If I was a jew

I’d immobilize my prey within a web of deadly lies,
cut his spiritual roots with lies about “Jesus,”
thoroughly weaken him across society.
When defenseless, I’d inject him
with my poison.

(If I was a jew, by a poetic spider.)

There’s a better way . . .

4 thoughts on “If I was a jew

  1. Somehow, for some reason, this seems appropriate:


    See: Splash page of Sean Kelly’s “Son-o-God” comics, depicting Jesus as a superhero, published at The National Lampoon. (Art by Neal Adams)


    From The New York Times:

    Sean Kelly, a wry master of literary and musical parodies who helped infuse National Lampoon with the sharp-edged and often crude humor it became known for, died on July 11 in Manhattan. He was 81.

    His wife, Patricia Todd, said the cause of death, in a hospital, was heart and renal failure.

    Mr. Kelly began writing for the Lampoon soon after it started in 1970, as it was developing a reputation for unrestrained irreverence toward politics, sex and popular culture, advancing humor for baby boomers beyond the boundaries set by Mad magazine. He later became an editor and, in 1975, was named editor in chief.

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    1. Alan thank you for your welcome comment and helpful information! Yes, Sean Kelly’s irreverent humour does seem appropriate! The People’s Cube looks like a very good website. I’m sorry not to have learnt about it earlier. It’s sad that Sean Kelly died recently. His “Son-o-God” comics look very funny!


    1. Good to hear from you Phil! Thank you for your insightful and poetic comment! Your rhyming emphasizes those points well. My spider hasn’t yet learnt to rhyme. 🙂

      I fully agree with you, including gratitude to our chief god Odin. It feels like his force as the god of rage and battle is building toward an eruption.


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