Satanic Abrahamics

The Abrahamic Two-Step

1. Scare the ‘goyim’.
2. Control and cull them.

The possibilities for terrifying the naive are endless: fake threats of “Hell,” attack by other nations, “climate change,” “pandemics,” etc.

Followed by the usual. Herd them, direct them to buy your stuff, make them kill each other in wars, take their stuff.

The fake threat of aliens might be a consideration for the Two-Step. Further, as with dangerous psychopaths more generally, we can expect to see a progression in the severity of Satanic Abrahamic crimes. After the greatest mass-murder in history (pan-vax) would you expect their next atrocity to be more or less outrageous? If they choose to murder more people using directed energy weapons as they did on 9/11 and this time blame it on aliens, this would be the drill (the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour):

1. Increase public awareness and fear of aliens.
2. Control and cull the ‘goyim’.

Step 1. This would involve the usual roles of media (scare stories about aliens), ‘authority’ (political and other puppets) statements on the alien ‘threat’ and insiders preparing to exploit financial opportunities of the alien ‘threat’. Do 9/11 on a global scale using long-prepared weapons (including those used on 9/11, alien-looking anti-gravity craft such as the TR-3B), blame aliens for the attack.

Step 2. Impose total world government in the name of this global ‘threat’, kill yet more ‘goyim’, take their stuff.

The Two-Step is vulgar, anti-life, and failing as people wake up to it. The only viable approach to life in the long-term is by the laws of nature. This is exemplified in National Socialism and Hitler-type leadership. For an example of national pride that blossoms after the satanic nation-wreckers are expelled, watch / listen to the Hitler Youth Anthem (1925-1945).

There’s a better way . . .

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