By the end of the Solar Cycle 25 peak, survivors will celebrate the Führer’s return, light prevailing over dark, the start of another golden age. The Führer’s return will be spiritual, in the greatness of new ethnic nationalist leaders standing for truth, life and justice. We will need plenty of fine wine for the celebrations.Continue reading “Führerwein”

Anger Management

The physiological (body) and psychological (mind) anger response evolved to help people handle physical threats. However in today’s world there are not many places where physical aggression is an appropriate response. Anger is a normal human response to the experience of unfair treatment, injustice, frustration and criticism. However some people get angry without provocation, othersContinue reading “Anger Management”

Anxiety Management

Anxiety and your body When we feel anxious a chain of automatic events occurs in our bodies, which prepares us for action. This reaction is often termed the “fight or flight” response and can be traced back into our evolutionary past. Imagine the primitive caveman threatened by a wild animal. He needs to be preparedContinue reading “Anxiety Management”

Depression Management

What is Depression? People experience depression in many different ways, but perhaps the most prominent feature is a low or sad mood. Other typical signs of depression include lethargy, trouble with sleeping or early wakening, feeling constantly tired, pessimistic negative thoughts, difficulty thinking straight or making decisions, change in appetite and loss of interest. ThereContinue reading “Depression Management”

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