The Final Resolution

Pillars of Creation located in the Eagle Nebula

The above image represents destructive, creative and beautiful cosmic processes. Similarly, on our much smaller global scale, it can symbolize evolutionary processes as evidenced in world events now accelerating toward a catastrophic resolution of yin yang forces before the end of the Solar Cycle 25 peak. This conflict can be cast in various terms, e.g. spiritual (yin-yang, good-evil, God-Satan) and cycles (ups/downs of evolutionary processes, including very long-term solar and planetary cycles, real climate change). Some of these world events are listed below. I plan to update the list as the process continues.

  1. French Virologist and Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier: The “vaccination” is creating the variants.
  2. Global Research: Massive death wave coming, truth and revolution fill the air.
  3. Former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon highlights three reasons why women of childbearing years and younger should reject experimental COVID-19 gene-therapy vaccines.
  4. Videos featuring former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon: Warning to humanity and a short version of this video.
  5. And We Should Trust ‘The Science’ of the Pharma Industry? What is never mentioned in mainstream media is the scientific record of the major global vaccine making pharmaceutical giants — it is abysmal and alarming in the extreme.
  6. A team of lawyers led by senior UK lawyer Anna de Buisseret, assisted by World Doctors Alliance, is preparing to serve notices of liability on vaccinators and potential criminal trials for Crimes against Humanity.
  7. An article concerning Anna de Buisseret in which reference is made to “the Doctors and Nurses Trials held in Nuremberg during the 1940s onwards in which numerous doctors and nurses were found liable and guilty for countless deaths from injections and other medical procedures. The sentence handed down by the Judges was imprisonment or the death penalty (by hanging) for those found guilty.”
  8. Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House’s coronavirus task force response coordinator, blasted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during a discussion on COVID-19 data: “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,” she told CDC Director Robert Redfield, two people familiar with the meeting told the newspaper. Birx and others feared that the CDC’s data-tracking system was inflating coronavirus statistics like mortality rates and case numbers by up to 25%.
  9. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted during a press briefing that her claim that over 99% of covid patients dying in hospitals were unvaccinated was a load of cr*p.
  10. Dr. Joel Hirschhorn: COVID vaccines cause blood clots. The article provides summaries of recently published research on two types of observed blood clots – microscopic and relatively large size – that merit serious attention and concern. Dr. Hirschhorn links to this site: testimonies from those who have experienced problems with the vaccines, related public health policy, and much more.
  11. Swiss Police Association members refuse to implement Covid measures. “If there is a risk that measures run counter to the interests of the responsible public and that their basic rights are disproportionately curtailed, many police officers will no longer be willing to implement them.”
  12. Rebellion: New Zealand Doctors, Dentists and Scientists Speaking Out with Science. A Call To Action — The Nuremberg Code.
  13. Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage. “These people are now permanently disabled, and they will no longer be able to do what they used to do.”
  14. Doctors Rebellion: 2 hours of doctor interviews in one video – STOP THE SHOT!
  15. Dr. Peter McCullough: Doubling Down on a Failed and Unsafe Human Experiment.
  16. The Lancet: Inhaled budesonide improves time to recovery in people with COVID-19.
  17. CDC and Media Say 61% of Americans are Vaxxed, but Data Show it is 32%.
  18. Most Highly Educated Americans Are Also the Most Vaccine Hesitant. “… the highest hesitancy was among those holding a PhD.”
  19. The Nuremberg Code (1947), published in British Medical Journal No 7070 Vol 313: Page 1448, 7 Dec 1996, e.g. “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”
  20. The law is clear. An experimental vaccine cannot be mandated. Here is a letter template to utilize related to your employer or school attempting to mandate the Covid-19 experimental vaccine candidates.
  21. Dr. Roger Hodkinson on Covid vaccine: “There’s an awful need to stop this attack on children. It’s child abuse.” The Dangers & Safety of Vaccines; Notice of Liability as a useful tool and Covid-vaccine impacts on Menstrual Cycles & Reproductive Organs.
  22. Former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon: “They are lying to you all the time. Do not take, especially if you are pregnant this experimental, still in clinical trials gene therapy! Anyone giving this drug to pregnant women is an absolute reckless idiot!”
  23. Covid-19 shot: “Anyone who does this to a child will hang.”
  24. How To Become Part of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Class Action Law Suit: “Dr Fuellmich and his team have spent months listening to the expert advice from hundreds of professionals, including Dr Mike Yeadon and Prof Dolores Cahill, most of whom have been censored by big tech when speaking against the official WHO narrative of Covid-19 especially related to the unreliable PCR test that has being encouraged by all Governments for en masse testing.”
  25. Victory! The first police domino has fallen – in Switzerland. “The worldwide revolution of the French-speaking resistance is well underway, as the first police station has switched to our side; 500 Swiss police officers are officially calling on their troops to engage in civil disobedience if the measures go against the silent majority of the population.” The description of this French language video can can be translated with DeepL Translator or read on For Life on Earth.
  26. Dr. Ryan Cole, highly popular video: A pathologist’s summary of what these injections do to your brain and other organs, e.g. “We need to stop this insanity immediately!
  27. The Vaccine Injured Unite. The article includes these links: C19 Vax Reactions and Vax Longhaulers.
  28. Lawyer Thomas Renz: “Waking up … and telling them to go to hell!
  29. Conversation with Poison Control on Vaccine Ingredients.
  30. French vaccine expert Prof. Christian Perronne on Covid-19 “vaccines:” (a) The products they call “vaccines” for Covid-19 are not really vaccines; (b) Never before in the history of infectious disease medicine has a state or politicians recommended systematic vaccinations for billions of people on the planet for a disease whose mortality rate is now 0.05%. That’s a very low mortality rate! (c) They’re making everyone afraid that there’s a new so-called “Delta variant” coming from India, but in fact all these variants are less and less virulent; (d) It is in the “vaccinated” population that these variants emerge. In all the countries with massive “vaccinations” we see a recurrence of the epidemic, with new cases of death; (e) Over 90% of cases are in very old people. And we can treat them. There are hundreds of publications showing that early treatments work: there’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin D, and so on; (f) All these so-called “vaccines” are useless. If you treat early you can succeed and the epidemic will be over very rapidly.
  31. Doctors for COVID Ethics: (a) The latest estimate of average population Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for SARSCoV-2 is 0.23% (0.05% for <70) which is around the same level as seasonal influenza (0.1-0.4%); (b) There is good scientific data showing that the risk of dying from COVID-19 is directly comparable to seasonal Influenza in most age groups and significantly lower than influenza in children; (c) International experts suggest that up to 90% of covid cases could be false positives; (d) Treatments of proven benefit: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, many other micro-nutrients including zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, inhaled steroids, Ivermectin; (e) Extensive data from the UK Yellow Card shows deaths and disabilities following vaccination; (f) It is biologically plausible that the vaccine will increase death rates from a subsequent natural covid infection due to the phenomenon of antibody dependent enhancement.
  32. The catastrophic catalogue of “vaccine” reactions.
  33. Tens of Thousands March in Montreal Against Vaccine Passports. They have finally had enough and are taking a stand against the radical tyrants who have restricted their freedoms throughout the past year.
  34. French Employers: No Interest in Enforcing Health Pass Law: (a) This Law has no substance concerning Labour Law. It produces very few, if any, binding obligations for employers; (b) It is meant to put psychological pressure on employers, who in any case can do nothing LEGALLY against their employees for NOT taking the vaccine; (c) Employers should do nothing against their employees for refusing. There is no sanction for doing nothing.
  35. Doctors for COVID Ethics: Leaky Blood Vessels An Unknown Danger of COVID-19 “Vaccination: (a) Doctors for Covid Ethics explains why recent findings regarding vaccine-immune interactions suggest that vascular damage and leakage is likely to occur following COVID-19 “vaccination;” (b) The findings add to work published last year showing that spike protein in the bloodstream directs an immune factor known as complement to attack the inner vessel lining, resulting in damage and leakiness of the vessels; (c) The severity of this effect can be expected to intensify with each injection, rendering booster shots uniquely dangerous.
  36. Doctors for COVID Ethics: Why general vaccination is not necessary or appropriate: “Dr. Bhakdi published a video presentation which explained that cross-immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is widespread in the population, and that general vaccination is therefore not necessary or appropriate. This was disputed by Dr. Geert vanden Bossche. Here, we rebut Dr. vanden Bossche’s assertions.”
  37. More Than 23,000 German Doctors Have Quit the Genocide Campaign. “More and more doctors are withdrawing from the corona “vaccination” campaign according to figures from the Robert Koch Institut, accessed by the newspaper Welt am Sonntag.”
  38. Green Passport rejected throughout Spain. Competent courts have annulled, one by one, the official orders to introduce the passport. The standardized vaccination certificate as a mandatory digital document for access to bars, restaurants, nightclubs and events has been discontinued before it even started.
  39. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, eminent pathologist: It’s all been a pack of lies! Short hard-hitting video about all the Covid measures and how they are total bull*hit.
  40. FDA Knows COVID Vaccines Will Cause Fatal Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome In Children.
  41. Italian Healthcare Workers Refuse Vaccine in Large Numbers.
  42. Vaxxed Blood Shows ‘Stacking’, Typical of Blood Cancer.
  43. Businesses Are Refusing to Enforce France’s Vaccine Passport.
  44. Warning for teenagers as vaccine deaths overtake Covid.
  45. From For Life on Earth: PRESS RELEASE: CALL FOR WORLDWIDE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. These insane, stupid, tyrannical and criminal measures … are a “weapon of mass destruction” of society in terms of health, economies, education, ecology and human rights…. with the complicity of corrupt or ignorant pseudo-experts …. Scientific and factual evidence proves very clearly that this is … a huge scam, a grand manipulation, a war….. we call  upon citizens in all countries of the world to engage in civil disobedience… peacefully and without violence. Examples of civil disobedience are listed here. We also call upon all police and military personnel to engage in civil disobedience, to publicly announce that they refuse to apply these tyrannical measures …. We call on them to respect their professional codes of conduct such as the European Code of Police Ethics, which says (Article 39): “Police personnel shall carry out orders properly issued by their superiors, but they shall have a duty to refrain from carrying out orders which are clearly illegal” or the French Code of  Professional Conduct for the Police and Gendarmerie, which states in Article R. 434-5 on obedience: “The police officer or gendarme shall loyally and faithfully carry out instructions and shall likewise obey the orders he receives from the appointing authority, except in the case where the order given is manifestly illegal and of such a nature as to seriously compromise the public interest.
  46. From For Life on Earth: The FLOE Show 1: Who’s pulling the strings on the Great Reset global putsch? Highly informed discussion — Strongly recommended video!
  47. Vaccine and Blood Analysis Under Microscope. Presented by independent researches, lawyers and doctor.
  48. Covid Call To Humanity: Scientists Sound Alarm — Vaccines Will Kill Millions.
  49. Doctors for COVID Ethics: Shots and Shingles: What Do They Tell Us? “Shingles and Bell’s Palsy following COVID-19 vaccination point to dangerous immunosuppression, with short and long-term implications, including for cancer and pregnancy….”
  50. Official Data: Many more people have died of Covid-19 Vaccines in 8 months than people who have died of Covid-19 in 18 months.
  51. Breaking The Nuremberg Code: No CV-19 “vaccine” trial subjects have enough information to make an informed decision.
  52. Why authorities desperate to give CV-19 “vaccine” to everyone: The un-“vaccinated” will show that the “vaccines” don’t work, cause severe injuries, and kill people.
  53. Dr Peter McCullough: CV-19 “vaccines” the most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history.
  54. Romanians and Bulgarians overwhelmingly rejected Big Pharma’s experimental “vaccines.” Their governments are selling them off to Ireland and Denmark.
  55. ASTONISHING: Twenty-year genetic trail behind Covid’s creation. Patents show that a natural virus, harmless to humans, was subjected to numerous laboratory modifications which ‘weaponised’ it, so that it could become the basis of a marketing campaign for tests and “vaccines” …. which have proved to be a financial bonanza for drug companies. From the comments: “I don’t know how many people still believe that this scam wasn’t engineered but the narrative is certainly gradually unraveling. Nobody can ever fool all of the people all of the time.”
  56. Oxford University Clinical Research Group: Vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.
  57. Finland Parliament Member Serves Government Notice That They’re Committing Vaccine Genocide. “Finland is currently injecting its citizens with toxins disguised as COVID vaccines…. In violation of the Nuremberg Code, Finns have not been told that this is a human experiment…. and its results are terrible…. how many more people should die or get injured before we interrupt this killing of people? Finally, if you still continue misleading our citizens … you are intentionally involved in several crimes, the most serious of which may even be genocide.”
  58. Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist, internal disease specialist, epidemiologist: (a) CV-19 is not spread asymptomatically — only sick people give it to others; (b) No-one should undergo an asymptomatic or routine test — it has no standing whatsoever; (c) Natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable — it cannot be improved by vaccination, or any other method; (d) CV-19, no matter what the variant, is easily treatable at home with simple, available drugs; (e) The current CV-19 vaccines are obsolete — they do not cover the new variants.
  59. New Evidence, Including Sworn Affidavit from Prof. Luc Montagnier, Submitted to International Criminal Court: Governments across the world and their advisors are complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.
  60. A situation so dire mere negligence or stupidity are no longer valid excuses. German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “If you’ve already gotten one or two shots, there’s nothing you can do about that. Certainly, do not get a booster, as each booster is undoubtedly going to magnify the damage….”
  61. Denmark scraps all Corona measures. The Danish parliament decided that all Corona measures should be ended from October 1. There will no longer be a mask requirement and the test regime will be abolished. Danes will no longer have to provide evidence of whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, or whether they have tested positive or negative.
  62. We are heading for a revolt and the criminals behind this attack are terrified. We should all be vaxxed by now but the genocide stalled before even half the adult citizenry received the kill shot. Rage against our attackers will become extreme as vax injuries and deaths soar. Political puppets and front men will be thrown to the wolves by their masters but we must ensure that all the criminals pay for their crimes.
  63. Covid-“Vaccinated” Individuals Prove To Be Most Prolific Superspreaders.
  64. Covid “Vaccines” Violate European Legislation.
  65. “Vaccination” in France Has Been Judicially Blocked Since August 26.
  66. “Delta Variant” Death Rate Among “Vaccinated” Over 5 Times HIGHER Than the Un-“Vaccinated” in England.
  67. Hundreds of L.A. cops and firefighters join forces to fight city’s “vaccine” mandate.
  68. Drama in Spain: Constitutional Court Revolts, Declares State of Emergency Unconstitutional.
  69. Victory! From 20 October 2021, the Covid pass and vaccination will be abolished on the entire territory of the EU.

Jabber’s bowel

Jabber’s bowel occurs in Covid “vaccine” jabbers. It involves frequent watery faeces evacuation in response to jabber awareness of the catastrophic consequences of jabbing.

Associated features
  1. Recurrent, involuntary distressing thoughts, imagery or dreams of punishment, e.g. that which features gallows, retaliation by victims, being struck down by God.
  2. Intense or prolonged psychological distress at exposure to internal or external cues that symbolize or resemble an aspect of punishment, e.g. The Nuremberg Code, reports of vaccine injury or death, approach by victims or those resembling victims.
  3. Avoidance of or efforts to avoid the distress, e.g. avoidance of places where recognition by victims is considered possible, disguising personal appearance, relocation or plans to relocate.
  4. Persistent and strong negative beliefs about oneself, e.g. “I am bad,” “I am a murderer,” “I deserve to suffer like my victims.”
  5. Persistent negative emotional state, e.g. fear, horror, guilt, shame.

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