From ET to Enlightened Time

The image shows symbols of (a) enlightenment (Swastika), (b) creation (the zinc fireworks of human egg fertilization1,2 ) and (c) results of (a) + (b). Outline of this post 1. Introduction2. Meaning of geometric shapes, numbers and colours. This section includes a test, Do you know your Mars from your elbow? 3. What can ETsContinue reading “From ET to Enlightened Time”

Essential Religion

As our culture is an expression of shared racial consciousness (genetically predisposed), a foreign culture cannot resonate deep within our mind as our own culture does. An experiment to prove this: a) Listen to jewish music; attend the service of a jewish religion, Christianity; and rate your spiritual satisfaction of this experience (0 to 10).Continue reading “Essential Religion”

The Final Resolution

Pillars of Creation located in the Eagle Nebula The above image represents destructive, creative and beautiful cosmic processes. Similarly, on our much smaller global scale, it can symbolize evolutionary processes as evidenced in world events now accelerating toward a catastrophic resolution of yin yang forces before the end of the Solar Cycle 25 peak. ThisContinue reading “The Final Resolution”

Revenge in realms of Death

Image credit: Wikipedia. The picture is by William Blake, eminent English poet and illustrator. It is called The Ancient of Days and was originally published as the frontispiece to his 1794 work Europe a Prophecy. The title of this post is from a line in William Blake’s prophetic poem Auguries of Innocence. The “revenge” canContinue reading “Revenge in realms of Death”

Odinism and recovery from the Christian catastrophe

The word “religion” comes from the Latin “religio” which means a state of obligation, reverence or adoration.1 In this sense we are all religious. In particular, Marxism, socialism and multi-racialism is hard core religion; it demands total faith, submission and obedience. Ultimately all that matters is the extent to which our religion (including atheism) isContinue reading “Odinism and recovery from the Christian catastrophe”

Spirituality, religion and Nature

In 2017 Jesse Preston and Faith Shin published their research on spiritual experiences in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.1 Points from Preston and Shin’s article Spirituality is associated with awe (wonder and amazement) and it involves: A feeling of smallness to something greater than oneself – God, the grandeur of nature, or some greaterContinue reading “Spirituality, religion and Nature”

God and Heaven

The Primacy of Consciousness There is no external ‘reality.’ Our entire experience is a construction in our mind (consciousness). Everything we know, including space, time and matter, manifests from consciousness. Other names for consciousness include God, Allah, and the Quantum Vacuum Field. Source: The Primacy of Consciousness, an article by physicist Peter Russell.  References TheContinue reading “God and Heaven”

Aspects of Mind

Aspects of consciousness are briefly discussed below. 1. All in the mind Scientific evidence indicates that our entire experience is a construction in our mind (consciousness or awareness).1 There is no external ‘reality.’ It has been suggested, “Everything we know, including space, time and matter, manifests from consciousness.”2 2. Everything has mind It has beenContinue reading “Aspects of Mind”

Meaning of Suffering

Suffering is the experience of pain or distress; loss, injury or harm.1 The intensity of suffering is influenced by the extent to which we view it as avoidable or unavoidable, useful or useless, deserved or undeserved. There are reasons to believe that suffering is not avoidable, always useful and neither deserved nor undeserved. Suffering isContinue reading “Meaning of Suffering”

Prophecy for our times

Siener van Rensburg, 1864-1926 (61 yrs) Publications of van Rensburg prophecy Voice of a Prophet Richard Jefferies, 1848-1887 (38 yrs) A relevant book by Jefferies: After London (1885) Alois Irlmaier, 1894-1959 (65 yrs) Sources for English translations of Alois Irlmaier prophecy Bibliotecapleyades Infiniteunknown Crystalinks Map of UK Elevation Tees-Exe line (explained here)

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