God commanded Moses to gather an army and murder ‘non-neighbours’, en masse (men, women and children), steal their property, and divide the ‘spoils’ among themselves.

For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee [Jews] shall perish;
yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted. (Isa. 60:12)1

‘Achievements’ to date

Destruction of humans

October Revolution (Russia, 1917)
Soviet Jews murdered about 66 million Christians from 1917 to 1935, making this the worst mass murder of the 20th century.2

Holodomor (Ukraine, 1932-33)
Jews planned, directed and actively implemented the murder of close to ten million Ukrainians.3

Jewish war on Germany (1939-45)
Once Adolf Hitler was elected to a coalition government in 1933, Jews declared war on Germany (long before the Hitler government began restricting the rights of German Jews).4,5 [Also see appendix: No more lies about Adolf Hitler]

WW2 Firebombing of German civilians. Churchill’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Frederick Lindemann, a German Jew, insisted that “the bombing must be directed essentially against working-class houses. Middle-class houses have too much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs.”6

Worst war crime in human history. On the evening of 13 February 1945 firebombing raids by American and British aircraft against the German city of Dresden began. The city was filled with many refugees and little if anything could be accomplished strategically, as Germans were already on the verge of surrender. The city was reduced to rubble and flames, with as many as 135,000 people killed. The streets were littered with charred corpses, including many children. Many believe that the attack was simply an attempt to punish the Germans.7

Annihilation of German men (1944-49). Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s policies caused the death of some one million German captives in American and French internment camps through disease, starvation and exposure from 1944 to 1949.8

“The holocaust”
Study the facts (links in References) in order to reach an informed conclusion about this alleged mass murder of Jews.9

“There’s a ton of evidence to show that 9/11 was a false flag and that Israel together with the mainly Jewish Neocons were behind it. Yet not only did they get clean away with it they used the event to embroil America in a disastrous war to take out one of Israel’s most dangerous enemies.”10 [also 11, 12]

Murder of South Africans
One of the Jew-controlled parties in South Africa is the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters). The EFF constantly spews violent hate speech and threatens white farmers. There is a link between the EFF and hired killers who infiltrate farming communities to attack, kill and sometimes torture white people.13 [also 14, 15]

Destruction of nature

As is explained here, we are now beyond the point of no return in a catastrophic ecological collapse.

Method of ‘achievement’

In their quest to destroy life on Earth, People of the Book have excelled! They achieved so much more destruction than we could have with our nature-venerating Paganism. What is the secret of their ‘success’?

The Bible


“The most ancient manuscripts of the Hebrew texts date only from the eighth century of the era of Christ; while of the Christian books, said to have been written by the direct inspiration of the Holy Ghost within the first century of the era, all are lost, and the oldest “copies” bear the marks of the fourth century. And even in this fourth century, so gross was the corruption of text, so numberless the errors and conflicting readings, that the great St. Jerome, author of the celebrated Latin Vulgate version of the Scriptures, has left it recorded, as his reason for his great work, that the sacred texts “varied so much that there were almost as many readings as codices” (Joseph Wheless, 1926, posted on Big-Lies16). In particular, we can safely assume that all Jewish claims of being superior, chosen and entitled were totally made up by the Jews.

Written by Jews for Jews

“The Old Testament was written by Jews, about Jews, and for Jews. It is resolutely anti-goyim. It is nothing more than a war manual for the defense of the Jewish race …. The New Testament was also written by and about Jews: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 12 Apostles, Paul, ‘Mark,’ ‘Luke,’ ‘Matthew,’ ‘John’—all ethnic Jews. The chronology of events, furthermore, strongly suggests that Paul invented his demi-god Jesus, primarily, it seems, as a stunt to undermine Roman paganism and to draw in the gullible masses, to persuade them to worship the Jewish God and his “son.” With its emphasis on the presumed afterlife, Paul’s constructed theology was profoundly anti-life, anti-world, and anti-corporeality” (Raeto West of Big-Lies,17 on his FB page18). Indeed, Christianity was used as a weapon to aid in bringing down the Roman Empire by getting its citizens to focus much more on the hereafter than on the here and now.19

“Jesus” never existed

American lawyer Joseph Wheless (1868-1950) knew ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, studied Jewish and Christian origins, and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity by the University of Denver. Wheless found that the biblical Jesus never existed.16 Similarly, other research has also found no historical evidence of “Jesus.”20,21

Scofield Bible fraud

According to sources such as Church Eclipse,22 Cyrus Scofield was a convicted con-artist, the Scofield Bible is the standard reference work in virtually all Christian ministries and divinity schools, and Scofield served as an agent by which Zionists prepared America for a final conquest.

Brutality of Bible still in effect

Jesus, IF he really did exist, was a Jew who believed the ungodly and cruel Hebrew Bible / Old Testament, as is made clear in Mark 7:1-13 where the author of the gospel of Mark (whoever that was) wrote that Jesus directly refers to the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament as “the word of God.”19

Suicidal Christianity

“Christianity is virtually suicidal. Christian sheeplism is no match for Jewish wolfism.”23 In fact Churches are willing accessories to genocide: “The Churches, most of them, are complicit with the “great replacement” program. If European people survive this century the Churches will be held accountable as willing accessories to the crime of attempted genocide.”24

Wicca Pentacle: 5-pointed star within a circle
(fire, water, earth, air, spirit, eternity).

A Way Forward

  1. Enlightened people do not want to harm anyone, including followers of the Abrahamic religions.
  2. We oppose anti-life religions that led to the destruction of people and nature upon which we all depend.
  3. Even at this late stage in our disastrous abuse of God’s creations, we want to revere our Creator in all aspects of the natural world.

For an introduction to Paganism, see The Pagan Federation.

Personal note
I am averse to all organized religion, religious leaders, guru-types (including those of Hinduism and Buddhism) and any religious / spiritual pretentiousness. This aversion extends to modern Paganism, which lacks the racial and enemy awareness required for indigenous European survival. However in its veneration of nature, Paganism is far more adaptive than the Abrahamic religions. Further, Paganism might suit people (especially families) with a need for the structure and support of a religious group.

I connect with the Divine via meditation (explained here) and activities such as art, music, gardening, countryside walking, bird watching, shamanism (especially communication with the spirit world via objects in nature) and ongoing study of nature.

Update 13 Mar 2020: Coronavirus and World Government

The evil cabal’s one world government agenda includes:

  1. Fragmenting nations along lines of normal differences, e.g. stirring conflict about race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, generation (age-gap), etc (divide and rule); and
  2. Expanding global control in the name of (a) “climate emergency” (fake) and (b) “pandemic disease” such as coronavirus, i.e. the infrastructure (including biologically toxic 5G) of a one world government is being constructed before our eyes. In due course the control would be in the name of (c) restoring order to societies that become violently dysfunctional as intended by these psychopaths. (As can be seen in this post, psychopaths are not difficult to spot once you know how their evil nature is revealed.)

The horrific outcome of this agenda and the identity of the cabal behind it, are well known to those who studied their previous (e.g. 66 million Russians murdered as of 1917) and recent/current atrocities (think Ken O’Keefe: “Where Palestine goes the rest of the world goes;” Christopher Bollyn: truth about 9/11; engineered wars, mass murder and resource theft).

Annie Logical is informative on this topic: Website, YouTube

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Holocaust Handbooks

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Holohoax-related videos:

Site of the late Ernst Zundel

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Jewish gas chamber hoax

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No more lies about Adolf Hitler

Born 20 April 1889, Died 30 April 1945 (56 years).

Mein Kampf – by Adolf Hitler (published in German 1925). Translation of Mein Kampf into English by James Vincent Murphy, 1939. A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook.

The Nazi Primer: Official Handbook for Schooling the Hitler Youth –  by Adolf Hitler. Translation of the original into English by James Vincent Murphy, 1938. 

Publisher comment: The National Socialist outlook on life is no theory – it adapts itself strictly to existing reality. The ideal of National Socialism is born of experience. It is a factual and realistic outlook on life.

Review by Philip Dawes, Sep 2019: The idealistic basis for the renewal of the German nation. Disregarding the entirety of the corrupt and fraudulent narrative of tortuous lies and hatred showered upon Adolf Hitler following that terrible period of WWII, and the unprecedentedly massive brainwashing and indoctrination generated around the world, Hitler was fundamentally an idealist and great thinker. This is attested to by his writings and speeches, and confirmed by statesmen and other world leaders and high society in the years prior to the onset of that devastating life-destroying conflict. Even Winston Churchill praised his achievements in the mid-1930s. Former Prime Minister Lloyd George visited Hitler at his mountain retreat and said afterwards: “I have never met a happier people than the Germans, and Hitler is one of the greatest men. The old trust him, the young idolise him. It is the worship of a national hero who has served his country.” As with WWI, the war (WWII) against Germany was engineered by an evil cabal many years before its onset. We only need to review the many wars since 1946 to realise that each one of them was planned years before for strategic and financial benefit by the war-mongering victors – America and her European partner-puppets.

Quotes from Mein Kampf

  1. Marxists are the mortal enemies of our people.
  2. We are openly controlled by the Jews and intentionally driven to ruin.
  3. We see the Jewish endeavour to secure mastery of the world.
  4. A great national leader does not share his country with the Marxists and he destroys internationalism.
  5. Seek and find those forces that are determined to wage a war of destruction against Marxism, and give these forces a free hand.
  6. The fate of a nation cannot be changed in kid gloves.

Informative sites

Occidental Observer – site of psychologist Prof Kevin B MacDonald
Renegade Tribune
National Vanguard
Occidental Dissent
The Truthseeker
Christians for Truth
Thomas Dalton, PhD
Carolyn Yeager
Annie Logical: Website, YouTube
Wrench in the Gears
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Vanguard News Network Forum, Alex Linder (Pieville)
Excellent resource on crypto Jews
Ice Age Now
Abrupt Earth Changes
Truth to Power
The Irish Savant
Alison Chabloz
Tap News

South Africa
Jan Lamprecht: History Reviewed, African Crisis, BitChute
The Jewish Conquest of South Africa
White Nation Network

Human race differences
Prof J. Philippe Rushton
Prof Richard Lynn
Race and crime
Debunking the Out-of-Africa Theory

National Socialist Music

Badenweiler Marsch
Anthem of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) from 1930 to 1945
Vorwärts! Vorwärts!
Sieg Heil Viktoria

My spirit will rise from the grave — Adolf Hitler.


Climate change: Fake science serves evil agenda

No scientifically literate person denies that climate changes. However anthropogenic (man-made) climate change, also referred to as Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) “is a pious fraud based on spurious correlation and post hoc ergo propter hoc” [an error in logic that assumes the cause of something is another thing that merely occurred earlier].1,2

The fraud was perpetrated by linking the REAL environmental crisis (Holocene extinction) to AGW, i.e. valid environmental concerns were hijacked to serve a hidden financial and political agenda. This agenda does NOT serve nature or ourselves.

Fake science, legal consequences


Unscrupulous people tried to fool us about AGW using (1) Mann’s “hockey stick” and (2) a false scientific “consensus.” Further, these liars wanted us to believe that (3) CO2 causes global temperatures to rise, (4) fossil fuel emissions increase concentration of atmospheric CO2, and (5) human action could modify weather globally.

1. The “hockey stick” graph — False

1998. This infamous graph published by Dr Michael Mann and others (Mann et al., 1998)3 shows a sharp increase in mean global temperatures from 1900 until present, after about 500 years of climate stability. This deception forms the centerpiece of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) environmental policy and it has been an iconic image cited by environmentalists clamouring for urgent action on ‘man-made’ global warming. Further — at least until Dr Tim Ball exposed his fake science and defeated him in court last year4 — mainstream media acclaimed Dr Mann as “a world-leading climate scientist”4 despite this graph being “an audacious fraud.”5

2003. Canadians Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick exposed the “hockey stick” as junk science.6 They showed that the curve “is primarily an artefact of poor data handling, obsolete data and incorrect calculation of principal components.” The corrected data uncovered a warm period in the 15th Century; temperatures were actually higher in the late fifteenth century than in the late twentieth.

2007. A UK court found the documentary film The Inconvenient Truth [based on the discredited “hockey stick” graph] guilty of political bias and containing NINE significant science errors.2

2011. Climatologist Dr Tim Ball warned that scientists at the forefront of AGW are corrupt and he stated that Dr Michael Mann (climate professor at Penn State University) “belongs in the state pen, not Penn State.” Consequently Dr Mann filed a defamation lawsuit against Dr Ball on 25 March 2011. Dr Ball argued that if the numbers used in Dr Mann’s hockey stick curve were examined in open court, it would conclusively prove Dr Mann was motivated to commit a criminal fraud.4

2019. After endless delays from Dr Mann and his refusal to surrender to an open court his method of working out the numbers used for his graph, on 23 August 2019 a Canadian court in effect vindicated Dr Ball’s criticisms. The court dismissed Dr Mann’s case against Dr Ball and awarded Dr Ball full legal costs. This outcome should serve as a warning to alarmists who falsely claim that modern temperatures are “unprecedented.”4

Compare Dr Mann’s discredited graph with Dr Ball’s more reliable version to see how Dr Mann altered climate data to falsely show modern temperatures rising ‘catastrophically’ in order to fit the IPCC doom-saying lie.4

Image source: John O’Sullivan.4

2. Scientific “consensus” — False

2013. The claim of an overwhelming “consensus” on AGW within the scientific community comes from Cook et al. (2013)7 who stated that 97% of the scientific community endorsed AGW. This was one of the most downloaded and frequently cited publications in environmental science.1

2013. Re-analysis of the data showed significant bias and unrepresentative sample sizes. Cook et al. had excluded 75% of all papers discussing climate change. Geologists have long known about climatic fluctuations across vast geological timescales but studies from the earth sciences were largely ignored.8

In fact since 1998 over 31,000 American scientists, including more than 9,000 with PhDs, have signed a petition rejecting the IPCC’s human-caused global warming hypothesis because it is without scientific validity. Evidently real scientists strongly oppose the 2,500 “scientists” of the IPCC, many of whom are UN bureaucrats, not scientists.2,9

3. CO2 causes global temperatures to rise — False

Pedro et al. (2012)10 reported that during deglaciation, rising Antarctic temperatures preceded increases in CO2. Using Antarctic and Greenlandic ice cores they showed that atmospheric CO2  has lagged temperature since the Late Paleolithic. Rising CO2 is attributed to unspecified biogeochemical processes occurring in the ocean. This further implicates temperature as the variable modulating CO2 variation, rather than vice versa. Similarly, Humlum et al. (2013)11 showed that CO2 lags temperature, not vice versa as would be expected if AGW was correct.

4. Fossil fuel emissions increase atmospheric CO2 — False

Munshi (2017)12 found no correlation between fossil fuel emissions and concentration of atmospheric CO2, Kauppinen and Malmi (2019)13 found no evidence for significant anthropogenic climate change, and in a break-through paper US physicist Dr Edwin Berry (2019)14 shows that the IPCC Bern model is invalid, natural and human CO2 do not “add” CO2 to the atmosphere, and “nothing would be gained by stopping human CO2 emissions.”

5. Human action could change weather globally — False

Scientists and technicians would need supernatural powers to modify weather globally. Weather and climate are influenced by an astronomical amount of energy delivered to Earth from space every second. Specifically, claims by the IPCC and its globalist lackeys that we could alter Earth’s climate by reducing human carbon emissions have been exposed as a fake science racket.2,15

More fake science, more legal consequences

2009. A server at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) was hacked and thousands of emails leaked. These emails revealed outright fabrication, manipulated data and wilful suppression of evidence instead of scientific objectivity. The emails proved that CRU scientists were pursuing a political agenda in a conspiracy to feed biased information to the IPCC. The CRU’s top scientists only avoided criminal prosecution due to a legal technicality.1,16

2014. The AGW documentary Merchants of Doubt smeared respected US physicist Dr Fred Singer as a “liar.” Dr Singer had previously argued (a) there is no evidence that increases in CO2 produced by humans cause global warming, (b) radical environmentalists are exaggerating the dangers, and (c) IPCC methods are unscientific. As Dr Singer’s statements on AGW and the IPCC are backed by scientific facts, he sued the film director for libel and won.1,5

2018. A Canadian court dismissed the defamation lawsuit brought against Dr Tim Ball by Dr Andrew Weaver (author on four of the IPCC Science Reports) after Dr Ball wrote an article criticizing the IPCC.17

Assessment of the AGW agenda

The AGW agenda is evaluated in terms of psychology, nature, finance and politics.


The UN IPCC and its lackeys evidenced:

  1. A gross lack of respect for our rights — particularly our right to be treated with respect.
  2. Abuse of our rights to an extent that is blatantly aggressive.
  3. Antisocial conduct that is psychopathic.


  1. AGW is uncoupled from any genuine environmental concerns.18
  2. Although the carbon-trading market masquerades as “environmentalism,” it does nothing positive for the environment; it does not even address the “problem” of carbon emissions.18
  3. The cost of AGW to nature is enormous. In addition to AGW hijacking resources (time, money, goodwill) that could have been used to address our ecological emergency, “green” technologies are actually harmful to nature:

Battery production results in “dust, fumes, wastewater and other environmental impacts from cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; water shortages and toxic spills from lithium mining in Latin America, which can alter ecosystems and hurt local communities; a heavily polluted river due to nickel mining in Russia; or air pollution in northeastern China . . . .”19

Wind turbines
“The giant spinning turbines are basically bird death traps — and often they cut through prime flying space making the carnage even worse.”20 In the United States alone, wind turbines kill many hundreds of thousands of birds each year and a huge number of bats.21 Birds killed by blade strikes include critically endangered species22 and the number of birds found dead from blade-strike injuries increases as more wind farms are built.22 Further, due to the flying ranges of large birds such as eagles, a significant portion of raptors killed by wind turbines are birds from up to hundreds of miles away.23

Solar panels
“Photovoltaic production is an environmental nightmare of toxic minerals and nanoparticles.”2


The meaning of green in “green” technology.

The fake science of AGW set up the latest opportunity (after swindles including the tech stock bubble, the housing bubble and the rigged bailout) for parasitic bankers to exploit productive people using “gangster economics.”24

  1. AGW is first and foremost about resource consolidation and speculation.18
  2. Although carbon is not a commodity, according to Louis Redshaw (head of environmental markets at Barclays Capital and former power trader at Enron) “Carbon will be the world’s biggest commodity market, and it could become the world’s biggest market overall” (larger than real commodities like oil, coal, gas, iron).18
  3. “Carbon trading, especially through banks’ proprietary trading desks, is a way for banks to make money from money, without contributing new capital towards solving climate change” (Bank Track).18
  4. In effect “a small tribe of greedy-as-hell . . . swine [are turning] another commodities market into a private tax collection scheme.”24
  5. The carbon credit market is a commodities bubble disguised as an ‘environmental plan.’24
  6. As with other bubbles created by these banks, the victims in this mess are ordinary taxpayers who pay for it; “there are hidden taxes in every buck you pay.”24

Apart from AGW enriching banks via carbon trading, the existing energy titans and their associates monopolize the new industries of “green” technologies and renewable energy sources. Although none of the alternative technologies used today are cost-effective or capable of becoming a real alternative, these energy corporations benefit from enormous government subsidies to build wind generator plants that never produce any net energy and break down after 20 years. The companies can only afford to invest billions in such failures because they are doing so with our tax money.2,15


NWO: New World Order

Canadian businessman Maurice Strong (1929-2015) founded the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1972. His persistent lobbying resulted in the UN playing a central role in establishing the ideology of AGW and making it a dominant orthodoxy embraced by most Western governments. Environmentalism emerged in the industrialized West to fill the vacuum left by the decline of Marxist ideology.15

Strong wanted to use environmentalism as a way of achieving global governance under the aegis of the UN. He was not primarily concerned about the environment. Apart from making money, Strong was driven to use the UN as a stepping stone to full world government. He saw ‘environmentalism’ — which transcends national boundaries — as the most promising route to world government. The UN Environment Program that he set up was able to command funding from national governments and move toward the world government goal.15

Further, Strong was instrumental in developing the Brundtland Commission Report’s (1987) concept of “sustainable development,” a term embodied in the IPCC’s use of climate “adaptation and mitigation” as a vehicle for promoting egalitarian principles. Subsequently the concepts of man-made climate change and social redistribution form the basis of the UN’s environmental policy.15

By 1988 Strong had persuaded the UNEP and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to form an “intergovernmental mechanism” to monitor AGW and suggest policy recommendations for the UN and Western governments. This organization was the IPCC. AGW was a pretence for socialist redistribution on a global scale. In 2008 former Czech President Václav Klaus wrote that Marxists and environmentalists both aim for “restrictions of freedom, through the dictates of a small, elitist minority over the overwhelming majority.” In other words, this fake environmentalism is really black-and-white moralizing within a Marxist framework.15

Controlled opposition

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” — Lenin.

As is indicated below, the AGW controlled opposition serves the financial and political agenda of their controllers.

Greta Thunberg

This teenage Swedish ‘environmental’ activist arrived in New York on a Rothschild family racing yacht18 and on 23 September 2019 she read a speech at the UN Climate Action Summit.25 Transcript here.

Early in her speech Thunberg briefly refers to scientific facts on the collapse of ecosystems and mass extinction. She then proceeds to mislead uninformed people with AGW references to carbon emissions and global temperature that have been exposed as fake science (discussed above).

Thunberg’s backers
“Greta Thunberg’s backers are financial speculators in companies seeking billions in profit from taxpayer-funded ‘climate change’ programs.”26

Extinction Rebellion

  1. Similar to Thunberg’s demand at the UN Climate Action Summit, this AGW group calls on governments to “tell the truth by declaring a climate [LIE] and ecological [TRUE] emergency.”27
  2. Using this combination of lies and truth, Extinction Rebellion demands that “government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025;” and
  3. They demand that governments partner up with activists to “create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.”27 The Citizens’ Assembly would be government-created and guided by a collection of NGOs and academics.27

“Central to all of the group’s demands is a radical expansion of state power” and government restriction or outright denial of citizens’ freedom, and they also seek wealth redistribution.27 In other words, they are continuing Maurice Strong’s efforts (discussed above) toward world government under cover of fake environmentalism.

The group’s backers
As expected of a group serving the agenda of global financiers and captains of “green” industry, Extinction Rebellion is backed by big money. This includes large donations from the Getty family oil wealth via the Climate Emergency Fund and groups like the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, set up by a hedge fund manager and run by a former vice-chairman of billionaire financier George Soros’ Open Society Institute.27

Achievements of the controlled opposition

As a result of Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion, eleven countries and dependencies, including Britain and Ireland, have declared a state of “climate emergency.” Using this scientific fraud as cover, the World Bank and a gang of investment firms pursuing profits in “climate-related sectors” have banded together to form the Climate Finance Partnership and Blended Finance Action Taskforce. Further, this Taskforce intends funding itself with taxpayer money and pension funds.27

The power of knowledge


Many enlightened people are speaking out against the economic gangsters and nation wreckers referred to above. In contrast to this evil cabal, we value:

  1. Life over money.
  2. National freedom — we totally reject the gangsters’ attempts at world government.
  3. Genuine action to conserve nature as a matter of extreme urgency.

Widespread awareness of the AGW fraud would favour the above three points. Fortunately it seems that general public awareness of the fraud is increasing rapidly due to publications such as those listed in the references below. Specifically, awareness of this scam is high among people I speak with in daily life, on political websites, and in reader comments under videos such as this one28 on YouTube: The climate change hoax – Dr. Tim Ball.

What is the experience of other people? Are honest hard-working citizens now sufficiently aware to say NO! to this evil?

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As inner nature is revealed through action, an enlightened observer can easily identify people who habitually reject values of truth, spiritual beauty and love for others, favouring instead a behaviour pattern that is antisocial. A mental health professional might use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) to diagnose this behaviour pattern as Antisocial Personality Disorder. Such a person is also referred to as a psychopath or sociopath.

DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder

This includes:

  1. Ego-centrism (self-esteem derived from personal gain, power, or pleasure).
  2. Lack of concern for feelings, needs, or suffering of others.
  3. Lack of remorse after hurting or mistreating another.
  4. Manipulativeness (e.g. frequent use of subterfuge to influence or control others).
  5. Deceitfulness (dishonesty, fraudulence, misrepresentation of self, embellishment or fabrication when relating events).
  6. Callousness (lack of guilt or remorse about the harmful effects of one’s actions on others, aggression, sadism).
  7. Hostility (anger or irritability in response to minor slights and insults; mean, nasty, or vengeful behavior).
  8. Irresponsibility (disregard for — and failure to honor — financial and other obligations or commitments; lack of respect for — and lack of follow-through on — agreements and promises).

Enlightened people will know of an evil cabal that rejects God and instead embraces evil to the extent that their behaviour is psychopathic according to the above diagnostic criteria.

Dealing with psychopaths

As with angels and evil spirits (there is nothing angels can do for them; the most merciful thing is to let them live in the hell they have chosen), there is no effective treatment for psychopathy. Discussion, education, prayer, love and forgiveness will achieve nothing with psychopaths. Depending on the individual and their assessed danger to society, it is often most appropriate to permanently remove the psychopath from society. This may involve a death sentence.

Evil returned to sender by rope.

Spirituality, religion and Nature

In 2017 Jesse Preston and Faith Shin published their research on spiritual experiences in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.1

Points from Preston and Shin’s article

  1. Spirituality is associated with awe (wonder and amazement) and it involves:
  • A feeling of smallness to something greater than oneself – God, the grandeur of nature, or some greater force in the Universe.
  • Humility in relation to that greater something.
  • Connection to that greatness — feeling part of a greater whole.

2. Spirituality is different to religiosity.

  • Religiosity is defined in terms of affiliation and adherence to a prescribed set of beliefs and practices.

3. Spirituality can be felt outside of religious affiliation.

4. Religious/non-religious people recall different kinds of spiritual experiences:

  • Religious people mention events that are more explicitly religious.
  • Non-religious people report more alternative spiritual sources (e.g. nature, yoga, meditation, science).

5. Religious/non-religious spiritual experiences share the features of point 1 above.

Frequency of spiritual experience types

Following are the types of spiritual experience reported most frequently in Preston and Shin’s research.


The most frequent type (41%) of spiritual experience for religious participants was religious, i.e. the experience had a direct connection to an explicit religious activity or belief such as attending church. In contrast, only 15% of the spiritual experiences reported by non-religious people were religious.

Life and death experiences

Life/death experiences (e.g. birth of a child, death of a loved one) were the second most frequent (32%) spiritual experience for religious people and the third most frequent (22%) for non-religious respondents.


For religious people this was the third most frequent (15%) spiritual experience but the most frequent (27%) spiritual experience for non-religious individuals. In other words, it seems that religion is spiritually much more important than nature for religious people, but nature is much more spiritually important than religion for non-religious people.

Practical relevance of these findings for helping Nature

These findings are consistent with my impression of religious vs non-religious people concerning our ecological crisis. Among followers of the Abrahamic religions whom I personally know (mostly Christians and Jews), none show high awareness or concern about the ecological collapse, few can even identify common birds other than the most common (robin, house sparrow, carrion crow, etc) and even fewer are making a meaningful effort (examples on home page) to try conserve God’s creations. In fact nearly all the religious people I know are decidedly consumerist, i.e. they are part of the problem.

Among the religious people I know who are at least slightly aware of the mass extinction, nearly all express low felt responsibility for addressing the problem (recycling plastic bags and prayer while continuing to pig-out in consumerist ways doesn’t count) and are instead waiting for God to intervene. In the meantime, most of the people I know who are knowledgeable about nature and making a real effort to try save God’s endangered creations, are not religious.

In contrast to our ancestral religion of Paganism, which venerates Nature,2 it seems that the Abrahamic religions’ lack of concern for nature has been disastrous for nature and therefore humans. Why then are so many people still following these religions? Is it because religious people actually don’t give a f**k about God’s creations?

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1. Preston, J. L., & Shin, F. (2017). Spiritual experiences evoke awe through the small self in both religious and non-religious individuals. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, May 2017.

2. The Pagan Federation

Holocene extinction

Physicist Peter Russell explains1 with the compelling logic of physics that our species is whirling toward the plughole of extinction. Similarly, scientific data of the Holocene extinction (caused mainly by human activity) show that this ecological collapse is accelerating,2 a key driver of the destructive human activity is increased human population and per capita consumption,2 and the outlook for life, including human life, is dismal.3

Examples of this human-caused catastrophe

Big cats

Big cat populations have severely declined and are facing extinction. In 2011 the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)4 estimated that over the past 50 years:

  • Lions are down from 450,000 to 25,000
  • Leopards are down from 750,000 to 50,000
  • Cheetahs are down from 45,000 to 12,000
  • Tigers are down from 50,000 to 3,000

The collapse is likely much worse by now. A December 2016 study5 found that there are only 7,100 cheetahs remaining in the wild, i.e. 41% less than the IUCN estimate. Further, these cheetahs are crammed within only 9% of their historic range.

Other large mammals

Other large mammals predicted to become extinct in the near future include:

  • Rhinoceros6
  • Nonhuman primates7
  • Giraffes8
  • African elephants9

Smaller mammals and amphibians

Species predicted to become extinct in the near future include:

  • Pangolins10
  • Platypus11
  • Bats — in the US bat population drops due to a fungal infection have been as great as 90% within five years, and extinction of at least one bat species is predicted.12
  • Amphibians — this is now the most endangered vertebrate group.13


Pollinators (necessary for 75% of food crops) are declining globally in both abundance and diversity.14 For example, in protected areas over 27 years there was a decline of more than 75% in total flying insect biomass in Germany.15 As one of the researchers observed, humans are approaching ecological Armageddon due to them making large parts of the planet uninhabitable for wildlife, and if we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.

In England the total abundance of widespread butterfly species declined by 58% on farmed land between 2000 and 2009.16

Bees. There has been a drastic rise in reports of disappearances of honey bee colonies in North America,17 in most European countries,18,19,20 and globally.21 Proposed reasons for this colony collapse include infections, various pathogens, and loss of habitat.22

The most significant drivers in the decline of insect populations are associated with intensive farming practices.23


“Since 1970, bird populations in the United States and Canada have declined by 29 percent, or almost 3 billion birds, signalling a widespread ecological crisis [due to] human activities. . . . These data are consistent with what we’re seeing elsewhere with other taxa showing massive declines, including insects and amphibians.”24

In Ireland 40% of the country’s waterbirds, or half a million, were lost in the prior 20 years due to loss of habitat. One of every five Irish bird species is threatened with extinction. Lapwing numbers are down 67% in 20 years and there has been an almost complete extermination of farmland birds, e.g. the Corncrake. The Curlew is on the verge of extinction in Ireland.25 


Within the UK, 41% of the species of animal, plant and fungus whose numbers we can estimate are declining moderately or strongly. For most taxonomic groups the level of decline in the most recent decade is as steep or steeper than the longer term trend. Agricultural change has had the most significant, and largely negative, impact on plants and other wildlife over the past five decades.26

There has been a “shocking” rate of plant extinctions in South Africa. The main drivers for extinctions in South Africa were found to be agriculture (49.4%), urbanization (38%) and invasive species (22%).27

Marine organisms. Fishing has had a devastating effect on marine organism populations, especially since the destructive and highly effective fishing practices like trawling.28

Reasons for this ecological collapse

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) 2016 Living Planet Report,29 global wildlife populations have declined primarily due to habitat destruction, over-hunting (see also 30,31,32) and pollution. In their 2018 report,33 the WWF found that over-consumption of resources by the global population has destroyed 60% of animal populations since 1970, and this continued destruction of wildlife is an emergency which threatens the survival of human civilization. As was noted above, the IPBES report2 records that a key driver of this destructive human activity is increased human population and per capita consumption.

Wireless radiation and 5G. As if humans have not been destructive enough, we now inflict toxic wireless radiation on surviving creatures and ourselves. For more information about the biological harm of wireless radiation (wireless Internet, cell phones, ‘smart’ devices, smart meters, Internet of Things) — especially 5G — see research publications such as those listed in the references.34

A sad ending

“For the first time since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, we face a global mass extinction of wildlife. . . . they are the barometer that reveals our impact on the world that sustains us” (Mike Barrett, director of science and policy at WWF’s UK branch, 2017).35

“When people make mistakes, they tend to expect they can reverse things; fix things. But very often we cannot.”36 As Peter Russell said,1 when the reality of our demise hits home, we will see widespread and profound grief at what has befallen us. Humans are part of an interconnected web of life on Earth — we cannot live without the animals and plants we are destroying. We will follow them into oblivion. However even at this late stage in our disastrous abuse of nature, we can show respect for our remaining ecosystems and exit with grace.

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Solar storm effects on humans

Solar storms

The sun continuously emits a stream of charged particles (“solar wind”) in all directions. The wind blows radially away from the sun, its speed and density are highly variable, and it contains a magnetic field that is also highly variable in magnitude and direction. When the sun is relatively calm, the only manifestation of solar wind may be the auroras (Northern or Southern Lights), caused by the excitation of atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen by the wind’s energetic electrons (Lenz, 2004).

A geomagnetic storm, or solar storm, is caused by a solar wind shock wave that strikes Earth’s magnetic field, resulting in a worldwide temporary disturbance of Earth’s magnetosphere, distinct from regular diurnal variations. This only occurs if the shock wave travels in a direction toward Earth. During a geomagnetic storm, “portions of the solar wind’s energy are transferred to the magnetosphere, causing Earth’s magnetic field to change rapidly in direction and intensity and energize the particle populations within it” (NOAA).

Geomagnetic storms comprise three major components: solar flares, solar proton events (SPEs) and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). The largest geomagnetic storms tend to involve all three elements. About 8 minutes after a solar flare, a powerful burst of electromagnetic radiation reaches Earth. About an hour after a SPE, high-energy cosmic rays reach Earth. Within about two days of a CME, the compressed magnetic fields and charged plasma of its leading edge smash into Earth’s magnetic field like a battering ram (Marusek, 2007). The strength and frequency of geomagnetic storms correlates with the eleven-year sunspot cycle. As the sun rotates completely in about 27 days as seen from Earth, and great sunspot groups can stay active for several solar rotations, a 27-day pattern of geomagnetic storms can occur (NOAA; Marusek, 2007).

Geomagnetic storms are traditionally divided into three phases: the initial phase, the main phase and the recovery phase. During the initial phase (duration 2-8 hours) the magnetosphere is compressed, causing local intensity. During the main phase (duration 12-24 hours) there are erratic but general decreases in background field intensities, followed by the recovery phase (duration tens of hours up to a week). Geomagnetic storms are predictable and usually last for two to four days, but occasionally they last for many more days. We have an average of 35 stormy days a year with a higher concentration of stormy days in March-April and September-October (Krivelyova & Robotti, 2003).

Health effects

There is a growing body of evidence that geomagnetic storms have brief but pervasive effects on human mental and physical health. These effects are far more significant than the well-known influence of the Full Moon and they are also stronger than the effects of meteorological factors (Dimitrova, 2005). The literature reviewed by Krivelyova and Robotti (2003) and Ward and Henshaw (2006) shows that geomagnetic storms have been related to mood disorders, anxiety, sleep disturbance, suicide, decreased functional activity of the central nervous system; double the frequency of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, violation of cardial rhythm and acute violation of brain blood circulation; and 30-80% increases in urgent hospitalization of patients in connection with suicides, mental disorders, myocardial infarction, defects of cerebrum vessels and arterial and venous diseases.

Krivelyova and Robotti’s (2003) literature review shows a harmful effect of solar activity on both sick and healthy people. Zakharov and Tyronov (2001, in Krivelyova & Robotti, 2003) stated: “It is commonly agreed that solar activity has adverse effects first of all on enfeebled and ill organisms. In our study we have traced that under conditions of nervous and emotional stresses (at work, in the street, and in cars) the effect may be larger for healthy people. The effect is most marked during the recovery phase of geomagnetic storms and accompanied by the inhibition of the central nervous system.”

Both environmental light and magnetic fields, which undergo diurnal and seasonal variations, influence the activity of the pineal gland. By altering the activity of this gland, geomagnetic storms cause imbalances and disruptions of the circadian rhythm of melatonin production, a factor that plays an important role in mood disturbances. A variety of behavioural changes and mood disorders have been strongly linked to abnormal melatonin patterns. In particular, patients suffering from depression have been shown to suffer decreased nocturnal melatonin levels. Depression in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is also associated with an unstable circadian pattern of melatonin secretion (literature reviewed by Krivelyova & Robotti, 2003).

Although SAD is defined by a pattern of autumn and winter depression, unusually high geomagnetic activity levels seem to disturb people’s mood intermittently throughout the year. Further, a singular intense geomagnetic storm may continue to affect a person for several days after the storm has ended (Krivelyova & Robotti, 2003).

Geomagnetic effects are greater at higher magnetic latitudes, extremely high as well as extremely low geomagnetic activity seems to have adverse health effects, and about 10 – 15% of the population is predisposed to ill health of geomagnetic variations. Although suppression of melatonin secretion by the pineal gland is a likely link between geomagnetic activity and human health, it is unlikely that all reported health effects of geomagnetic variation are due to a single mechanism (Palmer et al., 2006).

Behavioural effects

Emotions provide information, perhaps unconsciously, to people about their environment. Further, people often attribute their feelings to the wrong source, leading to incorrect judgments and behaviour. For example, someone in a bad mood because of high geomagnetic activity levels may unconsciously attribute their feelings to other aspects of their situation. People in a bad mood tend to make more pessimistic judgments and choices, especially in relatively abstract matters about which they lack concrete information (literature reviewed by Hirshleifer & Shumway, 2001; Krivelyova & Robotti, 2003).

Sunspot cycle and behaviour

During World War I a Russian professor of Astronomy and Biological Physics, A. L. Tchijevsky, noticed that particularly severe battles followed solar flares. He consequently studied the histories of 72 countries from 500 BC to 1922 AD and found that 80% of the most significant human events, mostly of war and violence, occurred during periods of maximum sunspot activity, specifically, during the five years around the maximum in sunspot activity.  In addition to the higher likelihood of major battles, riots and migrations during this period, this time of maximum sunspot activity was also associated with the dissemination of different doctrines (political, religious, etc); the spreading of heresies, religious riots, pilgrimages, etc; the appearance of social, military and religious leaders and reformers; and the formation of political, military, religious and commercial corporations, associations, unions, leagues, sects, companies, etc. (Michalec, 1990; Mandeville, 2003).

During recent years scientific understanding of the relationship between solar activity and Earth climate, weather, agriculture and commodity markets has developed substantially. In contrast, the relationship between solar activity and human behaviour has been relatively neglected. “Modern humans, unlike the ancient cultures of Egypt, Sumer, Bhararti, Maya, and China, are highly reluctant to admit that their collective behavior is influenced strongly by the sun. They prefer to believe that reason rules their societies” (Mandeville, 2003). Mandeville (2003) showed that a strong association between maximum sunspot activity and significant human events, especially of war and violence, has persisted across the centuries up until the present time.  I (Aspects of Mind) can verify from my own record of sunspot numbers and significant human events that this association continued beyond the maximum peak of April 2014. 


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Important book published since this post was written

Dobler, Sacha (2020). Solar Behavior.
Excerpt from this book (Chapter 3): Geomagnetic activity and biological effects.


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World Data Center for the International Sunspot Number

Mass human violence: Solar, Season and Lunar factors

Start of Wars and Revolutions: 11-year solar cycle, Season and Lunar Phase

  1. War: American Civil (12 Apr 1861), S Cycle Peak, Spring, NM
  2. War: WW1 (28 Jul 1914), S Cycle rising for 2 years but not at peak, Summer, NM
  3. Revolution: Russian (8 Mar 1917), S Cycle Peak, Spring, FM Day
  4. War: Spanish Civil (17 Jul 1936), S Cycle rising for 3 years and near Peak, Summer, NM
  5. War: WW2 (1 Sep 1939), S Cycle Peak, Summer, FM
  6. Revolution: Cuban (26 Jul 1953), S Cycle Trough, Summer, FM Day
  7. Revolution: Hungarian (23 Oct 1956), S Cycle Peak, Autumn, FM
  8. War: Six-Day (5 Jun 1967), start = Israel attacks Egypt’s airfields, nearing S Cycle Peak, Spring, LQ/NM
  9. War: Yom Kippur (6 Oct 1973), start = Egypt crosses Suez Canal, nearing S Cycle Trough, Autumn, FQ
  10. War: Israel invades S Lebanon (6 Jun 1982), S Cycle Peak, Summer, FM Day
  11. War: Jews kill c. 3,000 gentiles in USA (11 Sep 2001), S Cycle Peak, Summer, LQ
  12. War: US invades Afghanistan (7 Oct 2001), S Cycle Peak, Autumn, FM
  13. War: Coalition forces invade Iraq (19 Mar 2003), S Cycle Peak, Spring, FM
  14. War: Coalition forces start bombing Libya (19 Mar 2011), nearing S Cycle Peak, Spring, FM Day
  15. War: Saudi Arabian-led bombing starts in Yemen (26 Mar 2015), S Cycle falling but still near Peak, Spring, NM


Solar cycle. Most (80%) of these events started in the area of the 11-year solar cycle peak. WW1 is a notable exception.

Season. These events typically (80%) started in Spring / Summer. None started during the coldest months (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb in N Hem).

Lunar phase. The vast majority (86%) of these events started during Full Moon phase (53%) or New Moon phase (33%). Although the 11 Sep 2001 attack on gentiles was two days after FM phase, this complicated false flag attack could easily have been behind schedule. If 9/11 is counted as a FM phase attack, 93% of these events are associated with FM (60%) or NM (33%) phases.


At the start of these wars and revolutions we see strong solar cycle, season and lunar (psychopathic lunatics?) effects.

Terrorism (50+ deaths reported, except #4) and an attempted revolution: 11-year Solar Cycle, Season and Lunar Phase

  1. Terrorism: Bali bombings (12 Oct 2002), S Cycle Peak, Spring, NM
  2. Terrorism: Madrid train bombings (11 Mar 2004), S Cycle past peak, Winter (almost Spring), FM
  3. Terrorism: London bombings (7 Jul 2005), S Cycle nearing Trough, Summer, NM
  4. Terrorism: London bombings (21 Jul 2005), S Cycle nearing Trough, Summer, FM Day
  5. ?Terrorism: Jim Stone report — Israel detonated nuclear bombs to cause tsunami and Fukushima explosion + meltdown (11 Mar 2011), S Cycle Peak, Winter (almost Spring), NM
  6. ?Terrorism: Christopher Bollyn — ?Israel caused disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (8 Mar 2014), S Cycle Peak, Winter (almost Spring), NM
  7. Terrorism: Paris attacks (13 Nov 2015), S Cycle past peak, Autumn, NM
  8. Terrorism: Nice truck attack (14 Jul 2016), S Cycle nearing trough, Summer, FQ
  9. Attempted revolution: Venezuela military fails in uprising attempt (19 Apr 2019), S Cycle Trough, Spring, FM

Note: Incident #4 would have likely caused large-scale loss of life but only the bomb detonators exploded.


Solar cycle. These events were not associated with the 11-year solar cycle. Only a small percentage (33%) of them were in the area of a solar cycle peak.

Season. If the three events in early to mid-March (late Winter, nearly Spring in N hem) are counted as being in Spring, 89% of these events were in Spring / Summer and only 11% in Autumn / Winter.

Lunar phase. The vast majority (89%) of these events were in Full Moon phase (33%) or New Moon phase (56%).


In these incidents of terrorism we do not see a solar cycle effect. However we do see strong season and lunar (psychopathic lunatics?) effects.


These findings suggest that wars and revolutions are much more likely to start in the area of solar cycle peaks than in the area of solar cycle troughs.

Although the terrorism was not associated with a particular area of the solar cycle, all these events of mass human violence (start of war and revolution, terrorism) were strongly associated with season (Spring / Summer) and lunar phase (Full Moon or New Moon).

There is reason to consider the self-evident importance of lunar phase in planning and executing these violent events in relation to an ethnic group known as a moon people and psychopathic lunatics.

Suicide by Lunar and Seasonal Factors

In my work I (Aspects of Mind) noticed that lunar and seasonal factors were associated with demand for appointments, symptoms and symptom intensity reported across meetings, and relapse. In order to investigate the effects of lunar and seasonal factors on psychological distress, in 2011 I analyzed the dates of 43,645 suicides in England and Wales from 2001 to 2010. Due to other work demands I never finished preparing the study for publication. Extracts from a draft write-up are posted below. In my work I often referred to these results in order to help people understand and better manage their difficulties associated with these natural environment stressors.


The concept of homeostasis is central to the idea of stress. Most biochemical processes in biology strive to maintain equilibrium, which is more of an ideal steady state rather than an achievable condition. As internal and external environmental factors continually disrupt homeostasis, an organism’s condition wavers about a homeostatic point that is the organism’s optimal condition for living. Factors that cause an organism’s condition to waver away from homeostasis result in stress.1 Neuroscientists of today emphasize the role of environmental demands (stressors) that exceed the natural regulatory capacity of an organism to cause stress.1 Such stressors might include those of the moon and seasons. Further, stress can be described as either “eustress”, which is stress that is healthy or gives one positive feelings, or “distress”, the most commonly-referred to type of stress and which has negative implications.2

Stressful person-environment relationships can be thought of in terms of the relative balance of forces between environmental demands and the person’s psychological resources for dealing with them. A seesaw analogy can be used, with environmental load on one side of the fulcrum and the person’s resources on the other side. If the environmental load substantially exceeds the person’s resources, a stressful relationship exists. If the person’s resources are about equal to or exceed the demands, the situation is not stressful. A lack of involvement or stimulation can result in boredom or tedium, while excessive demands can result in feelings of panic, hopelessness and depression.3 Thus in human psychobiology it has been found that psychological stress results from both under-stimulation as well as over-stimulation.4


Worldwide suicide rates have increased by 60 percent in the past 45 years, mainly in the developing countries. Suicide is now the tenth leading cause of death5 with about a million suicides annually, or a suicide every 40 seconds.6

Factors correlated with suicide risk include underlying mental disorder, drug addiction, availability of means, family history of suicide, previous head injury,7 socio-economic factors such as unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and discrimination.8 Ultimately, hopelessness, the feeling that there is no prospect of improvement in one’s situation, is a strong indicator of suicide.9

Lunar phase

Although several studies have found limited support for lunar effects in abnormal behaviour, most have failed to show any relationship between such behaviour and the phase of the moon.10 In particular, a review of twenty studies examining correlations between moon phase and suicides showed that most of these studies found no correlation, and the ones that did report positive results were inconsistent with each other.11

Nevertheless, human and animal physiology is subject to lunar rhythms.12 The lunar cycle has been found to influence human fertility, menstruation and birth rate.12 Moreover, strong lunar cycle effects were found in stock returns. Returns in the 15 days around new moon dates were about double the returns in the 15 days around full moon dates. Evidence suggests that pessimism follows a sinusoidal pattern along the lunar cycle, with people become increasingly pessimistic in the 15 days around full moons, and increasingly optimistic around new moons.13

There does not seem to be published research on the lunar eclipse (which occurs the night of a full moon) or solar eclipse (which happens during a new moon) in relation to human behaviour.

Lunar apogee and perigee

Although there seems to be no published study of the apogee-perigee cycle in relation to humans or animals, the apogee-perigee cycle has been observed in the timing of volcanic eruptions and an eight-fold increase in earthquakes was found during the First and Last Quarter at perigee.14 It has also been noted that natural disasters such as the South East Asia earthquake and tidal wave disaster of 26 December 2004 (the day of Full Moon and the day before apogee) are more likely to occur at Full Moon, especially if the moon is at apogee.15 Apparently the earth is subject to exceptional strains when the moon is at apogee, particularly when this occurs at Full Moon.15


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health during most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer, spring or autumn, year after year.16 This condition in summer is often referred to as reverse seasonal affective disorder, and can also include heightened anxiety.17 About 20% of Irish people are affected by SAD18 and an estimated 10% of the Netherlands population suffer from SAD.19

Seasonal mood variations seem to be related to light.20 It has been theorized that the cause may be related to melatonin which is produced in dim light and darkness by the pineal gland, since there are direct connections, via the retinohypothalamic tract and the suprachiasmatic nucleus, between the retina and the pineal gland.21

Suicides fall during the winter months and peak during spring and early summer.22 As there is a correlation between the winter season and rates of depression, it has been suggested that individuals decide to commit suicide while profoundly depressed in winter when they lack the ability to organize their death. Later, when the weather improves and the person feels more in control, they are able to arrange their suicide.23

Purpose of the present study

The purpose of this study was to investigate the nature of any relationship between lunar phase and abnormal behaviour by broadening the scope of the typical study in this field to include variables of the apogee-perigee cycle and season.


The dates of 43,645 suicides in England and Wales from 2001 to 2010 were classified and compared according to lunar and seasonal characteristics. The suicide dates were the known dates of suicides as defined and recorded by the Office for National Statistics. The dates were studied in relation to lunar phase, which was divided into halves; lunar apogee and perigee; and twelve annual seasonal periods determined by equinox and solstice dates and the division of each season into three equal periods. A chi-square (X2) statistic was used to investigate whether the distribution of suicide dates differed according to these variables. P-values were calculated with two tails.

Summary of findings

The following results were statistically significant, with p-values of 0.0000 from the seasonal variation variable onward. The lunar and seasonal factors are presented in order of increasing association with suicide risk.

1. Lunar and solar eclipse — Weak effect (0.8% and 0.9% increases respectively).

2. Lunar phase differences — Small. Fewest suicides occurred during New Moon phase and the largest difference (between New Moon and First Quarter) was 0.9%.

3. Seasonal variation — Suicide numbers rose and fell in trends that peaked in mid spring (about 20 April to 21 May) and troughed in late autumn (about 21 November to 21 December). The difference between these highest and lowest months was 2.1%

4. Lunar phase and apogee / perigee

4.1 Lunar phase and apogee — Suicides increased substantially when the moon was close to apogee, with biggest increases around Full Moon (6.4%) and New Moon (5.7%).

4.2 Lunar phase and perigee — Suicides decreased substantially when the moon was close to perigee, with biggest decreases around New Moon(-5.8%) and Full Moon(-5.5%).

5. The lunar phase and apogee / perigee effect varied by season.

The findings referred to in 4.1 and 4.2 obscure the variation in strength and direction of the apogee / perigee effect according to season, e.g. around Full Moon and near apogee, suicides largely decreased (-12.1%) during early Spring but largely increased (11.1%) during mid Summer. Conversely, around Full Moon and near perigee, suicides largely increased (12.7%) during early Spring but decreased (-7.8%) during mid Summer.


Consistent with previous research, this study found that lunar phase alone is of limited value in explaining the distribution of suicide dates. However, in conjunction with the apogee-perigee cycle and seasonal periods, lunar factors can explain variations in the distribution of suicide dates to a substantial degree. Concepts of stress, particularly those of distress and eustress, under-stimulation and over-stimulation, can provide a coherent way of thinking about the present findings.


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From Earth and Moon Viewer and Solar System Explorer:

View of Present Moon

Perigees and Apogees, New and Full Moons

Mass human violence: Solar, Season and Lunar factors

Start of Wars and Revolutions: 11-year solar cycle, Season and Lunar Phase

  1. War: American Civil (12 Apr 1861), S Cycle Peak, Spring, NM
  2. War: WW1 (28 Jul 1914), S Cycle rising for 2 years but not at peak, Summer, NM
  3. Revolution: Russian (8 Mar 1917), S Cycle Peak, Spring, FM Day
  4. War: Spanish Civil (17 Jul 1936), S Cycle rising for 3 years and near Peak, Summer, NM
  5. War: WW2 (1 Sep 1939), S Cycle Peak, Summer, FM
  6. Revolution: Cuban (26 Jul 1953), S Cycle Trough, Summer, FM Day
  7. Revolution: Hungarian (23 Oct 1956), S Cycle Peak, Autumn, FM
  8. War: Six-Day (5 Jun 1967), start = Israel attacks Egypt’s airfields, nearing S Cycle Peak, Spring, LQ/NM
  9. War: Yom Kippur (6 Oct 1973), start = Egypt crosses Suez Canal, nearing S Cycle Trough, Autumn, FQ
  10. War: Israel invades S Lebanon (6 Jun 1982), S Cycle Peak, Summer, FM Day
  11. War: Jews kill c. 3,000 gentiles in USA (11 Sep 2001), S Cycle Peak, Summer, LQ
  12. War: US invades Afghanistan (7 Oct 2001), S Cycle Peak, Autumn, FM
  13. War: Coalition forces invade Iraq (19 Mar 2003), S Cycle Peak, Spring, FM
  14. War: Coalition forces start bombing Libya (19 Mar 2011), nearing S Cycle Peak, Spring, FM Day
  15. War: Saudi Arabian-led bombing starts in Yemen (26 Mar 2015), S Cycle falling but still near Peak, Spring, NM


Solar cycle. Most (80%) of these events started in the area of the 11-year solar cycle peak. WW1 is a notable exception.

Season. These events typically (80%) started in Spring / Summer. None started during the coldest months (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb in N Hem).

Lunar phase. The vast majority (86%) of these events started during Full Moon phase (53%) or New Moon phase (33%). Although the 11 Sep 2001 attack on gentiles was two days after FM phase, this complicated false flag attack could easily have been behind schedule. If 9/11 is counted as a FM phase attack, 93% of these events are associated with FM (60%) or NM (33%) phases.


At the start of these wars and revolutions we see strong solar cycle, season and lunar (psychopathic lunatics?) effects.

Terrorism (50+ deaths reported, except #4) and an attempted revolution: 11-year Solar Cycle, Season and Lunar Phase

  1. Terrorism: Bali bombings (12 Oct 2002), S Cycle Peak, Spring, NM
  2. Terrorism: Madrid train bombings (11 Mar 2004), S Cycle past peak, Winter (almost Spring), FM
  3. Terrorism: London bombings (7 Jul 2005), S Cycle nearing Trough, Summer, NM
  4. Terrorism: London bombings (21 Jul 2005), S Cycle nearing Trough, Summer, FM Day
  5. ?Terrorism: Jim Stone report — Israel detonated nuclear bombs to cause tsunami and Fukushima explosion + meltdown (11 Mar 2011), S Cycle Peak, Winter (almost Spring), NM
  6. ?Terrorism: Christopher Bollyn — ?Israel caused disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (8 Mar 2014), S Cycle Peak, Winter (almost Spring), NM
  7. Terrorism: Paris attacks (13 Nov 2015), S Cycle past peak, Autumn, NM
  8. Terrorism: Nice truck attack (14 Jul 2016), S Cycle nearing trough, Summer, FQ
  9. Attempted revolution: Venezuela military fails in uprising attempt (19 Apr 2019), S Cycle Trough, Spring, FM

Note: Incident #4 would have likely caused large-scale loss of life but only the bomb detonators exploded.


Solar cycle. These events were not associated with the 11-year solar cycle. Only a small percentage (33%) of them were in the area of a solar cycle peak.

Season. If the three events in early to mid-March (late Winter, nearly Spring in N hem) are counted as being in Spring, 89% of these events were in Spring / Summer and only 11% in Autumn / Winter.

Lunar phase. The vast majority (89%) of these events were in Full Moon phase (33%) or New Moon phase (56%).


In these incidents of terrorism we do not see a solar cycle effect. However we do see strong season and lunar (psychopathic lunatics?) effects.


These findings suggest that wars and revolutions are much more likely to start in the area of solar cycle peaks than in the area of solar cycle troughs.

Although the terrorism was not associated with a particular area of the solar cycle, all these events of mass human violence (start of war and revolution, terrorism) were strongly associated with season (Spring / Summer) and lunar phase (Full Moon or New Moon).

There is reason to consider the self-evident importance of lunar phase in planning and executing these violent events in relation to an ethnic group known as a moon people and psychopathic lunatics.

Life Events

The work of Holmes and Rahe (1967) suggested that an accumulation of significant life events in any one year increased your vulnerability to stress-related health problems. Total up your score. A score over 300 points in one year suggests increased susceptibility to stress-related problems, while a score below 150 means a relatively low amount of life change and a low susceptibility to stress-related health problems.

Life eventLife change unit
Death of a spouse/partner100
Marital separation65
Death of a close family member60
Personal injury or illness55
Moving house49
Dismissal from work47
Change in health of a family member44
Sexual difficulties39
Gaining a new family member39
Business/work changes39
Change in financial state38
Death of a close friend37
Changes in amount of arguments with spouse36
Major mortgage32
Son or daughter leaving home29
Outstanding personal achievement29
Trouble with in-laws28
Spouse begins or stops work27
Change in living conditions27
Change in social activities26
Change in recreational activities25
Change in school24
Minor violation of the law11

Work Stressors

Common occupational stressors are listed below.
Stressors need to be identified before they can be managed.

Job Intrinsic
Too much work
Too little work
Role conflict
Role ambiguity
Shift work
Time pressures
Long hours
Responsibility for people
Interpersonal conflict
Lack of support
Lack of job security
Repetitive, paced work
Low pay
Lack of job mobility
Unfulfilled job expectations
Lack of recognition of accomplishments
Excessive travel
Public scrutiny of activities
Report to committee
Extreme accountability for high-risk tasks
Intensive contact with customers/clients
Lack of autonomy/freedom
No participation in decision-making
Lack of consultation & sense of belonging
Poor communications
Office politics
Racial tension
Organizational changes
Physical hazards: noize, heat, cold, humidity, dust, odours, smoke, sunlight, radiation, vibration, injury
Chemical hazards
Biological & ergonomic hazards
Ill-fitting protective equipment/clothing
Job Extrinsic
Parent/employee role conflict
Family & personal problems
Other social demands

List any other work stressors that trouble you.

God and Heaven

The Primacy of Consciousness

There is no external ‘reality.’ Our entire experience is a construction in our mind (consciousness). Everything we know, including space, time and matter, manifests from consciousness. Other names for consciousness include God, Allah, and the Quantum Vacuum Field. Source: The Primacy of Consciousness, an article by physicist Peter Russell. 


The Primacy of Consciousness — physicist Peter Russell (video).

Why Explore Cosmos and Consciousness? — physicist Andrei Linde (video), e.g. “Before you observe, nothing exists. Once you observe, everything looks as if it existed all the time. Consciousness exists without matter.

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God — an interview with physicist Amit Goswami (article), e.g. “Consciousness is the ground of all being.”

Experiments Show Consciousness Affects MatterDean Radin, PhD.

Quantum Entanglement

All things are connected at the quantum level


A Quantum View of the WorldDean Radin, PhD (video).

Entangled Minds and BeyondDean Radin, PhD (video).

Selected Psi Research Publications.

The Global Consciousness Project.

Continuity of Consciousness (Life after Death)

Many people who are resuscitated from clinical death report that they had left their physical body and continued life in another realm. These near-death experiences, or NDEs, are consistent across people. A typical experience is a dying man suddenly finds himself floating above his body and watching what is going on; within moments he travels at great speed through a darkness or a tunnel; he enters a realm of dazzling light and is warmly met by recently deceased friends and relatives; he hears indescribably beautiful music and sees landscapes (rolling meadows, flower-filled valleys, and sparkling streams) more lovely than anything he has seen on earth. In this light-filled world he feels no pain or fear and is pervaded with an overwhelming feeling of joy, love, and peace; he meets a being (or beings) of light who emanates a feeling of enormous compassion, and is prompted by the being(s) to experience a “life review,” a panoramic replay of his life; he becomes so enraptured by his experience of this greater reality that he desires nothing more than to stay; however, the being tells him that it is not his time yet and persuades him to return to his earthly life and re-enter his physical body.

Numerous studies have found evidence of consciousness in patients during clinical death, e.g. the research of cardiologist Pim van Lommel and colleagues, published in the highly respected international medical journal, The Lancet, in 2001. After resuscitation, many patients in van Lommel’s study reported NDEs involving heightened, lucid awareness and logical thought processes while clinically dead (flat EEG). These people felt as though they had taken off their body like an old coat while retaining their identity with the possibility of perception, emotions, and very clear consciousness. They say that in the realm of light and love, time and space do not seem to exist; communication with deceased loved ones there is by thought transfer; they felt home, where they come from; the experience is more real than in this world; and they know that there is a continuity of their consciousness, because they experienced it. 


van Lommel et al. (2001), van Lommel (2004, 2006), video interviews of Dr van Lommel by Mel Van Dusen (2010) and Iain McNay (2013). All referenced sources are available on Dr van Lommel’s site.


Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772)

Swedenborg was the Leonardo da Vinci of his era. He was the leading mathematician in Sweden, spoke nine languages, was a politician, astronomer, wrote books on metallurgy, colour theory, commerce, economics, physics, chemistry, mining, and anatomy, and invented prototypes for the airplane and the submarine. He meditated regularly and as of middle age Swedenborg was able to enter deep trances during which he left his body and visited what appeared to him to be heaven, where he conversed with “angels” and “spirits.” Swedenborg is one of several individuals in history who possessed the ability to make out-of-body journeys to the subtler levels of reality and he wrote numerous volumes about his experiences. Here is a video introduction to Swedenborg, Who was Swedenborg? (Download free ebooks and pdfs of Swedenborg’s books at links in the text beneath this video). Other videos about Swedenborg include Splendors of the Spirit: Swedenborg’s Quest for Insight and Outer Streams, Emanuel Swedenborg.

The Nature of Creation

Swedenborg said creation is made of two separate and yet coexisting “worlds”: the natural world (where we are now) and the spiritual world, comprising heaven, hell, and the world of spirits in betweenReference.

The spiritual world. Here people have bodies; live in houses; enjoy community life; are surrounded by landscapes like those of Earth, with familiar plants and animals (in addition to plants, NDE reports include hearing wonderful birdsong and seeing animals, mostly dogs, e.g. all the dogs of one’s life); particular individuals are only as near or as far away as our thoughts of them, and thinking of a person or place can actually bring us there; and everything is vivid and much more alive than in the natural world. Further, what we see responds to what we are thinking, i.e. it is a realm where the inner state of individuals is reflected in their surroundings. All life is sustained by the love and wisdom of God and originates from the spiritual world.  Reference.

Swedenborg said that heaven is: a more fundamental level of reality than our own physical world and the archetypal source from where all earthly forms originate, and to which all forms return; different from physical reality in degree but not in kind — the material world is just a frozen version of the thought-built reality of heaven and “flows in by stages” to the physical reality and “at each new stage it becomes more general and therefore coarser and hazier, and it becomes slower, and therefore more viscous and colder.”  Reference.

Similarity to NDE reports. Swedenborg’s accounts of the afterlife match descriptions of modern-day NDEs, e.g. passing through a dark tunnel; being met by welcoming spirits; landscapes more beautiful than any on Earth; a realm where time and space no longer exist; a dazzling light that emits feelings of love; appearing before beings of light; being enveloped by an all-encompassing peace and serenity; seeing the newly deceased in the spiritual world being subjected to a life review during which a person witnesses “everything they had ever been or done;” and angels communicating by “thought balls” — telepathic bursts of knowledge as a picture language so dense with information that each image contains a thousand ideas. Swedenborg also corroborates some of the less commonly reported elements of the NDE, that in the spirit world we no longer need to eat food, as information takes its place as a source of nourishmentReference.

Although it is not a feature reported by modern NDEers, Swedenborg said that in heaven there are also spirits from other planets.  Reference.

The Process of Crossing Over

A person’s experience in the spiritual world depends on what type of life s/he has led. Most people start in the world of spirits.

The World of Spirits

This is the realm we enter immediately after death, an intermediate realm situated between heaven and hell. It is like a “sorting outzone from which spirits go to either heaven or hell and it has three states.


1. First state. Here we are essentially the same as we were in this world, e.g. we have all our memories, beliefs and attitudes. We often meet friends or relatives who crossed over before us and spouses will be reunited, although not necessarily forever. Here our inner nature becomes the whole of our being. Friends and relatives are our guide to the spiritual world, and, with the help of good spirits, our true inner nature will gradually be revealed. The duration of this state depends on how long it takes for our outer nature (what we outwardly say and do) to harmonize with our inner nature (what we truly feel and believe). Anyone who has become totally transparent in this life, whether transparently loving or transparently hateful, is fully ready for either heaven or hell, and goes straight in.

2. Second state. Here we become aware of the deeper parts of our inner nature. We start saying what we really think and we act according to what we feel without worrying about appearances or making other people happy. We act according to our inner values — the way we might act on Earth when nobody else is watching or when we’re sure we won’t get caught. People who are truly good inside will be kind and generous to others, while people who are inherently evil will be openly selfish and cruel. While we can all be generous or selfish sometimes, inherently good spirits will reject the selfish thoughts and work to rid themselves of those impulses, while inherently evil spirits will justify their bad behaviour and thereby embrace it as part of themselves. At this point, like is drawn to like, so the sorting out begins. No “judge” passes sentences of guilt or innocence — we seek out kindred spirits because that is where we feel at home.

3. Third state

a) For people who are ready for heaven, this is a time of instruction — to learn about heaven and how to lead a life that allows one to experience it. At this point, the person is already in touch with the community in heaven where s/he will ultimately live, but still has a lot to learn about that community — what it does, how the individual can contribute to it, how the community can fill the individual’s needs, and so on.

b) People who have joined a community of evil spirits will continue to descend further and further into hell until they reach those people who are most similar to them. This is not a punishment; it is simply the place where they feel most comfortable. If they have freely chosen a path that is the opposite of love and wisdom, there is nothing more the angels can do for them. The most merciful thing to do is to let them live the life they have chosen.

All people have an equal chance to go to either heaven or hell. That decision is made by the individuals themselves, in the form of every choice they’ve made to act in either a loving way or a selfish way.


Heaven has three levels: the heavenly or celestial, the spiritual, and the natural.

Those in the “highest” heaven are closest to God while those in the “lowest” hell are described as being furthest away. At the top of everything is God, who Swedenborg describes as a living sun radiating divine good and truth throughout creation.

Heaven is in a human form, with individual communities corresponding to the function of the organs in our body, with God being the spiritual “core” of the being, sustaining it just as we are sustained by our souls. Heaven is a place of inexpressible joy and peace.

Heaven is a collective entity made up of good people who perform an important use, much as we ourselves are made up of individual cells and atoms that are essential to the full functioning of our body. The animating force of heaven, as well as of living creatures on earth, is God’s love and wisdom. God is the very essence of life, love, and wisdom itself, the source and sustenance of all that exists. We are only close to God to the extent that we align ourselves with God’s will, thus opening ourselves to the inflow of God’s love and wisdom, i.e. heaven.

People who are not ready to experience a certain level of heaven will feel uncomfortable, even sick, and will be forced to retreat back down to lower levels until they have been properly prepared. This is even truer of spirits who are bound for hell.



Hell is the part of creation that is furthest away from God. If we visualize heaven as being in the form of a human being as described above, hell would be the area beneath that being’s feet.

Swedenborg did not describe hell as a place of fiery torment where God punishes sinners. Rather, it is human beings themselves who choose hell by consistently choosing to act selfishly or cruelly toward others. Also, there is no one Devil or Satan who is the counterpart to God. In hell the inhabitants are “devils” or “satans” and they torture each other by lying, manipulating and inflicting pain on others in an attempt to dominate and gain power.

To angels, the inhabitants of hell are twisted, misshapen and live in buildings that are ugly, filthy, and stink horribly. However, to the inhabitants of hell their surroundings seem pleasant and they can even be attractive to each other. Therefore devils prefer hell to heaven and would not choose to live anywhere else even if they were given the option. They find heaven repulsive and cannot stand its light for even a few moments. They perceive heavenly teachings as sickly sweet and may dismiss good people as being too idealistic or impractical.

As with heaven, hell has different regions and levels. The deepest hells are the darkest and coldest (as God is the source of light and heat in the spiritual world). The only light and warmth in hell arises from the fires of malice that emanate from its inhabitants. Those who live in the deepest hells are the ones who embrace evil on the innermost levels of their being, who love themselves more than anything else, and who find great delight in inflicting pain on others.

Origin of angels and devils. Like the angels in heaven, all devils were once human beings; there are no beings in either heaven or hell who were not once living on Earth.

Marriage (Conjugal Love)

If two people were truly of one mind on earth, they will live together as spouses in heaven too. However, if they were not happily married, or if their personalities are fundamentally different, they will eventually part ways. Swedenborg says those who did not find love on earth will eventually find their perfect match in heaven — no one is ever alone unless they wish to be.  Reference.

Consistent with his observation that angels are not a separately created race of genderless beings, Swedenborg is adamant that gender characteristics are part of one’s spiritual substance and thus survive death. He says not only that there are marriages in heaven, but that such unions involve supremely pleasurable sexual experiences.  Reference.

Civilization in the higher dimension

Individuals such as NDEers, yogic adepts and ayahuasca-using shamans who are privileged enough to have visited civilizations of the subtle realms universally report seeing many vast and celestially beautiful cities there. The most notable feature of these great cities is that they are brilliantly luminous. They are also frequently described as foreign in architecture, sublimely beautiful and grand beyond words. In describing one such city Swedenborg said that it was a place “of staggering architectural design, so beautiful that you would say this is the home and the source of the art itself.” They are also frequently described as having an unusual number of schools and other buildings associated with the pursuit of knowledge. NDEers have said that the buildings of higher learning they visited were not just devoted to knowledge, but were literally built out of knowledgeReference.

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